Slippery slope: Canadian euthanasia deaths up 35%

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok

Stories about Canada abound this week, and the hits have not stopped.

While total actual numbers are still low, the year-over-year change is startling. In Quebec, the land of mysterious simultaneous burns, Medically assisted deaths rose 51%.

Nationwide the trend is up 35%, and there’s no reason to believe those increases will stop because Canadian Public Health is invested in convincing people to die.

Canada has one of the world’s most permissive assisted suicide programs. Critics say it’s on a perilous road to mass euthanasia and ever-more pressure on the sick, disabled and poor to end their lives prematurely.

Alex Schadenberg, director of the coalition, said euthanasia rates were ‘skyrocketing’ because a ‘heavy promotion of MAiD within our medical system’ had ‘normalized’ lethal injections.

‘Every major healthcare institution has a MAiD team which will literally approach everyone who may qualify for MAiD and ask them if they want to die,’ Schadenberg told

This is the slippery slope we’ve been talking about for years. It is one that Vermont, to my geographic and political to my left, has embraced. And we’ve no reason to believe they will not fall willingly and legislatively down the same bunny hole as Canada. They are no less ‘progressive,’ and death therapy is common in increasingly socialist “states.”

It starts with those in chronic pain, which has to annoy Big Pharma just a bit. Offing their addicts cuts into the bottom line, and maybe that’s why they went wide with other revenue silos like the COVID thing. We’ll be killing people; sorry, we meant convincing people to die, but we don’t want that to impact your donations to our campaigns. How about we create a replacement revenue stream?

That would sound far-fetched but after the whole COVID thing, not so much. And they share an intimate connection. The same people who might think that way would also use your objection to their chemical mandates as an excuse to declare you mentally unfit, which inevitably becomes another condition for which public health experts suggest Medically assisted death.

None of this is beyond the realm of possibility. Leftists are two things: Eugenicist social engineers and complete economic incompetents. The former becomes a public good when the bill for the latter comes due. And organ donations skyrocket, which is good news for the ruling class—no more waiting for other people to die.

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3 thoughts on “Slippery slope: Canadian euthanasia deaths up 35%

  1. It would be interesting to know what the actual numbers.
    The article states “while the actual numbers are still low” but never gives a number on a percent of change. When you are dealing with low numbers, the precent of change can be great while the actual number of increase pretty small.

  2. And that folks is how “National Health Care” takes care of their overworked understaffed hospitals. And yet again we were warned of “Death Panels” by Sarah Palin who was ridiculed endlessly for her foresight in what was coming. Thankfully obama care never got the point Canadian health care is.

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