De-transitioner Walt Heyer to discuss transgender ‘care’ at Vergennes Union High School

Parents’ Rights in Education is hosting an international speaker with a compelling life story relevant to adults and children today — particularly for those who identify as transgender or those who seek to lovingly support them.

In April of 1983, Walt Heyer had surgery to “transition” from male to female, but hormones and sex change genital surgery couldn’t change his biological sex, nor solve the underlying issues driving his gender dysphoria. Walt de-transitioned more than 25 years ago.

Walt’s discussion at Vergennes Union Middle and High School will include:

• how the majority of gender-distressed children naturally desist from their dysphoria, meaning that they grow to accept their biological sex;
• how “affirming” children in social transition, including false names and pronouns is harmful;
• the devastating, permanent effects of mutilating “gender affirmation” surgeries.
• how the real message of the transgender movement to gender dysphoric children is: “something is wrong with who you are;”
• how to be a true ally through truth and compassion to those struggling with gender dysphoria.

See flier for full event details.