Deb Billado: School choice is winning

While Republicans have struggled to get traction on school choice measures in Montpelier, we are starting to see success for our principles working themselves out on the local level. Elizabeth Cady ran for school board in the town of Essex and won running on a platform of supporting school choice.

Wikimedia Commons/Nicholas A. Tonelli

John Klar: Regenerative politics in the Vermont GOP

Conservatives must lead Vermont in initiatives supporting regenerative agriculture and small, local farms. This is an imperative to benefit Vermont’s economy, craft a sensible environmental policy to present to voters, and expose the multiple problems with progressive “initiatives” in renewable energy.

Vermont National Guard

Should Phil Scott leave GOP?

There have been public calls for him to leave the party he’s belonged to his whole political life. And the man elected senator, lieutenant governor, and governor as a Republican seems to be thinking about it.