Paul Dame: Democrats offer new taxes, new spending

Democrats spent a $100 million surplus, are spending another $22 million in DMV fees that the DMV never asked for, will be adding a new $130 million child care program that will add a first-ever payroll tax to the paycheck of every worker in Vermont, and plan to add another 70 cents to $4 per gallon to our fuel bills.

Scott: Make Vermont more affordable

The Republican governor said on Tuesday that if Vermont doesn’t become more affordable to grow its economy, the state will continue to hemorrhage residents to more affordable states. And, in turn, Vermont won’t be able to attract the workers it desperately needs for its workforce.


Property taxes climb 3.6% across U.S. to $339.8 billion

The states with the highest effective property tax rates were New Jersey (1.79%), Illinois (1.78%), Connecticut (1.57%), Vermont (1.43%) and Nebraska (1.36 %). Rounding out the top 10 were Pennsylvania (1.29%), New Hampshire (1.28%), Ohio (1.27%), New York (1.26%) and Iowa (1.25%).

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Paul Dame: Parents beware

Parents stands to lose a great deal this year. The worst offense which will impact the greatest number of people is the proposal to eliminate the Child Tax Credit. Democrats are looking at eliminating this benefit.