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States begin hitting back against Big Tech censorship of Republicans

The Florida law is simple: when Big Tech decides to censor, ban, or deplatform a citizen of Florida, that citizen will now enjoy a new right to take the company to court. And if Big Tech tries to interfere in elections by deplatforming candidates, the Florida Election Commission may levy a $250,000 per day fine against the companies.

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Weiland Ross: It is time to speak out

If you are one who believes in the greatness and goodness of America it is time to come to the aid of your country. The past few years have seen the rise to power of a group of people whose main aim is to destroy the American way of life. They must be called out and defeated.

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Roper: With woke friends like these

With the “woke” seeping their poisonous politics into every aspect of American culture like a bad smell, it’s sad but not shocking to see Major League Baseball caving to calls to move the All Star Game out of Atlanta to Denver. Here, in a nutshell, is why this is so colossally stupid.