Letter: Repeal the Global Warming Solutions Act, and clean house in Montpelier

This letter is by James and Andrea Hall, residents of Center Rutland.

The survey that has been extended regarding energy concerns is bassackwards, and has been from the start of this nonsense. Some of us have figured out that the real reasons for this exercise are not actually climate related, but rather a hatred for the products that built this nation starting back with the industrial revolution all the way to today’s situations. This hatred involves the same directed volleys towards the individuals and officers in charge of the petrol companies: “They are evil and we want them to disappear,” so sayeth the warriors. (Vermont Yankee?)

The warriors have a greater footing in Vermont because of the progressive movements, and people in my age category who have lived here all their lives just do not get out to vote because they cannot believe this can of worms will ever manifest. I do vote, and I will continue to until I cannot at least make an X on appropriate documents. The sustaining of the governor’s veto (by one vote)¬†should be a wake-up call to all voters in the state.

Now let’s get into the meat of why this monstrosity is being pooh-poohed, big time:

  1. It is so overloaded with stuff people do not understand, they are not going to respond, even though many think they should, they just do not know what to say or write.
  2. If you want to sell a car to someone, you have to get down to the communication level with that potential customer. First and foremost, it is absolutely necessary to explain the features, benefits, and costs with returns for that customer to buy into the concept of owning a new car. All up and down this lot, from day one, this has been a big, fat failure of the first order.
  3. If it means going door to door to get this done, so be it. Putting requirements in place that have no price tag will not fly — only to the rejection bin. Vermonters will not do business that way.
  4. Right now, because of the way business has been conducted in the puzzle palace, Vermonters have a huge distrust of politicians, bureaucrats and those that profess to be “from the government and we are here to help.”
  5. In my Town (Rutland Town) we currently have a Selectboard and School Board who have the backing of the townspeople and voters. Thank goodness for that; it is a concept that is a distinct possibility in state government too, but it is not the case now. The only thing that will help at this point in time is a massive house cleaning in Montpelier, and repeal of the GWSA by the Legislature in January 2023.

Putting this agenda on hold until after the election would be the best news voters could get right now. By-passing voters and taxpayers in any way will only add to the problems. The format for this exercise needs to reflect the change.

James B. Hall

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One thought on “Letter: Repeal the Global Warming Solutions Act, and clean house in Montpelier

  1. push push push till you get what you want…..is the status quo from the top down. Vermont reps are along for the ride of “whats in”……this has never been this way prior to the past …several years? Phil Scott admin? before that Shumlin..look who he was in bed with….
    this is the craziest party I have ever seen……..

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