Statewide primary election canvass to be held Monday, Aug. 22

Montpelier, VT — Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos announced that the Statewide Canvass of Vermont 2022 Primary Election results will be held on Monday, August 22 at the Secretary of State’s office, located in Montpelier at 128 State Street. The canvass will begin at 2pm.

Secretary Condos, along with Chairs or their designees from the three major parties (Democratic, Republican and Progressive) will be certifying vote totals and winners for federal and statewide offices.

The Statewide Canvass is open to members of the public and the press.

The Canvass had been initially postponed on Tuesday, August 16 due to a technology issue specific to the ability to generate reports based on the official return of votes submitted by the Town Clerks for the Canvassing Committee to certify.

“I will always prioritize accuracy over expediency,” said Condos.

The canvassing process is careful and deliberate. There are numerous checks to ensure that the canvassed results accurately match the will of Vermont voters as reported by the Town Clerks.

It is important to note that this process is separate and distinct from the official counting of ballots and the local certification of official results by the Town Clerks. The Secretary of State’s office would like to assure the public that the administrative delays experienced this week do not impact our 100% confidence in the accuracy of the vote totals for all candidates as reported by the Town Clerks.

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  1. personally; I dont trust this as far as I might be able to throw a dominion machine………which isn’t too dang far……….

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