Gov. Scott, state partners, health care providers discuss resources to address substance abuse

Berlin, Vt. — At his weekly media briefing, Governor Phil Scott highlighted available resources and new state investments passed this year to combat the opioid epidemic and support those with substance use disorder, including nearly $9 million in new investments for prevention, treatment and recovery.

The Governor was joined by state leaders from the Department of Health, as well as representatives from the UVM Health Network, community prevention coalitions and health care providers.

In total, across all funds, the state budget this year invests $66.2 million for substance use programs at the Vermont Department of Health. This includes nearly $9 million in new or additional state funding for the following:
$4 million to local and regional substance misuse prevention coalitions
$2 million for substance use disorder treatment and recovery beds
$1.2 million in rate increase for preferred providers to support treatment and recovery
$1.54 million for recovery centers, employment services and regional recovery partners, like Jenna’s House

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use, or in need of services, you can access the following resources and supports:
Central Vermont Prevention Coalition (
Central Vermont Treatment Partners (
Prevention Works VT (

More details can be found by clicking here to view the press conference.

Image courtesy of Office of the Governor

6 thoughts on “Gov. Scott, state partners, health care providers discuss resources to address substance abuse

  1. If 40% of the people in Vermont work for the state, how are you going to solve the drug problem?
    You aren’t, it’s a Jobs Program !!

  2. Hey we go , Vermont’s Rino Governor leading from behind, again !!,

    Could it be an election is around the corner ???

  3. Party Line, Party Line…….
    You have thrown so much money at this problem over the past years…it’s insane
    and Shumlin before that.. and yet
    when the drugs and the peddlers are allowed in and to operate, and now without consequence …what to heck do you all Governor et all of Vermont…..????
    Be a LEADER and take a different path…….
    “doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome=INSANITY”

  4. I find it incredibly sad that humanity (at least in this country) has become so ignorant and incapable of thinking. Criminals from 2 nations (1 our clear enemy, 1 supposedly more friendly) are being allowed to freely import and distribute fentanyl in quantities that could kill millions and our politicians are oblivious. It is time for this nation to DEFEND itself. Our society is being attacked and the pols are letting it happen. Why ? What is in for you ? Why do you not stand up for AMERICANS ? Please explain in English without redefining the language.

  5. Hey, Dumb A** ! Call for your Marxist pals in DC to close the border. Until then you aren’t serious about the drug problem and are only paying lip service to all those in Vermont who died from fentanyl. You are part of the problem.

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