Dr. Jeffrey Kaufman

Keelan: Law enforcement can be an honored career

Being a police officer, similar to serving in the military, can be a rewarding, albeit dangerous, career. Nationwide, this year alone, just through early May, over 120 officers have died in the line of duty, including over 64 from Covid-19. So much of this is lost on the people the police profession serves.

Wikimedia Commons/Tony Webster

Is Blue Lives Matter offensive?

Activists and critics argue that “Blue Lives Matter” is offensive and even racist, but pro-police advocates say the phrase is intended to draw awareness to the sacrifices that American law enforcement make every day to fight crime and protect their country.

Department of State’s Attorneys and Sheriffs/Public Domain

Todd Smith: Sarah George and criminal prosecution

We think jail is the appropriate place for someone who kills an elderly couple while texting and driving; or stabs or chops a person to death in broad daylight; or shoots somebody in the face multiple times; or shoots innocent bystanders downtown, or at the mall. Sarah George sees things differently.