NBC Poll: Trump sees popularity soar in the wake of FBI raid

By Justine Brooke Murray

Republican support for former President Donald Trump spiked after the FBI raided his Mar-A-Lago home earlier this month, according to an NBC News poll released Sunday.

The number of Republicans who support Trump more than the GOP rose to 41%, a seven point increase since May, according to a poll released on Sunday by NBC News. The FBI’s raid on his Mar-A-Lago home may have contributed to this development, Axios reported.

NBC News surveyed 1,000 Republican voters, asking whether they favor Trump or the GOP more, shortly after the FBI raided Mar-A-Lago. When they asked Republicans the same question in May, 58% of respondents said they supported the party over Trump whereas only 34% favored Trump over the party.

The results follow a survey released by Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire last week, showing 50% of Republicans favored Trump over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who only received 29% of support for the GOP Presidential nomination. A previous University of New Hampshire poll had Trump tied with DeSantis before the raid.

Another survey conducted two days after the raid by Morning Consult and Politico revealed 58% of Republicans support Trump, a 4% increase from July.

Trump’s campaign is now centering their fundraising texts and emails around the raid, according to screenshots obtained by Axios.

“This is an attack by an anti-American president who is afraid of a MAGA-majority! We cannot allow this to go unanswered!” one email wrote.

“After months of trying to find something that can resonate with our people, this is the perfect thing to go on offense on,” a Republican digital operative told Axios.

Axios reported that several anti-GOP strategists now fear the raid is going to help him win the presidential nomination in 2024.

NBC News’ poll surveyed 1,000 Republican voters and had a 3.10% margin of error.

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20 thoughts on “NBC Poll: Trump sees popularity soar in the wake of FBI raid

  1. The Republican Party has in the past always been the party of law and order. To see so many now be willing to go agains the rule of law and line up behind Donald Trump after he illegally took government docucments, including highly classified documents, to his private home is sad indeed.

    That much of the Republican Party has become a tool for the promotion of a flawed individual instead of holding to the high ideals on which it was founded is neither good for the party or our country.

    • This raid was emphatically NOT law and order. It was tyranny and FBI politicization and corruption. There have been several news stories online that stated 14 whistleblowers from within the FBI ranks have contacted various members of Congress and expressed their willingness to go public. The FBI has been weaponized against its own citizens. My goodness, they even raided Melania’s clothes closet. They roamed through the house unchecked and would not even let Trump’s attorney watch. My question is, how many electronic listening devices did the FBI plant in Trump’s home along the way? Trump better have that checked out immediately!

      • Kay,

        The best way to look at how this situation was handled is to examine whether other past presidents have taken government documents to their private residences without authorization and if so how was this handled. If in fact, Trump was doing no different than others, a good case can be made this was indeed politically motivated.

        The fact is no other past president took government documents, not to mention highly classified documents, with them when they left office. All except Trump have obeyed the law. We live in a nation in which no one is above the law and Trump is now facing the consequences of his actions. This is how it should be and this is what the Republican party, which has always been one of law and order and principle, not a party of one person, should support.

      • Re: “The fact is…..”

        So, now we’re to assume Mr. Freitag and the MSM he cites, are experts, authorized to rule on whether or not the Presidential Records Act has been violated by Trump, or by any previous President?

        Has anyone considered whether or not the FBI and the National Archives and Records Administration may be violating the Presidential Records Act? I mean, really, how many times does the FBI have to get caught breaking the law to fall under congressional scrutiny?

        Answer: an infinite number of times, as long as the Democrats control the Congress and the Executive branches of government.

        This will play out soon enough. And we’ll see then just how knowledgeable Mr. Freitag is.

        • As I wrote several weeks ago….

          “One of the most feasible explanations for the Mar A Lago raid may have little to do with what Trump has done or said. But it may have everything to do with preventing the documents Trump had in his custody from being circulated. Why? Because they may incriminate the various ne’er do wells in the numerous corruption scandals perpetrated against Trump, his administration, and the American people.”


        • Looking forward to more developments and information on Trump’s illegal taking of government documents to his private home. So far the more information and facts we have gotten, the worse it looks for Trump. However,f it turns out that Trump is innocent of wrong doing, I would be glad to admit I have been mistaken. I hope others might too if they are wrong.

          One of the encouraging signs regarding the current DOJ is that the Durham investigation, started by Trump into potential FBI misdeeds during the 2016 election, has been allowed to continue unimpeded. This is another investigation playing out that we should keep on our radar.

          • Re: “So far the more information and facts we have gotten, the worse it looks for Trump.”

            And what ‘information and facts’ have you gotten?

  2. DemocRATs, I have never seen such a bitter pack of fools, and this goes all the way to
    the top…… they just don’t get it !!

    So the DOJ and FBI day after day just keep kicking themself in the Nads, they jump every
    time a political so-called leader ” Liz, Nancy, Chuckie ” come up with a plan to try and trap
    DJT, but the average American sees right through it ……………. BITTER Fools !!

    Wait until November…………… Let the fun begin !!

  3. the problem is too many politicians (TERM LIMITS FOLKS is a very good solution and needed NOW)
    have taken advantage of their positions to enhance their own welfare….at the cost of our nation, laws, foreign affairs, economy, and more. Trump tried to change that (and succeeded on some levels in 4 years). We I think can all see a non-politician used common sense and a “people first” platform and ..though many disliked his rashness (me included, how many times I said zip it buddy…) ..he worked for us, the people, not big gov, not other countries, not agencies, but for us..we the people.
    This is what we need more of now…….if not DT, then someone who can go to Washington and not see $$$$ in their own pockets……My personal feeling is we havent seen a true President since Kennedy….and he was a D, so D or R doesnt make a huge difference…….it’s the person that counts

  4. This just shows, once again, those non-thinking, reactionary, elitist, right wingers will jump at any excuse to prop up a man that tried to illegally take over the election and move this country into a lawless dictatorship.
    Listen to the facts people…

    • left wing, right wing, bbq wing, airplane wing, take your pic..it’s all broken
      what we need is our gov working for us……we the people……

      • You are sooo right. From what I see neither side cares a whit about our country – they only care about themselves and advancing their party.

        • They don’t Gary, do you understand that the RNC and the DNC are businesses and their primary concern is to make money to stay in business?

          We The People and our little game of politics is their product.
          They shuffle the deck to bring in more money.. they know just how to do that too.
          Then they dole out the money to the pawns on the board they want and that does- guess what- makes them more money!

          This is certainly not what the Founders had in mind for us.
          In my opinion we need campaign finance reform so that this is not how this system works anymore.

          And about he election.. what really matters is that the people have confidence in the election results.
          We vote to avoid war in this country.. so when people no longer have confidence in the outcomes of our elections, guess what happens.
          Historically, the threat of civil wars kept everyone pretty honest because no one wanted that.. but today, I think there are a whole lot of people wanting to Fundamentally Change America and they see war as fast tracking that plan.

        • So, your solution is Joe Biden? You have had Trump Derangement Syndrome for years now. Calling Trump supporters right wingers make you a left winger apparently or an establishment tool and one who aided in this mess called Joe Biden. If you can’t see the persecution of Trump by corrupt politicians, you must also be blind. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. Thanks for voting for Joe and enjoy the show as he destroys the United States right before your eyes and you refuse to see it was all stolen in 2020.

          • You really cannot see the Forrest for the Trump Trees in your way. I don’t understand it really, because there are a number of good, honest, moral Republicans with integrity out there that we can get behind. And for your information, Biden has not served this country well so far and he won’t ever if he keeps listening to his far left friends!

          • Gary, you mean good honest republicans like those who gave our manufacturing to China, and our drug industry to China? Like George W. who started endless middle east wars, created the Patriot Act to spy on Americans? Like John McCain, like Jeb Bush, like Paul Ryan, all RINOs working for the globalists and the new world order? You mean the establishment republicans who have sent our manufacturing to countries around the world? How about the $33 trillion in national debt. Trump was not owned by the establishment and that’s why he has been persecuted since 2016.
            The Washington DC machine picks candidates except the American public picked Trump to drain the swamp and come 2024 he will know who the domestic enemies are. The uniparty political slush fund for current players needs to go! You might as well be a democrat because as of 2024 you will be in the minority of never-Trumpers

  5. The percentage of the voting public that sees the six year Democrat attacks on Trump as political persecution has become the majority. The Progressives justifiably hate him. He knocked the keystone out of their sure-and-certain successful coup in 2016 and has significantly threatened its survival ever since. The Progressive inspired Mar-a- Lago raid was a self-destructive Kamikaze attack, transparently so in light of their treatment of the same claimed offense by Hillary – Or was there no other path to secure the damaging Russian Collusion evidence, a previous episode in the Progressive soap opera Trump promised to prosecute?

  6. Ah yes once again the Commiecrats Eff up but then when in history haven’t they Effed up.
    One would tend think the electorate would wise up but no the game just continues on and so do the Commiecrats selling out Americas freedom and liberty cheaply and now chiefly benefits their primary opposition. Biting ones nose off to spite their face so to speak.

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