Op-ed: Have we reached the point of no return?

The following excerpt is by Thomas Sowell, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. To read full commentary, click link below.

Thomas Sowell

This is an election year. But the issues this year are not about Democrats and Republicans. The big issue is whether this nation has degenerated to a point of no return — a point where we risk destroying ourselves, before our enemies can destroy us.

If there is one moment that symbolized our degeneration, it was when an enraged mob gathered in front of the Supreme Court and a leader of the United States Senate shouted threats against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, saying “You won’t know what hit you!”

You either believe in laws or you believe in mob rule. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with the law or agree with the mob on some particular issue. If threats of violence against judges — and publishing where a judge’s children go to school — is the way to settle issues, then there is not much point in having elections or laws.

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3 thoughts on “Op-ed: Have we reached the point of no return?

  1. Clearly there are a lot of bad actors out there and Thomas Sowell has indentified some of them. The worst bad actor might well be Alex Jones who used his Infowar site to inflict even more pain on the parents suffering unbelievable loss when their young children were murdered in the Sandy Hook shootings. Jones claimed it was all done by staged actors seeking to restrict gun owner rights and some of his guilble followers went on to mercilessly harrass these deeply griveing parents.

    How do we best respond? Perhaps by being involved, speaking the truth as we are given to see it, as well as listening to others speak what they feel to be true. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. provides some good guidance as well when he said, “I’ have decided to stick with love, hate is to great a burden to bear”

  2. Thomas sewall is a genius and one to pay attention to. Read his books 🙂

    off topiic? I am now retired (after most of my life in VT) in Maricopa County AZ…and just out….MORE fraud again. Dems are pulling out the stops to fraud ballots to keep Trumpian, Kari Lake out of winning GOV, because she pledges to get to bottom of all the AZ fraud. So today? The AZ Secy of State reports their Maricopa vote tallies…and the Maricopa ELECTION Board reported their vote count. GUESS WHAT! There is a mystery 17,000 DIFFERENCE between AZ Secy of State Maricopa tally…. and that from Maricopa itself…and now the Gov race is “tight” When Kari Lake was UP by 13% in all polls beforehand?.:


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