John Klar: Who will protect Vermont’s children from experimental gender hormones?

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“I do hope that the place of gender hormones for kids in our politics is more closely scrutinized. Perhaps then Vermonters would more closely scrutinize the progressive politicians who have rashly pushed this macabre experiment on other people’s children.”

The so-called progressives in our state have been experimenting with dangerous “off-label” hormone drugs on very young children, and the evidence increasingly proves this is harmful and irreversible. Why do Becca Balint, David Zuckerman, and other progressives pushing this vile agenda never have to answer for their positions, and when will enough parents and children be harmed that there is a proper public discussion about this radical effort? By the time that conversation arises, the question won’t be “should children receive these therapies?” but “who is responsible for inflicting this horrible experiment on children?”

Puberty blockers known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone substances have been administered to young children in Vermont to assist in “transitioning hormone therapy.” UVM explains that this is indeed experimental, because no progressive experimenting physicians have ever prescribed such drugs to children in the past:

Patients at The UVM Medical Center benefit from the knowledge that comes from an active research program. Our researchers are committed to facilitating the translation of research from the laboratory, to the patient’s bedside, to the community, in order to make a difference in the lives of our patients. And these discoveries not only improve care for people here at The UVM Medical Center, but across the country and around the world.

There is a chicken-and-egg problem here — they don’t really know what these drugs will do to children until after they have enough guinea pigs:

“People in the medical community have not studied trans people in an affirming and non-pathologizing way for very long—and it takes quite a bit of time to study things like fertility, as these outcomes would happen decades after puberty blockers,” explains Quinn Jackson, M.D., a family practitioner in Kansas City, Kansas, who has a special interest in caring for gender-nonconforming patients. “This is one of those areas where we don’t have a ton of data to guide us.”

Progressives were the progenitors of both the eugenics movement and its associated Nazism. So-called “progressive” physicians also subjected tens of thousands of people to irreversible lobotomies, claiming they were serving them and their families.

Similar to voices criticizing those tragic policies, any effort to critically question today’s progressive initiatives to inject gender-altering and sterilizing drugs to young children are harshly condemned. When I announced my candidacy for Governor in 2019, I was attacked for opposing transgender surgeries for children by Vermont’s Democrats.

I do hope that the place of gender hormones for kids in our politics is more closely scrutinized. Perhaps then Vermonters would more closely scrutinize the progressive politicians who have rashly pushed this macabre experiment on other people’s children.

David Zuckerman says parents who question trans-conditioning of children in schools (including pronographic novels in school and public libraries) are “bigots”; Becca Balint gaslights parents by dissembling that these genuine concerns are “banning the word gay”: and Rep. Elizabeth Burrows (who is also on a school board!) prides herself on sponsoring legislation that would permit UVM to perform these experiments on very young children without parental consent, behind their backs.

No wonder these modern progressives are moving so fast and furtively to cover up what they have already done — imagine if there is accountability when these healthy children are left more wrecked than the lobotomized and sterilized children of the past. (Vermont also “prides” itself on being one of only three states in the country to be the “first” to allow “emancipated” teenagers to elect a number of transgender surgeries at public expense.) When all these disastrous experiments are fully exposed, children around the world will indeed benefit from the surreptitious Frankensteinian experimentation conducted here — having proven it horrific.

Recently the FDA issued a chilling warning about these off-label (unapproved for use in children for this purpose) drugs:

Puberty blockers, known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) substances, received a warning from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials earlier this month, saying the drug could cause brain swelling, loss of vision, and serious risks for children injecting the hormone. … Officials said a plausible association between using puberty blockers and pseudotumor cerebri, which displays symptoms similar to a brain tumor, was identified in six young girls between the ages of 5 and 12.

I completely stand by and affirm my position critically assessing these rash experiments without parental involvement on 5-year-olds (the “science” clearly demonstrates that alienating children from parents through this “process” causes emotional trauma). I question when Vermont’s Democratic Party and candidates, and UVM Medical Center, will honestly address these very real scientific threats.

Their place in Vermont politics, and children’s lives, should be scrutinized from every angle.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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15 thoughts on “John Klar: Who will protect Vermont’s children from experimental gender hormones?

  1. John, thank you. This is scary as hell. The know-it-all Progs have decimated any kind of common ethos and sense that Vermont government used to be known for!

  2. Petite Welch and Becca ‘groomer’ Balint are advocates for perpetuating these crimes against our future.

  3. This is the kind of evil that IS ALLOWED to happen because there is no genuine opposition party with the courage and the freedom to stand up and say NO- all of them together- which is what it takes to stop this insanity.

    I’d like to know how the elected Republicans sleep at night as our nation falls and children are now castrated on their watch.. and this is in addition to having their educations destroyed and then forced to be jabbed with experimental drugs.

  4. The parents that are castrating and mutilating their kids bodies should be given an IQ Test.
    Yes I am serious.
    Do you know how many broken people are raising kids right now?

    We all can see that we are dealing with an off the charts level of mental illness, addiction, failing education.. well what did we think this would produce?
    Don’t we understand that all these people suffering from issues also produce and raise kids?
    How do we think that is all going today?
    Guess what Folks, they are castrating and mutilating their own kids- these are the ones that they didn’t abort by the way, THAT is how it’s going!

    It’s been reported that IQs have dropped in children since the Covid Scam… I think the parent’s IQs have dropped too!
    As a nation they have been dropping..for decades!
    Well don’t we all think that this is going to impact people’s ability to properly navigate an ever increasing complex, corrupt, evil and dysfunctional world..

    At what point here do we talk about what is really going on?

    • I talk to people all the time about the state of our country, and they have no idea what’s going on beyond their doorstep. I blame the media, social media and the government for dumbing down the people. The other problem is that people are so busy working and trying to make ends meet that they have no time to engage like lots of us here. Add to that, many people are non-motivated to do anything about the problems in life and have given up. Just look at how many people trusted the government to stick poison in their bodies without ever checking on what it was. As people become lethargic and ignorant, we can only expect more decline. Vermont is circling the drain, morally, financially and politically and people still vote for progressives. Burlington and Chittenden County are prime examples of the idiot apocalypse.

  5. If you are an ” adult ” and want to have this barbaric surgery or any medical altering
    surgery, not yourself out, and be all you want to be but don’t ask for a dime of my tax

    If anyone in the so-called medical field performs this nonsense on anyone under the
    legal age of eighteen ” young adult ” then this is child abuse and they need their license
    revoked and sent to a federal prison………… you pay your dues !!

    Kids should be kids, not a pawn in a demented project……………… Wake up, parents !!

    • CHenry….you don’t think these procedures should be done/available, “… on anyone under the legal age of eighteen ”.

      Disagree :)…You can’t buy a beer or cigarette in VT until you are OVER 21. So, why should they be allowed such gender changing things until they are the same age as they need to be…as detertmined as law by the LEGISLATURE (they raised the age)… to buy a beer and a smoke :),,,,21 and older,

  6. Not only is this sick and insane, how can it even be legal?
    The “new normal” is complete depravity. Feels like civilization is circling the drain.

  7. PLEASE !!! Will someone explain why this progressive desire is good for children. I am an intelligent individual who seeks to understand.

  8. For some 5 years I have been receiving a hormone replacement therapy drug known as Lupron. It helps control Prostate Cancer. The same drug is used as a puberty blocker in children. It is sometimes described as Total Chemical Castration, when prescribed to sex offenders. I have been informed that it is used to prepare young boys considering Gender Reassignment. From my personal experience of the long term side effects, anyone who administers such a drug to teenage boys is guilty of child abuse and medical malpractice.

  9. Vermont Progressives are certfiably insane…fighting allow such life changing stuff for young kids/teens? Gender SURGERY, or gender changing drugs for teens or pre pubescents?.. Look what Progressives did in the Legislature! To buy a six pack of beer in VT you must be 21….because you are too young & immature under that…OR? To buy a pack of cigarettes you must be 21 – you are too immature otherwise. But to surgically/chemically change your gender?…..”Why by all means, let’s allow it for teenagers & pre pubescents”. Astounding, insanity on full display – and these people control all of VT….

    • It’s like living a nightmare, who are these people? They are so wrapped up in their virtue signaling that all sanity is gone. Even parents who run to the doctor to get their children jabbed with poison to stop an infection that hardly affects kids at all. In fact, we never locked down anything for a flu like infection. As an older man, it is very disheartening to watch the destruction of our state and country due to people so ignorant that they can’t see how wrong they are. As the saying goes, you can’t fix stupid and children all over the world are dying, as well as young adults after being jabbed with an experimental poison. The results are showing up every day, but those who are in control refuse to see the damage because the damage is on them.

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