John Klar: Dave Zuckerman’s anti-parent propaganda

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Those who groom Vermont’s children for ideological warfare select self-serving “surveys” — but the CDC reports that only 0.6% of Americans identify as transgender, and even the most liberal of media do not propose 14% as a “normal” figure.

It has been observed that conservatives think progressives have bad ideas, while progressives view conservatives as bad human beings. This biblical reversal (“hate the sinner, not the sin”) is evident in a recent campaign solicitation by lieutenant governor candidate David Zuckerman, in which he touts shocking ideas as lofty while condemning those with wisdom as “bigots.”

In a March 31 solicitation for campaign contributions, Mr. Zuckerman proclaimed his almost religious devotion to the cause of suffering transgender citizens, then condemned anyone who differs:

Across the country, hundreds of discriminatory anti-LGBTQIA bills are being introduced in conservative state legislatures, many targeting transgender and nonbinary youth. This hateful trend coincides with rising violence against transgender and nonbinary people, meaning that transphobic politicians and legislation are endangering children, their families, and those who support them. These laws serve as a rallying call for bullies and bigots. … A new study finds that gender-affirming care for trans youth reduces the risk of moderate or severe depression by 60% and suicidality by 73%.

Mr. Zuckerman just called parents who don’t want their 5-year-olds to receive gender surgeries behind their backs “bullies and bigots,” using a perverse abuse of studies and statistics. His statement is so grossly deceptive that it must be characterized as dishonest, but perhaps David is just profoundly ignorant.

That claim of “a trend across the country of discriminatory bills” refers to efforts by parents to assert influence over schools that have decided they know best what is for their children, and who are indoctrinating children into extremely dangerous and life-changing decisions. Will Dave Zuckerman please publicly commit to being personally liable when these harms are evident? Because this makes eugenics look benign!

Zuckerman cites this source for his claim:

Merely introducing anti-transgender bills and peddling anti-transgender rhetoric has already had a damaging impact, leading to LGBTQ+ youth resources being surreptitiously removed from a government website, 11-year old kids literally having trouble sleeping, and a school district banning graphic novels with a transgender character after a parent’s complaint. … A new Trevor Project survey shows that a startling 85% of transgender or gender non-binary youth say their mental health has been negatively affected by these legislative attacks.

What histrionic balderdash — the links refer to a Texas removal of materials allegedly “promoting transgender sexual policies to Texas youth,” and the removal of an explicitly pornographic graphic novel that is still available to little children in Vermont schools. These people want to ensure your small children can view sex acts in full color. Perhaps transgender youth are being negatively impacted by the lies attributable to these efforts by the left.

The article begins by condemning an Idaho effort: “The Idaho House approved legislation today that makes it a felony for a doctor to provide age-appropriate, medically-necessary, best practice gender affirming care for transgender children.”

This is patently false — there are no “best practices” for experimental surgeries and therapies. These kids are guinea pigs. In fact Idaho’s effort bans physical gender-changing surgeries that are already prohibited in Vermont for children. It also bans hormone therapy, whereas Vermont seeks to make gender hormone therapies available for children of all ages without parental consent! This is nuts, as these therapies have known physical risks including cancer and sterilization (which is why they freeze the eggs and sperm of adolescents who “decide” to make these life-altering choices).

In Dave’s next referenced resource, potential donors are told that these hormones (not physical surgeries for kids, though Dave lumps them together in his poke at Idaho) save trans-kids from suicide. But this is a ruse; the study is very tiny, highly limited, did not concern physical gender surgeries (mutilations), and concerned only ages 13-20. Dave Zuckerman employs a miniscule, obviously biased, single study of teens to call anyone who questions cancer-causing hormones at any age a bully and bigot.

A Vermont statute seeking to provide these shady aims for young kids using shoddy non-science states: 14% of Vermont high schoolers self-identify as LGBTQ per one survey, though “one percent … reported being unsure about whether they were transgender.”

Those who groom Vermont’s children for ideological warfare select self-serving “surveys” — but the CDC reports that only 0.6% of Americans identify as transgender, and even the most liberal of media do not propose 14% as a “normal” figure: “The percentage of U.S. adults identifying as LGBTQ+ also doubled in 2021 from a decade earlier, climbing to 7.1 percent, Gallup said Thursday. In 2020, 5.6 percent of adults said they identified as LGBTQ+.”

Perhaps Vermont students just feel more free to express their true sexual urges. Or perhaps they are being groomed to be gay, as they report a rate twice the national average. Could it be possible they are somewhat confused or troubled, and that their supposed myriad of genders and orientations are beyond their full comprehension as minors? That might be the case — 1% of Vermont high schoolers, or 7% of the LGBTQ+ crowd, are “unsure” of their gender.

Mr. Zuckerman points to his study of teenagers to inflict this poison on children of all ages. That’s a lot of faith in a study that did not address physical surgeries, only dealt with teens, for only one year, and which only concerned 104 students.

Among 104 youths aged 13 to 20 years (mean [SD] age, 15.8 [1.6] years) who participated in the study, there were 63 transmasculine individuals (60.6%), 27 transfeminine individuals (26.0%), 10 nonbinary or gender fluid individuals (9.6%), and 4 youths who responded “I don’t know” or did not respond to the gender identity question (3.8%). … These data add to existing evidence suggesting that gender-affirming care may be associated with improved well-being among TNB youths over a short period, which is important given mental health disparities experienced by this population, particularly the high levels of self-harm and suicide.

So, four kids who were confused about what gender they are were given hormones to help them along. How enlightened, much like the former progressive follies of lobotomies and forced sterilizations.

The study itself couches its limited findings in terms such as “suggesting that gender-affirming care may be associated with improved well-being.” Other studies show most children with gender dysphoria ultimately choose to remain in their biological body — how will Dave change them back? This from a study that was conducted on children with parental consent. Zuckerman invokes this inconclusive study as if Holy Scripture to give doctors and teachers carte blanche to experiment on young Vermont schoolchildren at any age without parental consent, and labels parents who raise eyebrows “bullies and bigots.”

Thug-life is now the Progressive life: parents who dared question a Vermont teacher for grooming his young charges for gender change were ignored by the school superintendent, and Sen. Becca Balint sought to censor a senator for disclosing the teacher’s public email address! Why so much bullying and bigotry against parents?

Grooming children with graphic porn novels, as is already the case in Vermont schools, is a very real concern — but Dave says that is just ignorant bigotry. The opposite is the case, and all the details Dave sweeps under the rug will one day roost visibly. These kids are going to grow up, and we will all see how the race and gender conditioning pans out in our own communities. The Progressive partisan plug is that these kids are being made depressed and suicidal (and losing sleep!) because they are being discriminated against, but perhaps they are anxious and depressed because they are seeking social acceptance and not identity, and they are being pressured at a young age to be ideologically sexually “woke.”

A Connecticut school nurse was recently fired for Facebook comments that would doubtless outrage Dave Zuckerman:

“Investigate the school system curriculum. … CT is a very socially liberal, gender confused state,” she wrote. “As a public school nurse, I have an 11yo female student on puberty blockers and a dozen identifying as non-binary, all but two keeping this as a secret from their parents with the help of teachers, SSW [social workers] and school administration.”

“Teachers and SSW are spending 37.5 hours a week influencing our children, not necessarily teaching our children what YOU think is being taught. Children are introduced to this confusion in kindergarten by the school SW who “teaches” social and emotional regulation and school expectations,” she added.

The nurse went on to question why, given that young people’s brains aren’t even fully developed until their early 20’s, are they allowed to take puberty blocker drugs and be put through “gender mutilating surgery.”

This nurse, and Vermont parents, have much greater concern for our children than those who torment them by making them pawns in a disgusting ideological battle. Perhaps progressives not only have bad ideas, but have bad ideas because they are evil people who use others’ children as political cannon fodder.

David Zuckerman is so far off from truth, logic and civility that he has proven himself untrustworthy to serve in government. His claims are grotesque and abusive, and display both incompetence and bad faith.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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17 thoughts on “John Klar: Dave Zuckerman’s anti-parent propaganda

  1. This: Relevant to current discussion.

    On another note: concerns over Covid seem to be fading, but I’ve noticed a peculiar thing: the central issue regarding Covid-19 is gain-of-function research, which, despite all attempts to cover this up, is really bioweapons research. This is the greatest threat to humanity, yet we seemed to have been concerned about side issues. There are bioweapons labs all over the place, including in Ukraine.

    If the people making noise and pushing back against Covid-19 aren’t focusing on the real issue of bioweapons research, then do all of their pronouncements and concerns matter? Because let’s face it: the next deadly (manufactured) pathogen that comes out, all plans, ideals, and even laws will get thrown out the window as people deal with it. Shutting down bioweapons research is the central issue. Nothing matters if that doesn’t happen. What will we be able to produce in 10, 20, 30 years? What massive, targeted bioweapons will then be available?

    Is Dr. Malone controlled opposition? It might even be in good faith: he might have been given the word (he’s extremely well-connected to centers of power) that he can talk about anything but bioweapons research. He might actually believe he’s doing the best he can.

  2. As many other contributors have brought up, there is no such thing as transgender as it is impossible to change your XX or XY chromosomes. We need to stop using the term transgender, but what can we replace it with? I heard someone say gender variation. I’m thinking I’ll call it mental gender variations, MGV’s . I’m somewhat serious here.

  3. Does Zuckerman even have kids? I don’t think so and if so he has no business telling parents who
    do what their children should be doing or not doing.. stick to growing growing vegetables Zuck
    we have enough fruits and nuts in montpeculiar as it is..

  4. I initially thought that the agenda from the gender variation community was to convince us in the larger society that they deserved civil treatment. The intent was to have us evolve away from our often negative reaction toward a more tolerant accepting posture. The aim was to curb our discriminatory attitudes towards these people such that, at least, we would not deny them access to what other citizens have. The objective appeared to be TOLERANCE instead of REJECTION. Is that still the agenda? Is it being accomplished? Initiatives like that under discussion here are not generating tolerance reactions. Is it thought that the agenda can be forced on the public?

  5. I thought we Vermonters let Mr. Zuckerman know just how we felt about him when we sent him back to the farm back in 2021? Now that Molly Gray has slipped in the back door and has climbed past him on the political ladder makes him think we are now nostalgic for his ponytail? The fact that he is trying to re-emerge onto the political scene by embracing and advocating for this trendy promotion of fringe sexuality shows just out of touch he really is. Parents of children who are suffering from genuine gender dysphoria may be appreciative of his advocacy. However, parents of the 19 out of 20 “transgender children” who embrace it simply as a fashion trend akin to tattooing, purple hair or dressing goth, they may not appreciate his participation in this sick indoctrination. Mr. Zuckerman, your fresh carrots and arugula are appreciated…your sick indoctrination of vulnerable and malleable youth is NOT APPRECIATED. Take that to the polls and try it out if you like.

  6. Gender has nothing to do with schooling, our children are there to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Teachers are not health professionals and have no training to be educating children on gender assignment/reassignment. I think teachers should be sued for providing gender counseling since they are not licensed to do so. Seems pretty simple to me!

  7. Zuckerman kind of makes me wonder what gender is he really??? When did this Crook (which he is, stealing from the state as a legislator and Lt Gov and laughs about it) an expert on children and transgender??? When someone as an ADULT wants to change their gender do it, by then they may know if they are a male or female, maybe.
    Children at 3-5 or even 9 don’t understand. When they are told that they are not a little girl but really a boy, That their parents are lying to them. There have been cases where same-sex marriages, have either had a child or adopted a child and made the child have a sex change..because they didn’t like the opposite sex… There have also been cases where a young person had a sex change and yrs later regretted it.
    I for one believe your DNA tells what you are and no matter what sex change you had done DNA doesn’t lie. Also if you still have your tallywacker you’re not a female…!!!


  8. I’ll say it; there are two genders. Male and Female, and they are fixed at conception. Anyone who things they are the other or can be the other has a mental disorder. And any politician who buys into this ‘you can change what you were born as…’ is an idiot that needs to be removed forever from office.

  9. I think grooming is too kind of a description. It feels like predators are at work on our children. What happened to the good old days when we taught math, science, history, reading and had plenty of gym?
    Now all we hear is sex and children and “don’t tell the parents “…. what the heck is going on??? We are watching too much social engineering experimentation. I agree let the money follow the child. That will change the landscape. As long as there is a super majority In Montpelier we will continue to get more of the same.

  10. same guy that carpooled to mount peculiar a few years back….and claimed the mileage reimbursement for all days…..driving, which in my book is embezzlement. this year the lot for car pool is empty (Guy Page photo!)……anyway; this is dishonest …..and the now is so far out there, I just dont even know what to say other than….let the money follow the children…….public schools would suffer, would be a just way to straighten this mess out…….

  11. Gender fluid, nonbinary youth, anti-LGBTQIA; what a load of crap from David Zuckerman the guy you hands out dirty carrots to kids along the parade route. And the rest of these progressive fools. So gender fluid means every now and then a person can change their gender based on how they’re feeling that day? Nonbinary must mean that a child was born with no gender at all, I wonder how that happens? These groomers should be charged with child abuse and reckless endangerment. Promoting surgical gender reassignment and lifelong drugs for a child who is experiencing peer pressure or teacher grooming should be a crime. Hands off the kids until they can decide for themselves what life they wish to chose. Vermont sure has gone to hell and the devil will be waiting for these people when their time comes if the courts don’t get them first.

  12. So the radical left knows that a young mind can easily be manipulated and when your
    child is having identity concerns growing up, you surely don’t want some rabid leftist
    guiding them into their nonsense, be want you want to be, pure BS !!

    So we have two genders, and two genders only a male and a female, we also have people
    that are attracted to the same gender men like men and women like women, yup two and
    only two genders, everything else is a figment of their imagination and should seek professional
    help from a psychiatrist.

    Instead of letting kids be kids, these leftist fools will push your kids off the cliff, don’t let them, as
    growing up is a challenge in itself just from their peers !!!

  13. My great granddaughter feels that she is a boy even though she shows no signs of being masculine or boyish and wears her hair styled definitely female. She decided she wants to go by Skyler rather than her name, Sky. Apparently instead of giving her counseling to clear up the confusion the school is willing to support her confusion and calls her Skyler. I told her if she really feels she’s male she should start presenting herself that way starting with a male haircut. Her not wanting to do that tells me it’s just a phase for her.

    • Ya KNow Keith it reminds me of the old days when my now almost 43 yo son wanted first to color his hair……cause everybody was, then get his ear pierced; because everybody was…..I said wait a year on the hair, wait 2 on the ear………in a year and 2 he no longer had any interest. he now is on a second career (USCG, NOAA) and doing just fine………so I dont think I caused too much harm………proud mom

      • I know it’s a phase, somewhat to fueled by wanting to anger her molester father that she is forced to visit. I support her and if she definitely acted like a boy I would back her after advising her to wait at least until she was an adult when she could make a more informed decision.
        But the school doesn’t see it that way.

    • Tell Sky that being a “tom boy”, is totally normal. Explain it means nothing concerning her XX chromosomes.

      If the transgender
      movement were not so devastatingly tragic, this all would be hilarious, like the brilliant children’s book “The Emperors New Clothes “. I would read this out loud to Sky, regardless as to weather or not she ever heard it before. It will help her understand what’s behind this ideology and the lunacy of it.

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