Statement from Gov. Phil Scott on COVID-19 in Vermont

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement:

Throughout the pandemic, our top strategic goal has been to make sure our hospitals have the capacity — bed space and resources — to serve all those who need care, and that continues to be our top goal to this day.

U.S. Department of State

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott

Vaccines are making a difference, and with boosters and vaccine approval for kids 5-11 years old, this will continue to improve.

However, with roughly 126,000 Vermonters still unvaccinated, we continue to see cases increase, which is leading to more hospitalizations and deaths than we want to see. Today, we reported 487 new cases out of over 18,000 tests completed, which is the 2nd highest number of tests we’ve ever done. It is important to note that this test positivity rate of 2.7% is about what we’ve been seeing on average. But we do have to consider the impact this case count could have on our hospital capacity in the coming weeks. If we stayed at this level of cases, based on our current hospitalization rate, there is potential to see the number of people currently hospitalized increase to over 80, which would be a significant strain on the system.

Invoking a state of emergency is unnecessary at this time, but we need Vermonters to think about what they can do to protect those at risk of hospitalization and deaths. That means each and every one of us taking individual steps to protect the vulnerable in our lives — the elderly and those with underlying conditions like heart or lung disease, smokers, or people who are pregnant.

At this time, we urge Vermonters to do the following:

  • Get vaccinated, get your kids vaccinated and get your booster when eligible.
  • Today’s numbers could be driven by Halloween and other gatherings, so gather wisely:
    Wear a mask when in indoor settings, even when vaccinated;
    Stay outside when you can;
    Be mindful of the size of gatherings;
    Encourage vaccination for guests at larger events and gatherings;
    Use testing as a tool; and
    Stay home when you are sick.
  • Add layers of protection when around the elderly and medically vulnerable, including getting tested before visiting or wearing a mask indoors with them.

For those choosing not to receive the vaccine, you have an added responsibility to wear a mask indoors, keep 6 feet apart and get tested regularly, but certainly before gathering or avoid gatherings altogether. Choosing not to take these steps is leading to unnecessary illness, hospitalizations and death in our communities.

The simple fact is, this pandemic is being driven by the unvaccinated, including 53,000 eligible adults. The three lowest vaccinated counties account for 25% of today’s cases, yet they only make up 10% of our state population. Unvaccinated Vermonters are up to 5 times as likely to contract COVID in Vermont and they account for 70-85% of our hospitalizations and ICU stays. Unvaccinated adults are directly contributing to the strain on our hospital capacity. Enough is enough, it’s time to step up and get vaccinated – something over 90% of your fellow Vermont adults have done.

Thankfully, 44,000 more Vermonters (kids ages 5-11) just became eligible for vaccination. Today’s data underscores the urgency for parents and caregivers to sign their children up to be vaccinated if they are eligible. Vaccines are safe, effective and free. Not only will they limit spread of the virus, but also limit disruptions, like the need to quarantine after exposure, which leads to kids missing school and other activities that help their social and emotional wellbeing.

Again, we believe that if all Vermonters band together to make smart choices in the coming weeks, we can make sure that today’s uptick is not a trend that drives greater hospitalizations and deaths. But it takes all of us stepping up and committing to those smart choices, starting with getting vaccinated if you have not done so. We do not want to take any steps backwards, but we need your help to make smart choices in your daily lives to protect the healthcare system and keep us moving forward.

For Immediate Release
Thursday, November 4, 2021

Jason Maulucci, Press Secretary
Office of the Governor

Image courtesy of U.S. Department of State

53 thoughts on “Statement from Gov. Phil Scott on COVID-19 in Vermont

  1. If kids get this shot, many will develop myocarditis, have heart attacks and strokes. Some will be injured in other ways, paralysis, and other horrid outcomes. They are at statistically zero risk of GIVING or GETTING covid. The shot will endanger, harm and kill more kids than Covid ever could. Do you know why Scott offers it and pushes it? Anyone?

    • He has put himself in a box, that he has no way out of.

      As have all Legislators and government officials that refuse to do a press release calling for a moratorium on injecting 5 to 11 years old’s.
      These people are captured by the realization of knowing they are participating in, & facilitating criminal activity!

  2. Dear Governor: We are the most heavily vaxed state yet our Covid positive numbers are even higher than they were prior to the vax. Yet you persist in blaming the unvaxed for this state of affairs. Ever considered that we’d have been a lot better off without a vax and access for everyone to early treatment measures?

  3. Following a public event @ a Chinatown clinic – Cali governor Gaven Newsom received the booster. Did not travel to the Glasgow for climate conference scheduled stating personal obligations. And unless it was sometime today reportedly has not been seen since.

  4. “A federal appeals court suspended the Biden administration’s new vaccine requirement for private companies, delivering a major blow for one of the White House’s signature attempts to increase the number of vaccinations to corral the pandemic.”

    Perhaps Mr. Scott has read the writing on the wall. After all, the damage this entire fiasco, from Wuhan, to Dr. Fauci and his associates, to ‘big Pharma’, to the incitement of divisiveness by the current administration between various healthcare experts and the public (on both sides of the aisle), that has resulted in the breakdown in public trust in all of the above, cannot be exaggerated.

    The lesson learned in all of this -> Thank goodness for the U.S. Constitution.

    • Here’s more of the writing on the wall… an 11-7-21 national perspective on ‘our brave little State’.

      US State With Highest Vaccination Rate Reports Record 527 COVID-19 Cases

      “Between Aug. 25 and Nov. 3, deaths among the fully vaccinated population accounted for more than 60 percent of the state’s total. In all, 62 of the 103 people who died during that 10 week period were fully vaccinated, according to Vermont’s vaccine breakthrough data.”


      “The rate of infections and deaths among the fully vaccinated rose roughly tenfold from late June to mid-August, according to the CDC. The rate of CCP-virus-associated hospitalizations among the vaccinated rose more than eight-fold during the same time.”

      “Vermont boasts the highest vaccination rate among the 50 U.S. states, with 71.6 percent of the population having been fully vaccinated.”

      “Perhaps the less we have, the more we are required to brag.”
      ― John Steinbeck, East of Eden

  5. id be confident betting all the “big dogs” on thier publicity stunts getting thier jabs,,,,were saline, and everything I see says it’s the vaxxed, getting it, not the unvaxxed

  6. I contacted my State Senators and District Representatives asking them to publicly call for a moratorium on the injections.

    So far, as least as far as I know, they have remained silent.

    I reminded them they have a duty and a responsibility to protect our children above all else when this wolf is at the door.

    This issue of doubt and danger to Vermonters does not require their vote on legislation, only their courage to stand and speak to the dire nature of a serious threat.

    If they have no doubt of this threat, let them remain silent and reap the consequences of how this plays out!

  7. I disagree with Governor Scott. I think he’s a good man who can’t accept that what’s really happening, as opposed to what we’re told is happening, is unbelievable but true. This is the basic paradox that boggles the mind; the implications of it being true are too much for many people to handle.

    I agree with Dr. Peter McCullough

    Once a tiny light comes on and we think, “well maybe there’s something to this ‘conspiracy theory’ after all,” then we start to think and consider and weigh things, and are perhaps more skeptical (not less!) of what we hear. As we get off mainstream propaganda and learn more, the light gets greater and it dawns on us that what we once dismissed is really true, and we see that we now need all hands on deck, everyone seeing and everyone standing up to stop this. It’s nothing less than world-wide tyranny coming in through the back door of supposed medical “necessity” and medical tyranny. This “necessity” exists only because all other options have been censored: that was the plan. This is why early treatment for Covid-19 was so ruthlessly put down. This is why no health authorities are keeping track of Covid-19 vaccine harms, despite that this should be a top concern for us all to “stay safe.” An empty phrase, after all?

  8. The lies in this article are jaw dropping.

    No doubt Scott knows that regardless of your vaccine status your ability to carry , spread and shed the virus remain the same. Only difference is that if you are vaccinated, your covid symptoms are lessened should you contract the disease. Which means,….The unvaccinated will know they are ill and stay home, while the vaccinated upon becoming ill, may not realize it and therefore continue to go about their daily lives spreading the virus as they go.
    He claims that the vaccine is safe, effective and free?? None of that is true!!!
    He urges people to have it administered to their precious little children!!! My stomach is sick and my heart aches.

    This truly is a nightmare

  9. Frontline Doctors ‘Restoring Peace & Protecting From Harm’
    America’s Frontline Doctors

    “It has officially been one month since Norway removed all Covid restrictions,” noted Dr. Simone Gold of the America’s Frontline Doctors organization. “They have no vaccine passports, mask mandates, or social distancing rules.”

    “Their seven-day rolling average of new deaths is lower than ever,” she continued. “Why is no one talking about this?”

  10. I dare Chancellor Scott and Mr. Levine to personally call the parents of each child who dies or becomes injured after taking their reckless advice. Only people I know of that can retain beaming sunny persona whilst encouraging parents to execute their children and VTers to kill selves and weakest most vulnerable of society including elderly. I’d like to be a fly on the wall as these creeps pretzel-twist the nonexistant “science” to grieving families.

    As our nation is destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party and poiltical enablers – vast majority of which are DemocratMarxists – these two clearly represent VT in the effort. Difficult to watch the sociopathic ease these two push crimes against humanity via experimantal drugs for genetic editoring, while exploiting the trust most ppl have in vaccines on an unsuspecting populace while sworn to uphold Constitution. Our enemy has outed selves – we need to pay attention.

    From our friends @ Granite Grock:
    Are An Alarming Number of Athletes Dropping Dead After Getting the COVID Jab?
    by Steve MacDonald / 6 November 2021
    Inbound from a reader, we have a list of links to cases of athletes who just dropped dead. All of them are recent. And the number of them seems excessive, all from heart-related complications.

    This list has been Google Translated into English from here. The links are presented as-is. The point of this is to crowdsource these claims if possible. Why do we see a rise in these sorts of mortality? Is it a rise?

    How many are there in the US and can we run those down?

    Is any of it vaccine-related?

    The list source is asking that very question.

  11. May I remind you Governor, there is no dispensation for your verbalized or regurgitated beliefs of honoring an individual’s right to choose, when at the same time you promote only one choice!
    You attempt to confiscate individual sovereignty in the name of the greater good, then you ignore credible concerns for the Bio Weapon you would have us take.
    Now even worse you advocate giving it to our youngest, most vulnerable children.

    You are past the point of forgiveness for the crimes you have committed, as are those Senators and Representatives who in their heart of hearts no this is wrong but will not publicly call for a moratorium while the threat of this weapon exists.

    Perhaps it is only a coincidence that pharmaceutical companies are putting Tromethamine Hydrochloride in the vaccines for 5 to 11 year old’s as a preemptive measure against Myocarditis?
    Tromethamine by the way also can produce server side effects, all for a virus that 99.9% of children will recover from!

    This is indeed criminal behavior!

  12. Phil Scott is spreading fear and propaganda. Everything he says is a lie. Wonder how much money the CCP has paid him.

  13. In other words Phil – after all this time, you, your adminstration, the Legislature spent how many millions of dollars to be no further ahead of managing this thing or having any other option forward than get a shot of something no even knows exactly what it is – we do know it doesn’t stop sickness – nothing stops a sickness that is 99% NOT DEADLY until the shot was introduced….hmmm. Is he so incompetant and ignorant, he exposes himself and his administration as bumbling failures? Or is he playing the role he is paid under the table, through the backdoor to perform? Likely both.

  14. Despite the clamor and insistance by Democratic legislative leaders and those in the media that Governor Scott invoke a “State of Emergency” which would give him the dictatorial power to mandate mask usage and other measures, he has resisted this overreach.

    Instead he has relied on scientific evidence and encouragement of people to use the tools we have to combat this pandemic, including vaccines developed and distributed by both the Trump and Biden administrations.

    While you may not agree with him, and that certainly is one’s right, Govenor Scott’s actions are consistent with his belief in the limits of government and our own state motto of “Freedom and Unity” which recognizes both a reliance on both individual freedom along with a recognition of shared responsibility.

    • Scott’s belief in limits of government? Freedom and Unity? Is that consistent with inviting the CCP to the State House in February 2019 – Phil’s grinning face standing next to our enemy in our house? How is the CCP track record on limits of government and freedom? Is that why Scott is supporting Biden? He has the White House and Fauci on speed dial? Is that why Phil pushed mandates that are – dare I say – unconsititutional? C’mon man!

  15. I just became a Green Bay Packer fan!
    Aaron Rodgers, “I realize I’m in the crosshairs of the woke mob right now,” Rodgers said. “So, before my final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, I think I would like to set the record straight on so many of the blatant lies that are out there about myself.”

    Rodgers went on to slam the “witch hunt” against unvaccinated players and insisted that he was not “lying” when he said he was “immunized” against the virus.”
    Except his way to immunized was not the poison jab. Dr Gov is leading this witch hunt full steam ahead.

  16. Have people seen how republicans have sold us out on the Build Back Better bill? Uniparty actions on the federal levels and state levels!

    Bail out the banks! Remember that one?

    Bail ot EB-5! still on going!

    bail out the failed scool dipunding in VERMONT!
    bail out the failed teachers retirement!

    We must plot a new course, we need a wholesale reformation of the VTGOP. There are great people within and outside that will support a change.

    Leaving our current Gov leading the helm of this ship will only chart waters that the United Nations say and do. If we are to change we must not play the uniparty games.

    Do we want to build a bigger uniparty or a bigger God loving American party, representing our country with truth, love and science?

    • Leave it to Mr Johnson to take the time to off-topic a thread reporting Benedict Phil’s promotion of crimes against humanity, to front-paging headline the small minority of Republicans who caved on BBB – a specialty – under the guise of ‘Uniparty’.

      • uniparty = WHO = NWO = CCP = most of government, state and local. + Vt Gov and Lt. Gov……

        = covid mandates..= covid from china….they are all connected. Glad I could help out. I’ve missed your commentary.

      • Non sequitered nonsense is mere noise. Information clarity is signal – key here is signal minus the noise. Doesn’t help bc you’re too busy bashing and bullying conservative Republicans such as rude comment to Ms Johnson.

        • The record seems to skipping, I love rino’s, don’t bash rinos, I love rinos, don’t bash rinos, I love rinos, don’t bash rinos….

          Rinos are yesterday’s news. Except for the fact they are a protected species in Montpelier and Washington.

          Perhaps there is a swinging chair for two, one can enjoy with the governor to enjoy arm and arm, side by side?

        • Broken record much…check out your nearest mirror lol comments are in response to your own btw. I am on record challenging the Rinos here on TNR in no uncertain terms. I don’t do this for drill but as opportunity arrives – signal vs noise.

          Predictable bashing of me occurs following exposure of dishonesty. It’s the true conservatives you jump on like a kid on a cupcake – most recent example is slamming Ms. Johnson as she related the happy news of nonRino additions to the party?! Wow. While employing the strawman of Rino to disguise true target which are Republicans which you have a lengthy record of bashing…pouring nonstop religion on your dumpster fire is not a good look Neil 😀

  17. Italian Institute Of Health Drastically Reduces Its Official COVID Death Toll Number

    FRIDAY, NOV 05, 2021 – 03:30 AM
    Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

    The Italian Higher Institute of Health has drastically reduced the country’s official COVID death toll number by over 97 per cent after changing the definition of a fatality to someone who died from COVID rather than with COVID.

  18. ” The simple fact is, this pandemic is being driven by the unvaccinated, including 53,000 eligible adults.” –Gov Scott

    This statement is wrong and ignorant. So the Gov is either dumb as dirt or he’s a goddamned liar.
    I suppose it is possible he is both of these.

      • Yeah. I’ll bet on that.
        Qui bono?
        Follow the money.
        We are so prostituted now, like real life prostitutes, we’ve lost the plot and forgotten who we are and what makes us Vermonters:
        Independent thinking.
        Live and let live.
        Help thy neighbor.
        The road less traveled.
        If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

        A snakeoil salesman is still a snakeoil salesman.
        We get what we accept.

          • Wrong.
            We are all sovereign beings.
            Whether you own that or not is up to you.
            That is the ‘growing up’ part of being a mature Spiritual Being.
            What you accept, you get.
            We always have a choice.
            The LIE is that we don’t.
            Ubuntu is a realized fully functional system we could step right into creating and many are and is perfect for Vermont.
            That system has no room for corruption, manipulation, control or entropy.
            We always have a choice.

          • May I suggest you get facts straight, and kindly ditch the ‘reporter’ schtick. Once again Allison prove ya don’t know what you’re talking about.

            Mike Lindell has proven with receipts that every election in US was fraudulent – even the states that had large Republican wins. We are all Windham NH where machines were set to shave 300 votes off of Republicans – but turnout overwhelmed the fraud along with NH rejection of college temporary students voting – as they are not legal citizens.

            Further Molly Ball did a piece for Time claiming election was ‘fortified’ aka ‘stolen’ from cosortium of tech, business, government, nonprofits and others who believe we were under wrong track under Trump.

            VT uses the same voting management firm as NH and most of NE – if you are a former reporter to whom facts matter – these are facts. With a deeply corrupt SOS calling all who question results in the face of all we now know ‘conspiracy theorists’ our election integrity is seriously deficient to say the least.

            While I do not accept 2020 eelction as valid the results cannot be changed unless foriegn interference is proven – so how’s that working for us lol

    • He has proven himself a liar in his first term,I will fully support the candidate that runs against the turncoat liar, come on Kevin.

  19. Isn’t this the same guy that stated there should never be a social class divide in Vermont between the vaccinated and unvaccinated several months ago? I recall he was talking about Vaccine Passports at the time. Now he is blatantly and falsely, I might add, shaming and blaming those that exercise caution, discernment, and liberty in determining what goes into the body?

    Here is my promise; I will vote for whoever runs against Scott . . .

  20. Scott says, “The simple fact is, this pandemic is being driven by the unvaccinated” No, it’s being driven by fear mongering idiot politicians.

  21. What are you doing for treatment Gov. Scott?

    We’d have 90% fewer deaths and could be declared cOvid free like a state of 231 million in India if we followed certain treatment for recovery and prophylaxis like those in Houston Texas!

    Are you interested? How about Mr. Levine?

    • Good question and I believe Mr Page put that very question before Mr Levine, (not a real doctor). The response I believe was the standard CDC quote, “No evidence to support”, blah blah blah.

  22. When vaccinated people can carry many times more virus than the unvaxxed without showing symptoms–a fact that even the CDC would acknowledge–then what you get is a lot of asymptomatic super-spreaders walking around and infecting others.

    Vermont’s caseload was higher at 85% vaccinated than at 80%. It’s higher again at 90% than at 85%. Does anyone with a working brain actually thing 95% is going to improve things? It’s clear that the more we vaccinate, the deeper the hole we dig. And it’s because the vaccine doesn’t kill the virus; instead it encourages it to mutate and hang around. That’s the opinion of many courageous vaccine experts who are not on Big Pharma’s payroll.

  23. It is unfortunate that the actual facts don’t matter to this man. Why would a healthy person get a jab which has NOT proven to be safe or long lasting? The solution is simple – treat the virus early with protocols used and proven effective by doctors who care. Too many doctors and health care workers are silenced with threats, losing their jobs, or fines. Just think, WHY is it requiring such a heavy hand and boot on the throat of sensible people? Could be that the citizens see through the propaganda and don’t want to risk serious injury or death from the jab!!!
    Check out the round table of now-crippled, former healthy people, telling their stories to Senator Ron Johnson. He is the only Congressman who seems interested in hearing their stories. Incredible and shameful. Our RINO Gov ought to listen to reality of the jab.

  24. Scott is an evil, moronic man. One of the dwarfs, following in line right behind Sleepy. He needs to go.

  25. More moronic mumblings from chucklehead Chancellor Scott. Ridiculously false and completely untrue. Well people are giving it to the vaccinated. Uh huh. Behaving exactly a a coronavirus. Start strong and then weaken – when they weaken they create variants – nothing new and no expert needed.

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