Statement by Deb Billado regarding potential protest in Montpelier

Editor’s note: This is a statement from Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP, regarding rumors of a protest at the Capitol in Montpelier.

It has come to my attention through various vague media reports that there is a rumor of some kind of protest planned at the capitol building in Montpelier this weekend. While we support everyone’s right to peaceably assemble, just like the thousands of VTers gathered in pink hats four years ago to protest a new administration, I must in the strongest terms possible caution anyone who is considering involvement.

First, I want to stress that to my knowledge not one Republican I know has plans to attend, or has any interest in attending such an event here in VT. While VT holds a proud tradition of a right to bear arms, doing so at this rally in our current climate in light of what happened last week would demonstrate an incredible lapse of judgement.

We support everyone’s right to peaceably protest their government. The best way to demonstrate that your intents are peaceful is to act peacefully. So if you know of anyone going to such a protest please encourage them to bring nothing with them which could be used as a weapon. If you feel that you need a weapon for your own safety, I would strongly encourage you not to attend the event at all – that may be the safest approach for everyone involved.

For years gun rights groups have been able to demonstrate peacefully, often times exercising their right to bear arms and it has never, ever been a problem. But doing so this weekend may ensure that it happens for the last time. We face a near super-majority of Democrats in the VT legislature and one tragic event could be all that separates us from measures that would otherwise be unprecedented and unnecessary.

There are many other ways to demonstrate your opposition to what is going on. You can write to or call your representatives or start a petition. You can also join the Republican Party to help create the kind of change that you want to see in our state and in our party by helping to elect more Republican House and Senate members who want to protect individual rights, govern in a fiscally responsible way, and lead our state to stable and prosperous growth.”

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17 thoughts on “Statement by Deb Billado regarding potential protest in Montpelier

  1. Deb, Are you AWARE that legislators are sending all letters from constituents they receive in support of President Trump & the March on the Capital to VT police??

    So writing letters to these legislators which criticize them for literally signing on to impeach President Trump for “supposedly” inciting the Capital violence (which of course was perpetrated by merely a tiny fraction of those who peacefully protested at the rally) places these Vermont citizens on the equivalent of VT’s “no fly” list.

    Police have stated NONE of the letters contained any threats or were “illegal” in any way – YET, they were sent to them by the aforementioned VT representatives. WHY? I suppose those who hold political opinions that differ from the left’s herd mentality must be now “turned over to authorities” as potential “enemies of the state”.

    Frightening times we live in, indeed – within a nation (and purportedly a state) that was founded upon freedom of expression, independent thought, and the RIGHT & the OBLIGATION to oppose tyranny.

  2. I tried to find the Republican party during the last election – no where to be found in Vermont…

    So we are changing our affiliation to independent! As close as we can come to Conservative…

    • We have lived in Vermont over 30 years now. When we immigrated to this state/country, we looked to get involved with the republican party. However we found them to be small, very quiet and not very inclusive. Even now that has not changed. Many years ago we just decided to become independents as well………..not feeling the love.

  3. These are wise words from Deb Billado. Perhaps it is time for those who believe in smaller government, bottom up rather than top down decision making and having legislators who are more interested in the public good than pushing ideological agendas or catering to special interests, to stop turning on each other but to seek ways we can work together ( even if we have some differences) to change the direction our state is headed.

    This is urgently needed as seen from commentaries on this site regarding the pension fund crisis and the ideological unrealistic stand alone Vermont climate change legislation. There are also practical actions that have the potential of gaining widespread support like Don Turner’s proposal for single member districts for house and senate seats and Mark Shepard’s push for shorter legislative sessions.

    Another potential way forward is to advocate strongly for the across the board adherence to the rule of law. In today’s VTDigger I have a commentary on this. I just got a note from a friend who is in law enforcement at UVM in Burlington appreciating what I wrote. You can access it at: and scroll to the bottom for commentaries.

    • Same repetitous suffocating surreptitious sophistry reliably demeaning the comment section here on TNR.

      • Suffocating surreptitious sophistry? Oh my, that is almost as good as Spiro Agnew’s “nattering nabobs of negativism”, which has always been my favorite wordy put down.

        Hopefully at some point we will be able to move beyond insults to substance and making real change. The stakes are too high for this state we all love to do anything less.

  4. The armed rally is a set-up by the Liberal/Socialists, just like the storming of the capitol last week. Get people there, cause problems, blame it on the Right. All the more reason for more laws to strip away our freedoms.


    But why waste your time, you already know the answers !! Also, don’t fall into the trap,
    they only want to see if you appear unhinged ” Media Hype ” and blast you on the news.

    Don’t forget Vermont’s left-leaning news agencies are all working for the same agenda
    and it’s not to make you look good, it’s not Vermont you grew up in……………

  6. Great voice, great voice.

    Can you kindly remove Senator Joe Benning from the Republican Party?

    His words, actions and deeds not only don’t stand for VTGOP (i HOPE) but don’t stand for American principles. We don’t need people paying homage to the New World order as high ranking officials in any American party, or office let alone the VTGOP

    The can no longer say “it’s the party of evil Trump”….perfect time to clean house. We need Americans running our state and somebody with back bone.

    Thank you for the consideration.

      • Nothing will be done, I can assure you of that. It will only display their true allegiance, which is to the uni party, aka, NWO.

        Jan 6th is going to known in American history for ever. It is the great awakening for those who didn’t believe America has been taken over by the corporations, lobbyists and PAC’s.

        People will not stand for this level of corruption. They have plainly laid out their cards for everyone to see.

  7. Deb you know I respect you immensely but when you tell us to call republican representatives to voice our concerns could you please list the 17 or fewer that refused to cave in to the corrupt socialists they have taken over the government in the state of vermont.

    as was demonstrated by the petition circulated by a republican governor Phil Scott who voted for Joe Biden we don’t have republican representation under the golden doom in Montpelier, VT.

    We need to elect conservative representation to send to Montpelier vermont or we will no longer have a republican party to represent us.

    • There are only 17 people in office who know where to find the constitution.

      If the party is not willing to discipline the actions of sen Benning you do not have a party. If there is no discipline then Deb Billado and everyone else running this show


      People can be very nice, say nice things etc.

      But I’d you don’t have enough back bone by default you are working for the NWO and not America.

      the choice is simple to make. Past experience has indicated leadership is more interested in keeping their power and siding with the uni party, NWO, rather than doing what is right.

      Perhaps this time of crisis will bring out strong leadership. Here hoping, God Speed.

  8. Why would anyone protest on a weekend when none of the legislators are not there. Oh, I forgot conservatives have jobs they need to feed their families.

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