Disaffected podcast: Burlington targets its own

This is a special episode covering the Burlington City Council’s passage of a resolution targeting Disaffected and local politicians who object to the mutilation of children through “gender affirming” surgeries and chemical castration.

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  1. Dear Joshua,

    Thank you for explaining so clearly the abusive tactics demonstrated in this public hearing. Manipulation, name-calling, isolation, silencing, and blaming the victim are just a few of the typical abuse tactics that are a routine part of this “new normal” that is being pushed on us, now that we’ve come out of lock-down.

    Judging by the swiftness of these changes in the culture, following immediately on the heels of the lockdown, I have to wonder: Is this dramatic increase in young people, especially girls, questioning their gender connected to the COVID-19 measures? Specifically, lock-downs and face masks?

    As a health educator, I have been working to address body image issues for decades, and have seen young people spiral further downward with the introduction of social media. We know that social media played a significant role in introducing the concepts of gender fluidity, and young people were especially isolated and reliant upon social media during the lock-downs. They were kept from each other, and provided school-issued home computers instead. (I suggest this recent panel discussion for insight into the role of social media in gender identity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUFaIjVzq2g)

    The terrifying isolation that young people experienced during the lock-down was unlike any other in history. What are the effects of isolating girls for months at a time, left with only virtual relationships (online, social media), during the most crucial years of their social development? Did this isolation disproportionately harm girls?

    Then, when students finally returned to their community and friends in the fall, they faced two years of wearing masks over their faces. At a time when they are only beginning to learn what it means to be a woman or a man, and be received as such by others. What effects did erasing their faces, literally- becoming “unseen”- have on them?

    Not only faces, but masks also stifle their voices. Anyone who has taught middle school can attest to the fact that many girls need extra encouragement to keep speaking up at this age. How did this sense of “not being heard” affect them?

    Finally, masks stifle the breath. We know that difficulty breathing is the most common side effect of wearing masks, and this can cause feelings of depression and anxiety. We also have no idea what the chronic impairment of respiration is doing to their developing reproductive organs. Perhaps organs cannot grow and develop properly, or produce the hormones necessary for puberty, if they are starved of oxygen.

    There is a growing body of articles, including scientific studies, examining the ways that mask use has affected the transgender community. There does seem to be some connection here, including the use of the same abusive tactics to gain compliance.

    It is important we learn to recognize, and stand up to, bullying and abuse. Once we understand that nobody else can “label” or “identify” us, then we become bully-proof. Then we can speak up against injustice, even when we appear to be in the minority, just like you did in City Hall.

    I am encouraging everyone to have the Confidence and Courage to stand up to bullying around the use of face masks and other critical health issues. That is why we are holding The Vermont Emergency Forum to Assess the Respiratory Hazards of Masks on Friday, May 12th in Burlington City Hall, with generous support from the Vermont Institute for Human Flourishing.

    I encourage folks to attend, and invite their friends, neighborhood business owners, and community leaders at every level. Information at: vtmasksurvey.com

    Thanks again, Joshua. I hope to meet you sometime!
    Happy Spring!
    ~ Amy Hornblas

    • @Amy Hornblas,
      I recently read an article through “project veritas” it was as usual an under cover revelation in which an educator bragged about the surge in trans interest during covid lockdown. Apparently there was a whole system in place to target kids. The educator goes on to encourage younger teachers to indoctrinate the younger elementary students as “ it makes the middle school educators success for trans much easier”. So you’re right on target questioning if covid was/is the cause of so much of this body image and trans interest.

  2. Nice exposure to the circus side show of virtue-signaling freaks that the leadership and population of Burlington has welcomed and ensconced.

  3. It’s troubling that some make an equivalency between abortion and trans.

    Can’t move opinions on trans that way.

  4. Welcome to Vermont… where you can find a group who are willing to kill your unborn child, and someone else who is willing to whack off the penis and chop off the breasts of minor children.

  5. Joshua, I can’t believe I listened to your entire (1:41.19 ) ………….Wow !!

    You’ve opened my eyes, I knew things in Burlington were unhinged, but after watching
    the ” testimonies “, well I didn’t buy the “Drama”, fake at best, with all the sad stories of
    how this ” alphabet ” community is being wronged, well act like fools and you’ll be treated
    like fools, and that was front and center at this meeting, If you want respect you’ll have to
    to earn it.

    I am glad you showed how vial these people we have running around Burlington, and
    the ” gaggle of fools ” we have on the city council, showing their true colors supporting
    the nonsense, and then babbling Miro, he’s supposed to be the ” Leader “….. pathetic

    Then he can’t wait to sign the bill, he’s following the fools off the cliff, apparently, the Mayor
    and the council hasn’t read the Constitution, ” Freedom Of Speech” put more stickers out
    if they don’t like it TS…………………

    The mutilation of children through “gender-affirming” is child abuse, kids can’t even figure
    out what for breakfast, what socks to wear, and now they want to let them decide a gender,
    altering procedures ” child abuse “, we only have two genders and your genitalia proves that
    maybe these parents should become parents……..

    Whatever happened to the good old days, with Straights and Gays, whoops I probably can’t
    say that in this day and age, there are some very ” sensitive ” people, but who really cares,
    now we have boys trying to convince me there are girls, and girls trying to convince me there boys
    it not going to happen, they may believe it, but I’ll follow biology and genetics !!

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll pass it on, I know it’s hard to believe but there are people in Burlington
    with common sense………………. definitely not in City Hall.

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