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Paul Dame: Republicans played their hand well

Republicans can look back and say that we did pretty well considering the limited resources we had to work with. Those four seats we picked up really made the difference between sustaining those vetoes this year, and getting them overturned in 2020 with the Global Warming Solutions Act.


Paul Dame: A platform of conscience

This weekend Republicans held our biannual Platform Convention and had one of the largest turnouts we’ve had for a platform convention in years. Our committee took those inputs and produced a draft platform that Republicans can stand on for the 2022 election.

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VTGOP: Get ready for this new Senate map

Our two Republicans fought as hard as we could to break up the Chittenden County 6-pack — and they got the job done. There are still some problems in Chittenden County that if we could fix could give Republicans a better chance of picking up one or two of those seats.