VTGOP offers survey on redistricting House and Senate seats

Recently the Legislative Apportionment Board, which is the group over seeing the first phase of the redistricting process for our House and Senate seats, requested the input of regular Vermonters to help inform them as they redraw the maps for political districts which will stay in effect for the next decade.

It has been the position of many in the Republican Party that we should advocate for single member districts since they provide greater accountability and can protect the interest of smaller local communities. This year may be the best chance we have to at least move in that direction. Please take a moment to complete this survey THIS WEEK, as the next LAB meeting will be on Monday August 30th.

Here is the survey:

Also feel free to forward it on to anyone else in your town or county committees.

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2 thoughts on “VTGOP offers survey on redistricting House and Senate seats

  1. I agree that the 6 pack in Chittenden Co absolutely ignores 3/4ths of the land mass and 3/4ths of townships.

    But a single member district, gives opportunity for a single partisan to take over forever.
    Two towns with variety would allow greater width of representation..

    This reapportionment is LONG overdue, and we can hope the Reapportionment Commission, (perhaps the 204th commission – nobody knows how many boards and comissions have been created!!) Can make sense of the wierd representation by County alone. County alone, leaves all power in the one or two cities, and the rural and suburbs totally unrepresentated.

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