VTGOP Chair calls on Becca Balint to condemn super-PAC lies

Early this morning VTGOP Chairman Paul Dame released a video message condemning the false claims of the out-of-state Super PACs which have spent massive amounts of money to buy Vermont’s U.S. Congressional Seat. Chairman Dame Calls on Balint to make good on the public promise she made to hold a joint press conference with her Democrat opponent to denounce not only the out-of-state spending, but the deceptive nature of the super PAC’s lies about themselves and where they get their money.

Here is the statement:

“For someone who claims to care about the environment there sure is an awful lot of wasted paper here. For little ole Vermont these mailers are just massive — and the amount being spent on them is massive too!

It’s funny because one of these two SuperPacs felt the guilty need to tell you they aren’t a super-pac because they’re funded by low-dollar donors.


Well, I went to the FEC’s Website and tried to see how big their donors actually are. And here’s what I found from the last report:

Of the 1.2 Million total raised, 970k came from donations OVER $100 — not under.

Now everybody may have a different opinion about what a low-dollar donor is because $100 is more than a full tank of gas these days, so let’s go a rung up the ladder.

If you only look at donors of $1000 – we can agree those are not small-dollar donors, right?  If you look at only the donations of $1000 or more you still get nearly 770k!  That’s more than HALF of this report’s fundraising came from donors over $1000.

And if you look at just the very top donors — those who gave $5,000 in one shot that total comes up to about 400k — which is nearly a quarter of the funds coming from the top givers
These flyers for this candidate are flat-out lying to you.

But I’ll tell you why I’m glad they are going out, because these three flyers all came to MY House.  That’s right!  I hope those $5000 donors backing the Democrat in this race know that the organization they gave their money too was so wasteful and careless they sent campaign mailers to the Republican Party State Chair – this one literally has my name on it.

If you had any doubt that Democrats are not careful with their money, and that they spend recklessly because they see both donors and taxpayers as ATM machines they can keep coming back to — this is your prime example.

This kind of reckless spending is part of what gave us the painful inflation that we are seeing today.  The one good thing about all this excess paper wasted on a Republican Primary voter like myself is that at least I can save it for November to light my wood stove because my home heating fuel is going to cost me double what it did in March!”

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2 thoughts on “VTGOP Chair calls on Becca Balint to condemn super-PAC lies

  1. As much as democrats and other leftists decry the SCOTUS decision protecting most campaign contributions as free speech, if the big money donations help THEIR preferred candidates, then it is a moral imperative and is perfectly ok. Putting another demoprog in office that meets another victimhood/ intersectionality quota is a milestone for them in which either sleazy contributions or election fraud can and will be ignored.

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