Germany to mandate masking for anyone not re-vaxxed every three months

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

Germany has gone “full Germany” on the subject of mask mandates. The new Infection Protection Act requires indoor masking for the unvaccinated beginning this fall. Those who have been jabbed three or more times but not in the past three months will also need to wear masks indoors.

To aid with enforcement, there is a color-coded Corona Warning App (CWA), so the jabbed and unjabbed can be promptly sorted at public venues like stores and restaurants. Like they do in China!

Depending on the color, the users then have different rights. A green code allows free movement, orange and red mean quarantine for up to two weeks. This is reported by the public broadcaster ORF.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health is on the mend after his corona infection. According to Lauterbach, things are “slowly improving”. Nevertheless, Covid-19 is “no small thing. Despite four vaccinations and Paxlovid, I had more severe symptoms than expected.”

When you let political science supersede medical (or climate) science, things don’t appear to make sense anymore. But on the bright side, you can also silence dissenters (or change the color code on their device to lock them down).

And again, as predicted, you can’t get jabbed enough to please these people even when everyone knows the vaccines don’t do what advocates have long claimed. But if you’ve been jabbed by the ineffective thing, you won’t have to wear the other thing that doesn’t stop the spread but might make it worse.

Before COVID, there was no practical use for medical or cloth masks to slow the spread of flu because, at best, they help spread it (there’s plenty of peer-reviewed data on that as well). But now, Germany is defining freedoms based on a vaccine and a mask that are ineffective, could poison or kill you and may make matters worse, and they are passing this off as public health policy.

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9 thoughts on “Germany to mandate masking for anyone not re-vaxxed every three months

  1. This is the globalist elite operating behind these mask orders. Bet on it. Watch and wait to see if the globalist cabal that is the Biden administration tries something like this in America.

    • Several months ago, Fauci said the blue masks everyone is wearing are totally useless.
      It has to be an N95 level mask, plus it needs to be replaced once a week

  2. Germany has apparently learned nothing from the Holocaust and the jettisoning of informed consent to medical treatment that occurred during that period, as the state-ownership of bodies in service to the greater good of the state was the bedrock principle of everything that happened then.

    Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.


    • The elites/cabal/banksters decided Germany was going to war; hell or high water re: WWI. Do you really think the war started over an assassination of an Austrian archduke?

  3. OMg it’s Nazi Germany all over again for a different but somewhat related reason. Did you know that Nazi Germany considered Jews a danger to the health of the Aryan body politic? Now, instead of one color (yellow stars) they are using several different colors and masks on the face. But the result is the same. You will be either a top-tier citizen or an Untermenschen. If you don’t have the right color mask you will be marginalized and considered a danger to the health of the body politic. No, they are not exactly the same, but when history repeats itself it is usually not identical. Just similar.

    • The Germans may never learn, except regarding technology.

      Befehl ist befehl!

      All will fall in line, or else off to bed, with no TV, and no internet, and no dinner, and no heat, for punishment of adults and children.

      Germany is not helping itself by having stupid, disruptive, expensive health policies, while having extremely high costs for energy and materials, with inflation at about 9%/y, and further increasing, and with increasing interest rates, and with continued supply chain disruptions

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