VTGOP: Tell Gov. Scott to veto new gun control bill S.30

The following action alert is by the Vermont Republican Party.

Earlier this week Progressive Democrats continued their attack on the individual rights of Vermonters by passing yet another piece of gun control legislation.

What started out as a simple bill to ban guns from hospital settings quickly and dramatically morphed into a figurative Christmas Tree where gun grabbers tacked on additional measures just to see how far they can push new gun control measures.

PETITION: Tell Gov. Scott to VETO this new gun bill headed to his desk THIS WEEK!

House Republicans stood together along with several Independents to oppose the new measures which could put some would-be gun owners into an endless loop wasting their time and money on multiple additional background checks!

In addition to this they added another measure that ANY health care professional can report a gun owner to authorities based on mental health concerns.  Even professionals, like dental hygienists, who have ZERO MENTAL HEALTH TRAINING!

The Vermont Republican Party stands firmly against further infringement on the rights of innocent gun owners.  But we need your help to get the Governor to VETO this bill.

With 53 votes against this bill (S.30) in the House, we can sustain the Governor’s veto!
But we need your help to get the Governor to act!

Once you sign the petition, make sure to share it with friends via email, facebook and Twitter to help us spread the word.

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8 thoughts on “VTGOP: Tell Gov. Scott to veto new gun control bill S.30

  1. What will come next? Restrictions on baseball bats, ropes, bricks and rocks,
    Kitchen butcher knives?? All of these can kill, but not by themselves!

    Persons commit the crimes. Punish criminals – but that is not being done. Every arrest reported,
    seems to have a criminal rap sheet many felonies long – while the criminal is still terrorizing the streets !!

    Where are the ?Prosecutors?? and the ?JUdges? who are NO PROTECTING us?” Arrest the Problems!!

  2. Passing the bills as these people have been doing in the latter years, without regard for either the State of Federal Constitutions are exercises that need to stop.
    These items were placed in the Constitutions for the protection of the people, their property and family.
    To not consider these facts is an indicator of just how these lawmakers think about the voters.
    Time for some changes, without question.

  3. Here’s my comment to the governor:

    Gov. Scott, You were elected as a home boy by birth from Barre. You represented yourself as a republican who would hold the line on constitutional rights of all Vermonters. The current legislature is on a dead run to change our constitution, our freedoms, our customs and our culture. Most of these progressive legislators aren’t even from Vermont. Our state is not better because of them. This is an opportunity for you to represent the people who first made you governor because of your promises then. It is your duty and obligation to veto this unconstitutional manipulation of this legislation.

  4. Here is a copy of my message to the VTGOP I put with the signed petition.
    Please STOP these greedy, power hungry, hypocrite, criminally corrupt, Fascists, Communists, Socialist Lieberals Authoritarians trying to destroy VT & USA just for power and control because they are heavily indoctrinated evil scumbags who want an amendment to murder babies under the guise of Womens Health care, but our, my right to bear arms is already in the US & VT Constitutions “And Shall not be infringed” & S30 is infringement by people who want permanent power over everything! So called Regressive progressives Communists in the beginning always act like liberals & just use voters to get in then carry out their evil leftist agenda just like every legislator here in Vermont has done or is doing whefher it is actually illegal and unconstitutional, while always ignoring, demeaning, & looking down on us. They dont represent me, Freedom or Vermont at all! They are the evil minions of Communist Socialist global P O Ss!

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