Wokeness is ripping through America’s schools. Here’s how to protect your children from it

U.S. Department of Education

Lesson plans about “social identity,” which may be called Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Critical Race Theory, cultural competency, or other names, obliterate the personal boundaries of children in order to break down kids emotionally and build them back up as social justice activists.

By Nicole Solas

It’s back to school! You bought all the school supplies and new clothes, but what about insulating your children against school indoctrination? Sadly, indoctrination resistance is now part of going back to school so you must stay vigilant and teach your children personal boundaries.

Lesson plans about “social identity,” which may be called Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), Critical Race Theory, cultural competency, or other names, obliterate the personal boundaries of children in order to break down kids emotionally and build them back up as social justice activists. The process involves forging emotional bonds to influence children to become political proteges of the teachers and peers that emotionally manipulated them.

Adopting leftists’ mindsets and behaviors becomes an act of loyalty to a collective identity that is prioritized over individual human value.

Classes may commence with “get to know you” questions and exercises about kids’ gender, culture and identity so that kids can “share their stories” to “feel safer” and “build trust” on the very shaky premise that culture, gender and identities inform learning styles. But children should not have to talk about their gender or “share their stories” just to learn algebra.

Can you imagine having to talk about your sex life at work to establish workplace collegiality? Divulging personal information should not be a prerequisite to learning history. School is for academic instruction, not group therapy.

But that’s exactly what SEL facilitates — a navel-gazing, emotional environment that pretends to enhance learning when really it distracts from it. Some approachesto SEL seem to focus on helping children manage their emotions and make important decisions, but children primarily look to their parents for these important life skills, rather than government employees.

SEL and CRT programs claim to make children “feel safe,” but often these pedagogies make children feel vulnerable and disoriented so that the child will cling to whatever the teacher prescribes to extinguish the social anxiety created by SEL in the first place. The result is inappropriate emotional bonds forged in place of healthy professional relationships and academic pursuits.

To combat this, teach your child that his personal information is private and he is not allowed to share it in formal instruction at school. If asked about his identity, instruct your child to give one response, “I feel unsafe talking about that.” Also, any survey with invasive questions given without parental consent is a violation of the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) and you should file a complaint here.

Opt your child out of surveys and submit public records requests for all surveys and CRT/SEL materials. Here is an example request.

Talk to your child about his identity before government employees do. View the SEL program at school to understand the anti-parent rhetoric you must counter at home. These programs are not compatible with religions that believe the most important identity comes from God and is greater than any immutable characteristic. Talk to teachers about your religion to preempt problems in the classroom.

If you feel that your school is attempting to indoctrinate your child about his social identity, you are not alone. And you have options.

You can invoke opt-out laws if they exist in your state, report your concern to the school board, or contact a public interest legal group for free legal advice. Remember that public school is the government which cannot compel speech, invade privacy, violate your religion, or discriminate. Legal action is the only effective way to stop school indoctrination.

You can also unenroll your child from the offending school. Many parents have already made the difficult choice to disenroll from woke public schools and either homeschool, pay for private school, or use an education freedom program to cover education expenses. The takeover of many public schools by left-wing interests demonstrates more than ever the importance of school choice.

If you don’t insulate your child against woke indoctrination, public school will insulate them against your values instead.

Nicole Solas is a senior fellow at IWF’s Education Freedom Center. The stay-at-home mom from Rhode Island became an education advocate after the National Education Association sued her for submitting public records requests about critical race theory and gender theory in school.

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9 thoughts on “Wokeness is ripping through America’s schools. Here’s how to protect your children from it

  1. The solution takes but one sentence to state and another to state why then a determination to carry out:

    Do not put your child into a school controlled by the state. When the state controls
    education – the shaping of the thinking of the next generation – you no longer have government
    by the people, but rather government by the state.

    So parents, if you believe the people should shape the government, make sure your children are not being shaped by the government. Free education is not free. The best teachers a child can have is a mom and dad who loved them enough to train them up.

  2. This is some scary s h i t for parents. I’m glad mine made it through before this nonsense started. I would have been a thorn in the school indoctrination scheme. Parents need to step up and stop this or get them out. It’s time to sacrifice for your kids.

    • Dano, I would be one of those thrown in jail, and the book at me. Hell, I didnt like what was going on in the late 90’s-early 20’s…….I’m having a stroke thinking about what is going on with children now……Parents must SPEAK UP………and all must support CHOICE. this money that supports this “government school” are your tax dollars ……demand a choice
      Parents..you get 1 chance to do this with your children k-12……YOU DO NOT get a do-over down the road. Do what is best for your child……..
      this is truly the craziest s…t I’ve ever ever seen……..

    • Dano the problem is that the parents don’t know what they don’t know.
      The parents are now victims of the same failed education.
      We are now several generations into failed education.

      It’s up to us.
      If you are in a position to do more, we all must stand up now.
      I don’t mean clicking away online, I mean getting out there and organizing to get groups of people together to teach them.. get on the boards, the budget committees, do something, anything.
      Communists are masterful organizers, this is how they’ve done this!
      This is what we are up against.
      We need to get into the game and be better at it.
      There is no choice.

  3. Here’s how to protect your children from the Wokeness ripping through America’s schools.

    Get them out of those schools – now! Playing games with these people is dangerous. Avoid them at all costs.

    Following the guidelines set forth above is certain to bring scrutiny to your child’s behavior. First, a teacher will report your child’s evasive conduct to the school counselor. Then the counselor will begin to intervene with questions designed to mislead and intimidate your child.

    Why won’t you answer our questions? Do you understand that we’re only trying to make you safe? Did your parents tell you not to talk with us about this? Did your parents tell you, you would be punished if you answered our questions? If your parents said it was okay to answer our questions, would you feel okay answering them? And so forth.

    “Act 60 (S.9), which came into effect July 1, 2015, made some changes to mandated reporting procedures, child abuse definitions, and information sharing.”

    And the next thing you know, Child Protective Services will show up at your door to investigate ‘reports’ (from the school counselor no doubt) of possible ‘abuse and neglect’, to ‘assure’ the child’s ‘safety’, and, ultimately, “seek court involvement when required to keep children and communities safe.” Teachers are, whether you know it or not, required by law to report any suspected child abuse.

    “If you reasonably suspect child abuse or neglect, you are legally required to make a report to our Family Services Division (FSD) — within 24 hours of the time you first received or observed information about the suspected abuse/neglect.”

    “Vermont law provides you (the teacher, the counselor, etc.) with immunity from civil or criminal liability if your report was made in good faith. However:
    – Failing to report as required by law can result in criminal prosecution with a fine of up to $500
    – Failing to report as required by law with the intent to conceal the abuse or neglect can result in imprisonment for up to six months and a fine of up to $1,000.”

    The tipping point was reached years ago by these proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing. Get your kids out of the schools that are trying to indoctrinate them. Do it now! Do whatever it takes. Avoid the conflict. At best, fighting these people will cast doubt on your character and reputation, and, ultimately, bankrupt you.

    • Sure seems like parents ought to be calling any teachers or staff who provide or illicit to or from a child…right out of the states playbook on mandatory reporting……updated 2021

      Child Pornography: Any visual representation of a child or portion of a child’s body
      which depicts nudity, sexual conduct or sado-masochistic abuse and which is harmful to
      children or violates community standards of morality and decency. Includes:
      • Aiding, abetting, counseling, hiring, or procuring of a child to perform or
      participate in any photograph, motion picture, exhibition, show representation,
      or other presentation which, in whole or in part, depicts sexual conduct, sexual
      excitement, or sadomasochistic abuse involving a child.
      • Viewing, possessing, or transmitting child pornography, with the exclusion of the
      exchange of images between mutually consenting minors, including the minor
      whose image is exchanged.
      Using a child or youth in child pornography is sex trafficking of a minor.
      Child pornography and sex trafficking of minors are forms of child

      • The problem is, of course, the language of the law. I repeat: “Vermont law provides you (the teacher, the counselor, etc.) with immunity from civil or criminal liability if your report was made in good faith.”

        It’s similar to the Emergency Use Authorization to manufacture, distribute and prescribe Covid vaccines, in that those who do these things are also immune (pun intended) to liability prosecution.

        Our predicament is dire. When asked what to do, I recommend doing whatever it takes to get your kids out of these schools and, as always, support School Choice vouchers for all.

        • Jay I want to add to what you are saying.

          The largest reason that parents can’t take their kids out of schools is because they can’t afford to do this.. they are struggling to just get them fed and keep a roof over their heads today.
          There are tons of single parents now today.. adding to the problem.

          What the solution is today that I think will really help is that young people have got to be made aware of the disaster that schools are today **when they are making decisions about college and planning their own financial lives**

          Young people need to be taught that they Cannot Enslave Themselves With Debt because now they are not free to be able to parent their own kids or educate them. It takes financial freedom to have all these choices.. they need to be taught this because this is certainly not what the schools they are in is going to teach them.

          Parents:: We are talking about your grandchildren.
          We need to make Multi-Generational Housing Great Again !!
          Help these young adults to make it by adding onto the house, do whatever you can so that they don’t need mortgages.
          Because if they don’t need mortgages, they don’t need college debt !!
          They can take a decent job in the trades or locally in town and do okay and then they can raise their own kids. One parent can afford to stay home.
          Grandparents can home school kids too you know!

          We need to rebuild our Traditional American Family Units again.
          Families need to help their own families and then these kids don’t need to be forced into these schools..

          • Your recommendations are spot on. Certainly, some parents can’t afford to take their kids out of school. That’s the way the ‘Protective State’ is designed. And teachers can’t afford to complain lest they lose their jobs. The same goes for doctors and nurses who might otherwise complain about medical Emergency Use Authorization and restrictive healthcare practices. Many in our military have been discharged for standing up for their personal principles, as have those who work for ‘woke’ businesses like Disney and Coca Cola. This is a cancer on our entire society. It is the nature of the beast.

            So…. improvise. Think outside the box. Again, your recommendations are spot on. Don’t take on any unnecessary debt. For most, college is not worth the investment. For most, a liberal arts degree is a bad investment. A degree in ‘gender-studies’ will, in the final analysis, get you nowhere. Vote with your dollars. Combine resources with family, like-minded friends, and neighbors. Homeschoolers have created the concept of ‘education pods’ – pooling resources between consenting parents.

            Again, do whatever it takes. Call it the pioneer spirit that America was built upon. Call it whatever you like. But do it! Your freedom and liberty are at stake.

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