Disaffected podcast: A republic, if you can keep it

The Burlington City Council continues its journey through adult-onset anencephaly. They’re again targeting the gay chairman of the Burlington Republican Party, among others. This and more on the Disaffected Podcast.

5 thoughts on “Disaffected podcast: A republic, if you can keep it

  1. The attitude in this video is most unfortunate. It does nothing but antagonize. It will not bring others on board. Who wants to be a part of this vengeance? I get that it is coming from both sides.

    I read the 2-PAGE (not multiple as you claim) resolution. I agree, the language is quite problematic. I would be angry about it to.

    I appreciate the advocacy but, you are going about it all wrong. For one thing your language is too strong.

    If you haven’t watched this video, please do:

  2. What a terrific podcast! Thank you very much Joshua, and thank you True North Reports for posting it!

  3. Reciprocity from the RINOS in Vermont?! I praise you for your “intestinal fortitude” as my grandfather would say. Thank-you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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