Veterans for America First endorses Gerald Malloy for U.S. Senate

For Immediate Release
July 7, 2022


Perkinsville, VT – US Army Veteran and Republican Candidate for US Senate, Gerald Malloy, receives an endorsement from Veterans for America First (VFAF), a non-profit, non-partisan Civil Liberties and Social Welfare grassroots organization. VFAF is uniquely forward-leaning and focused on enacting real social change to overcome the threats our nation is facing from both foreign and domestic adversaries.

Gerald Malloy

Gerald Malloy

“The endorsement from Veterans For America First is truly an honor. Like VFAF, I respect our nation and believe that our freedoms are the very makeup of our identity as American citizens” explains Malloy. “Real change is needed to overcome foreign and domestic threats to our freedoms. When I become elected as Vermont’s next US Senator, I will advocate for policies that revitalize our nation and assure that our government will prioritize, support, and serve the American people yet again.”

Gerald Malloy, a combat veteran, retired Major field artillery officer, who served the United States on active duty for 22 years. During his time, he served in leadership roles in Germany, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Canada, and US bases including 5 years at Fort Bragg. He was was in leadership roles for 3-27 FA MLRS, firing 650 rockets supporting the liberation of Kuwait and earning the Valorous Unit Award. These positions bore him great responsibilities and cultivated his ability to make quick, well-calculated decisions. By 2006, he was awarded the Bronze Star, seven Meritorious Service Medals, and retired with an Honorable Discharge. His military experience was undoubtedly challenging, but provided him with the character, leadership, and performance necessary to bring about a brighter future.


About Veterans for America First:

Veterans for America First is a non-partisan Civil Liberties and Social Welfare grassroots organization. It was established by U.S. Military combat veterans and the group works in conjunction with veteran service organizations, nonprofits, corporate sponsors, and government agencies to provide support and advocacy for veterans and first responders on national and local levels. The movement has grown into a national alliance with over half a million followers spread throughout several social media pages, all under one banner.

About Gerald Malloy:
Gerald Malloy graduated from West Point in 1984 with a commission as an active duty Field Artillery Officer and a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Political Science. He also earned his MBA from Temple University, graduated from the Army Command and General Staff College, and earned a Graduate Certificate from Georgetown University. Serving the United States for 22 years on active duty in leadership positions, Malloy was stationed in countries such as Germany, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, and Canada. Following his military career, he worked 5 years in Emergency Management and response, including over 20 Presidential Disaster Declarations, with US Government organizations including the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services, as well as many State, Local, and Law Enforcement organizations.

Since 2011, he has been involved in business management and executive positions, supporting US Government organizations primarily in the Washington, DC area. Gerald Malloy lives in Perkinsville. He and his wife Stacey have 4 children, including 3 teenagers currently in Vermont schools. Please see for updates on his campaign for U.S. Senator for Vermont.

Image courtesy of Gerald Malloy

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  1. He would be a good choice except that his stance on abortion will turn off about 70% of VT voters. Myers Mermel has the business background and common sense approach that gives him the best chance to beat Peter Welch. He is a strong conservative and supporter of the second amendment.

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