Video: WCAX U.S. House race debate for GOP candidates ‘out of control’

The following information and video are by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP. 

The debate featured 17 questions from the moderators, and only one of them was about the economy. The economy is the No. 1 issue for most people, but it is the least important issue for TV and radio personalities.

There were basically three questions designed to drive a wedge between the candidates and Republicans: Which Republican issue are you ready to compromise on? Who is your favorite Democrat to work with? Would you kick the Governor out of the party?

The candidates were asked to support someone for the 2024 presidential election — which no one has even declared their candidacy for.

These are the questions being asked in a Republican primary? Is that what Republican primary voters want to know about the Republican candidates?

Watch full video above.

5 thoughts on “Video: WCAX U.S. House race debate for GOP candidates ‘out of control’

  1. Paul, do you think any debate that is being sponsored by a liberal network would have
    any questions talking about the feckless Biden administration, tanking of the economy
    and destroying what we have with other nations……… give me a break !!

    If it isn’t about gay issues or J6 they don’t want to talk about it, heck lets throw a Trump
    in there, liberals think they know what on people’s minds, like always they are wrong, their
    nonsense will cause a real ” RED ” wave across the nation, too bad Vermont will keep its
    liberal cancer we have in Montpelier !!
    pretty pathetic !!!!

    Any step Vermont’s GOP can take to hold an office is a move in the right direction, once we
    have our candidates if you didn’t vote for that person or not, we need to stand behind them
    100% and that means the GOP needs to spend some money !!!

  2. ya know I am looking for info on the local candidates for essex-orleans district (Wolcott voter)
    well S of State, no help whatsoever, and quickly realized the site, the narative, very D…
    and never did find what i was looking for
    I have my ballots so i can look up who I’m voting for. (and I would say this; what a waste of heavy stock paper! want to lower the carbon footprint….put it all on one ballot so I, and many others can just vote for who we want, and end the runaround of write in’s…..geez the next if passed billions of $$’s bill even has big bucks to pay to plant trees…..imagine that, use more than you need and then pay some lumber co, or out of state big landowner, who by the way your already subsidizing his/her/whatever RE tax…)
    yup I just kinda went off target there…….
    the S of State office needs to have a list of every district, and who’s running……end of that story

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