‘Jane’s Revenge’ in Burlington urges arson, rock-throwing against local pro-life clinic

Blog post from someone claiming to be Jane’s Revenge in Burlington: “Gather your friends and collect heavy rocks. Learn the skill of accelerant bartending. Decentralize your actions – go into the night and be feral with joy! This is the fight of our lives and it’s just getting started. This time it was concrete slabs. Next time we’ll bring it Wisconsin-style.”

By Guy Page

Graffiti and threats of violence in the Burlington area have followed in the wake of the June 24 SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. A Burlington-based post on a national website urges readers to “gather your friends, pick up heavy rocks, and learn the skill of accelerant bartending” — an apparent reference to committing arson.

On a more threatening note, the following was posted on Jane’s Revenge, an abortion rights blog advocating physical damage of crisis pregnancy centers and publishing reports of it after it happens. To date there are no police reports of crisis pregnancy center vandalism in Vermont, although the Littleton, NH center was damaged, WCAX reports.

The following Jane’s Revenge entry was posted June 27, and appears below edited for profanity:

Following the Supremacist Court’s laughable attempt at control over millions of bodies with the arbitrary and retroactive overturning of its own decision on Roe v. Wade, in addition to further threats against the queer community made by a certain Supreme Pig, a few of us up here in so-called “Burlington, Vermont” (colonized Abenaki land) decided it was a good time to remind the tyrants that we are everywhere and that we will not be f—–d with.

It came to our attention months ago that there’s an anti-abortion clinic here in town masquerading as a safe place for pregnant folks to receive care and resources. Their tactic is to lure in vulnerable people with emotionally manipulative messaging about “non-judgmental support” before pulling the ol’ bait and switch and doing everything they can to guilt people into carrying their unplanned pregnancies to term. The impact of concrete chunks on those old colonial window frames was absolutely titillating… We struck once, disappearing into the dark before re-emerging from another direction and striking again. A veritable volley of crashing and shattering sounds filled the neighborhood and our gay hearts to their brims.

The tired, self-congratulatory, hippie liberalism in this city is a large part of what allows organizations like this to remain in our community and to do harm to vulnerable people.

We say: f–k that. No more.

A couple of months back, our sister Fern was stabbed to death by some transphobic a–hat. Then, just weeks later, they tried to intimidate us further by smashing up our Pride Center. Still, the burnout Phish Heads did nothing. Circle jerk vigils where cis-het white hippies sound-off on their megaphones in the park like it’s 1969 are obviously doing nothing with actual consequence. Spare us the performance. It’s time to put up a real fight. Gather your friends and collect heavy rocks. Learn the skill of accelerant bartending. Decentralize your actions – go into the night and be feral with joy! This is the fight of our lives and it’s just getting started. This time it was concrete slabs. Next time we’ll bring it Wisconsin-style.

Peaceful protest is dead and so is Jerry Garcia!

Jane’s Revenge lives!

Guy Page is publisher of the Vermont Daily Chronicle. Reprinted with permission.

Image courtesy of Public domain

16 thoughts on “‘Jane’s Revenge’ in Burlington urges arson, rock-throwing against local pro-life clinic

  1. This is no thinly-veiled threat, but a promise of terrorism, and should be investigated by the FBI.
    Unfortunately, the FBI leadership has been functioning largely as a praetorian guard of the democrat party and other elements of the left wing.
    To those who work in and around the supposed target, for your own safety please avail yourselves of the rights that have been affirmed by Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution and the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. These people are nuts and should not be treated with any level of respect or kid gloves. Not sure who the “they” is that they refer to as attacking Sister Fern or the Pride Center, but all decent, law-abiding people should abhor threats like this and the miscreants who utter them. We certainly can’t count on the local lamestream media to cover these threats, only those made against left-wing organizations and individuals. It’s really a shame when decent, law-abiding people cannot count on the protections of the media and law enforcement due to ideological bias.

  2. I urge vigilantes. But it will probably get me removed. They can urge violence, however.

  3. Yes, voting is an answer, however in the end, if (that’s a big “if”) our candidates we wish to represent us are elected don’t act quickly on behalf of the Constitution, those of us left standing holding the moral issues in question, will not survive. Supporting and electing these representatives makes great sense.
    Maybe it’s time ‘we the people’ take action of our own in a more obvious and demonstrative way; and, never stooping to the thugs’ actions of concrete slabs and bomb cocktails!!
    Any constructive ideas out there? Bring them on.

  4. Just another view of the leftist organized crimes if vandalism isn’t held accountable
    then what is……………. you vote these fools in, and this is what you get !!

    Wake up people, it’s either you or them ………..

  5. People keep referring to this group of would be vandals and arsonists as an “organization”. Who are the people involved? With all of these threats they should be on a watch list!

    • Jane’s Revenge is, apparently, an anonymous organization that practices covert distribution of information sometimes deemed to be advocating violent political reactions.

      “DO NOT send us emails with personal info, DO NOT send us emails asking about joining or local anything. DO practice some OPSEC [operational security]. We are a media news site aggregating info on jane’s revenge.”

      It remains to be seen whether or not the social media titans will censor the #janesrevenge content the way it does conservative subject matter. Don’t hold your breath.

    • Another Kafkaesque metamorphosis of the English language right along “birthing people” and sperm contributors. These bozos are so proud of their bastardization of our common tongue.
      Their best one so far is their substitution of “domestic terrorist” for “parent”.

  6. Extremists of all stripes who advocate violence must be opposed. When their inflamatory words become action they should be found, arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  7. Jane’s Revenge, like BLM and antifa, is domestic terrorism, to be sure.
    Where’s the “If you know something, say something?” What happened to that concept?
    Or doesn’t that count for democRATS ratting out other democRATS?

  8. Instead of voting they resort to rock throwing.
    What does that tell you?
    Why do we all have to protect ourselves from this stone age anarchic violence?
    Isn’t that why we have a civil government in place?
    This does not bode well.

  9. The best policy, on any side of an issue this hot, is simply not to take the bait of such provocation. This appears to be just another attempt by forces behind these front groups to social engineer the population into civil war. Ignore them.

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