Lynn Edmunds: My reply to Sen. Benning’s recent rant

Editor’s note: This letter by Lynn James Edmunds, of Wallingford, is a response to a commentary written by Sen. Joe Benning and published Jan. 8 in the Rutland Herald.

There seems to be a sad irony in the fact that on his way out of office, a former minority leader of the Vermont Senate would cast such a disparaging net of belittlement over fellow Vermonters and Republicans expressing concern and love for their country. Perhaps Sen. Joe Benning was frustrated with the vile acts of violence that took place at our nation’s capital. But two days later, with little investigation complete, his article illustrates an implied guilt by association for those making the trip to Washington, D.C., and to others sharing the same concerns.

In his commentary, the senator paints a very disturbing picture of a busload of Vermonters heading to Washington to verbalize their fears for our country. But in his rendering, he depicts each passenger’s mugshot, identifying them as most unwanted members of the GOP. Thus, he begins his moral outrage by applying broad brush strokes of misguided extremism to the canvas, subtly planting the seed that some in the group could easily be duped into assaulting the nation’s Capitol.  Then standing back to review his work he declares, “These thugs [those who breached the Capitol Building] were Republicans devoted completely to Donald Trump. They are not ‘Patriots.’ They are not ‘real Americans.’ They are anarchists who believe in mob rule, plain and simple.”

But how can Benning presume these bad actors are Republicans, American imposters or even anarchists without implying those on the bus are likely of the same caliber? These assumptions have dangerous First Amendment implications of tar and feather for an entire group of people.

I may not know many who took this bus trip to Washington, but the ones I do know are the salt of the earth and entitled to their dignity and difference of opinion without fear of reprisal, oppression or isolation. However, Sen. Benning, it appears, would like them booted from the big tent for holding views contrary to his — all while he attempts to shine light through a filtered lens of a media that most do not trust.

Americans are not stupid; they know something is wrong, especially when the Supreme Court turns a blind eye to a suit brought by one-third of all 50 states. These justices are supposed to be some of the best and brightest minds in America, yet they chose not to deliberate as if they didn’t understand why so many states were upset. Was this malpractice? It sure seemed that way to those seeking answers they could trust.

I suspect there is enough blame to go around, but nothing is accomplished by cannibalizing fellow Americans with legitimate concerns when the real question remains, what is wrong in America that would make us turn on each other?

Presumption of moral superiority is one of the great threats to our sovereignty as free people; it stifles discussion and suffocates our will to work together for the common good, ultimately destroying our freedom of speech.

Lynn James Edmunds
Wallingford, Vermont

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34 thoughts on “Lynn Edmunds: My reply to Sen. Benning’s recent rant

  1. Comrade Joe will be punished for not maintaining sufficient control over his assigned section. He is to be disappeared. Party will not tolerate failure!!!

  2. Thank you Lynn for your excellent response. I started to respond several times to Benning’s B.S., but never could get out something civil enough to not get kicked off TN.

    I’m not sure why, but we have a large number of Republican’s in VT, including the Governor who detest the President. Every time there has been a flood or a horrendous storm these same anti-Trump politicians ran to him and asked for money. He always responded with an outpouring of support. They just don’t like him, and they are RINOS through and through.

    Wait until Biden is sworn in…… we will all pay the price!

  3. We cannot make any progress in this state by voting for the lesser of two evils. NEITHER party represents the bulk of the population of this state. Voting has not solved any of our problems, but left us with a government controlled by lobbyists and their toadies in any of the 3 main political parties. I’m sorry, but taxpayers need to put their collective foot down and say, “ENOUGH”.

  4. It is well known that Sen Benning is from NJ. When he arrived he ran as a Democrat in Conservative Caledonia County and didn’t get anywhere. So he changed to Republican and won (fooled the electorate),

    Obviously he never lost that NJ liberal mindset. Explains a lot. Have to research the backgrounds that are running to office to control and fool the populaces.

  5. Some of the current leadership (both elected and staff) of the Republican Party in Vermont despises conservatives, and especially social conservatives who love America and nationalism. They wish we would just go away so they can rule the party unquestioned. The party does not belong just to Phil, Joe, Jason and others whose names I refrain from mentioning, but they are all men. The Party belongs to all of us. And in case they hadn’t noticed, many of the conservatives are women, and even some rising conservative minorities like Mr. K. Long. They need to stop attacking Deb Billado and other conservatives, many of them women, who support Trump and think the election was stolen. We are not dumb sheep. We will think for ourselves and express our opinions. Gee, I thought these “moderates” insist that the GOP is a big tent. Not big enough for conservatives, apparently.

    • The Republican Party does not deserve Trump. Concerning the unconstitutional election if the shoe would have been on the other foot. The protests and violence from the left would be viewed as patriotism. Every House Commiecrat and every Commiecrat Senator would have stood in lockstep screaming about their constitutional right to do so. Instead this is what we get: Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (OH), Rep. Peter Meijer (MI), Rep. Fred Upton (MI), Rep. Liz Cheney (WY), Rep. John Katko (NY), Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL), Rep. Tom Rice (SC), Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler (WA), Rep. Dan Newhouse (WA), and Rep. David Valadao (CA). Mitt Romney, Pat Toomy and the rest of the Republican squishes. Trump should kick them to the curb as well as his 75 million voters.

    • A good Mom, who had a son drinking, carousing, not helping around the house, not working, not helping with the bills at the age of 30 would kindly ask them to leave the house and go on their own.

      Honestly, like any good Mom, she should have asked her son to leave the nest by 18, after school, at some reasonable point.

      We have far too many people in office, in the peoples house that want nothing to do with the Values of our house (the constitution and rule of law)

      It’s like having an adolescents frat party living in your house. It’s a real problem. You have ask somebody to leave, they keep spending all the money on their party favors, beer, wine, and destroying our house and state.

      Can’t get rid of Scott. So the next highest and most destructive is Benning. I’d say to his face, “Why are you in the party?” “You need to be gone, in tne with the DNC” he’d make a good NWO pimp.

      So yeah, I’m giving Deb a hard time, she needs to get our house in order, She is in charge. It’s all on her, and the country chairs…..It’s not personal, she’s a fine person. Just needs to do a bit of discipline.

      • Re: “I’d say to his face, ‘Why are you in the party?'”

        Well Neil, happy to meet with you to answer that question. When and where would you like too meet? I’ll buy the coffee. You know how to find me.

    • Indeed, many complaints, many dismissals, all on judicial interpretation of technicalities, while not one case achieved the status of material discovery and witness cross-examination in a trial setting. But again, let’s consider Pennsylvania.

      Four times, presidential election results have been contested in court. But the only one that really relates to today is Bush v. Gore. In that case, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Congress had set a deadline for states to choose electors, and that there was no more time to count votes. The ruling is a very interesting read, and the same logic was applied to the 2020 Pennsylvania SCOTUS case.

      As Justice Alito stated: “I reluctantly conclude that there is simply not enough time at this late date to decide the question before the election.”

      So, time has run out and Biden will be our next President. But regarding the PA case, Alito went on to say: “That does not mean, however, that the state court decision must escape our review.” Now the attention of those dismayed by the November 2020 election process must turn to the 2022 elections.

      From Bush v. Gore:
      “The question before the Court is not whether local entities, in the exercise of their expertise, may develop different systems for implementing elections.” – “When a court orders a statewide remedy, there must be at least some assurance that the rudimentary requirements of equal treatment and fundamental fairness are satisfied.”

      Because the irregularities inherent in the November 2020 election are several and varied, and even that the complaints were hastily and, in some cases, poorly presented, the election processes in PA, as revised by its State Supreme Court, have been shown to have offended the rudimentary requirements of equal treatment and fundamental fairness. Offended parties must continue to require that all States demonstrate equal protection, as claimed in the PA case that was dismissed by the SCOTUS. Complaints requiring material discovery and cross-examination of witnesses, including access to voting machines for ‘forensic audit’, can now be resubmitted to the courts, unlimited by time, in order to allow steps to be taken to ensure the 2022 elections provide the equal protection required by law, protection that was alleged to be absent in the 2020 election.

      • I hope Mr. Benning considers the double standard set by Democrats and RINOs with regard to their citations of judicial review. While more than 60 cases were brought to the courts regarding various and sundry election process complaints, including hundreds of sworn affidavits, all were dismissed on technicalities – including but not limited to lack of standing, delinquent timing and, most cited, lack of evidence (i.e. hearsay, double hearsay and so forth).

        Now consider the 2016 election. Because the Democrats were caught napping, they had no election fraud cases prepared. But that didn’t stop them. The FBI fabricated evidence to attain FISA warrants against various Trump associates. They created perjury traps in the resulting Mueller Investigation that carried on for 3 years. And when no evidence of Russian collusion was to be found, they undertook to impeach Trump with speculative hearsay assertions about a phone call (one phone call). Now they’re impeaching him again with no evidence whatsoever.

        This is what the law tells us. It comes down to due process, equal protection, equal treatment and fundamental fairness. How we deal with this unfortunate double standard remains to be seen. As George Orwell’s Animal Farm reminds us, All of the Animals are Equal, but some are more equal than others (i.e. they take longer to cook).

    • The plain fact is that many of the election irregularities haven’t been investigated; they’ve been ignored.

      In December, 2019, Senators Warren, Klobuchar, Wyden, and Congressman Pocan wrote a letter stating that “Election security experts have noted for years that our nation’s election systems and infrastructure are under serious threat.” They were referring specifically to voting machines, including Dominion machines.

      Texas twice rejected Dominion machines as not secure.

      The only machines that have been examined were the ones in Michigan, which found an astounding 68% adjudication rates, off the charts.

      No one wants to look at the voting machines. Funny, years ago there was concern over these, and then we found security breaches with Solarwinds (which Dominion used) and Solarwinds HQ was raided by the FBI recently, and Texas refused to certify Dominion, but now there’s nothing to see? Now everything is perfect, beautiful? A bit hard to believe.

    • Liz Cheney as the source? LOL…..

      If we were looking to bring peace in our country, we have a gentleman that could do forensic audits, he could get all of Vermont done in a day.

      Anyone or group that wanted to make sure we had a fair and honest election would do what ever it takes to demonstrate that.

      Truth will be uncovered. One can not hide from their sins. Corruption will be found out if there is any. We are all too familiar with sophists and propaganda. Your actions, everyone’s actions speak far louder than their words.

      Which is why you might want to consider joining the Democratic party.

  6. Benning needs to go, it’s that simple.

    Spare the rod, spoil the child.

    Spare the discipline, spoil the party.

    Spare the constitution, ruin the country.

    Will the party accept this? If so it is the uniparty, party to the NWO, not anything to deal with USA.

    • Forget Benning. He’s an ignorant pandering politician of little consequence.

      Watch this documentary. If you don’t have an hour and a half to invest, go directly to the ‘Part 5’ The Subversion of America remarks of Di Dongsheng, the Associate Dean of Renmin University in China, at the 55 minute mark of the documentary. Some of this was reported by FOX News’ Tucker Carlson. Just watch it for five minutes.

      • Old news , but good news.

        See it’s the Bennings that are running the VTGOP, and I’d leadership allows this, guess what you’ll never, never get anything done.

        Subversion has been going on for decades, because of people that aren’t standing up for American values.

        The uni party is the problem in DC, it is the problem in VT

        • Old news, perhaps. But I suspect most TNR ‘Thin Men’ still don’t get it. As Mr. Gallagher has been want to remind us – ‘something is happening here but you don’t know what it is – Do you, Mr. Jones?’

  7. Who are those guys?

    Trump and his supporters that traveled to DC were duped by a sophisticated insurgency. Nonetheless, they should have known better. Our naïveté in the ways of political manipulation is more than evident. But it’s not just Trump supporters who are being duped. So, too, are the so-called ‘Antifa’ (Anti-fascist) folks on ‘the left’. And so, too, are American politicians.

    So, who are the enemy? Know your history.

    They are ‘Anarchists’ who play both sides of the political spectrum against each other. And make no mistake, the anarchists acting today are representing, for the most part, the interests of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). That’s correct. They are, when the veil is removed, Maoists. And their contempt for western culture is understandable given the disdain cast upon them by British and American elitists during the Opium Wars, beginning in 1839, and carrying through to America’s infamous opium dealers selling their wares in China through to the beginning of the 20th century.

    Who were the leading opium dealers afflicting the Chinese?

    “From Harvard, the opium trade spread throughout New England. According to Bradley, Yale University’s infamous Skull and Bone society was funded by the Russels, the most successful family of opium dealers in America. Columbia’s Low Memorial Library was also named after a key member of the family. Even Princeton’s first large benefactor, John Green, funded his contribution through the opium trade.”

    “In The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History of Empire and War, historian James Bradley shows that many of Boston’s elite families – Cabot, Lowell, and Kirkland included – sustained their wealth through the opium trade.”

    “From Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman,” Anton Chaitkin writes that the syndicate had grown to span across several additional notable families including the Coolidge family, descendants of Thomas Jefferson; and the Forbes family, ancestors of former Secretary of State John Kerry.”

    Indeed, it is a sordid account. And we are paying the price for those indiscretions today.

    The CCP, with its roots in Mao’s Cultural Revolution, has clearly never taken its eye off the ball. But we have. Unless and until we confront the skeletons of our past, what began as the most elegant form of governance ever contrived by humankind, our American Constitutional Republic, will, as Benjamin Franklin foretold, “…only end in Despotism as other Forms have done before it, when the People shall become so corrupted as to need Despotic Government, being incapable of any other.”

  8. Ms. Edmunds commentary is accurate and thoughtful, albeit too late. Whatever one’s opinion of Trump or the events of January 6th are- we clearly DO NOT know what really happened, nor will we ever know. History belongs to those in power- and anyone GOP is assuredly not.
    The folks that went from Vermont to Washington on January 6th have as much right to express their views and support as the people who marched on Washington in January of 2017. That Joe Benning wants them out of “his party” is again, his opinion. I’d bet they too want no part of “his party”either.
    Currently- and in the coming weeks and months, the ability to express one’s views that might conflict with whatever is mainstream will be further squelched and ridiculed, further separating America and dividing Americans for political ends.
    Mr. Benning, If my views must match yours to be in “your party” then I’m out. You can continue to rule your sandbox and watch the further demise of “your party”.

  9. I think Mr Benning is in the dementia stage.. or should I say the Hitler stage.. People can’t travel on a bus anymore to go see their President? That real Republicans are terrorists? That we should be imprisoned or maybe even be shot.. Mr Benning please go to your bathroom mirror and take a look at a traitor to the Republican party as you are far from being a republican more like a swamp dweller in Vermont. You are a disgrace to the Vermont Republican party
    As the good folks from the South would say.. ” Bless you” and it doesn’t mean what you think..

  10. Mr. Cassidy,
    Instead of trying to argue with you or tear you down or make you feel little like you decided to do to republicans in your response, I’d prefer it if you just read through all of the election fraud cases from the American bar association so that you can understand that a lot of those cases were never even tried and dismissed.

    Specifically the supreme court case that you are thinking of which was dismissed because “The Supreme Court denied the motion, holding that Texas lacked standing under Article III of the Constitution. “Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections,” the Court wrote.”

    So like the majority of those cases (not all) NO INFORMATION WAS EVER HEARD BY A JUDGE OR JURY. In my personal opinion this is the single thing that would stop all of this violence and angst towards each other and our government. At least 20 states and 70+ million people just wanted our “DAY IN COURT” which last I knew was yet another constitutional right (6th amendment in this case) being trampled by our politicians.

  11. As a conservative Republican, this type of BS from Ms. Edwards and subsequent comments just shows the depth of despair MY Republican Party has sunk. Simple fact over 50 courts, including our Supreme Court didn’t try the questions put before them by the miriade Trump minions because to do so required credible evidence which could not be shown. For all of you to push this lie along with Trump is divisive and helped push those radical insurrections to the destruction and death we saw at our Capitol!
    You are pushing a myth that is eating my party up! Look in the mirror and your morality, if you have any!

    • Gary,

      Here is much credible evidence.
      Read these four articles.
      They have lots of URLs for back-up.
      They contain much valuable information, including PROVEN FRAUDULENT EVENTS, that were sufficient to switch outcomes.




      This article describes a multi-month project, started about August 2020, to fabricate up to 280,000 mail-in ball…

    • Every year, the U. S. Supreme Court receives about 10,000 petitions for certiorari, but only hears about 80 of them. No one really knows why some cases get heard but others do not. Therefore, it’s not surprising the November 2020 election cases submitted for expedited consideration are not being heard because of the unique circumstances surrounding the November election – namely that they deal with mail-in balloting that was required by the Covid 19 ‘state of emergency’ and that the processes for dealing with those ballots were unprecedented, as defined constitutionally by State legislatures or not.

      Four times, presidential election results have been contested in court. But the only one that really relates to today is the Bush v. Gore ‘hanging chad’ issue. While Gore won in the Florida State Supreme Court, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Congress had set a deadline of December 12 for states to choose electors, so there was no more time to count votes. The ruling is a very interesting read.

      From Bush v. Gore:
      “The question before the Court is not whether local entities, in the exercise of their expertise, may develop different systems for implementing elections.” – “When a court orders a statewide remedy, there must be at least some assurance that the rudimentary requirements of equal treatment and fundamental fairness are satisfied.”

      So, time has run out. Now the attention of those dismayed by the November 2020 election process must turn their attention to the 2022 elections. Because the irregularities inherent in the November 2020 election are several and varied, and because the results can be shown, without doubt, to have offended the rudimentary requirements of equal treatment and fundamental fairness, offended parties must require that all States demonstrate equal protection, as claimed in the Texas case that was dismissed by the SCOTUS. Complaints requiring material discovery and cross-examination of witnesses, including access to voting machines for ‘forensic audit’, can now be submitted to the courts, not to change the November 2020 election results, but to allow steps to be taken to ensure the 2022 elections provide equal protection required by law.

      BTW, the Pennsylvania case I mentioned, is still on the SCOTUS docket and hasn’t been dismissed. It’s been pushed back until after Biden’s inauguration. What that means, only time will tell.

    • Gary,

      Here is some more credible evidence which proves Trump won by large margins, much larger than was predicted.
      That is the reason Dem/Progs had to resort to major fraud.


      Democrats, with help of the Media, are desperately trying to change the national focus away from election fraud to COVID, impeaching Trump, riots, etc., because they are afraid information will become known all over the US. See URL


      The final Biden/Trump gap was 82,000 votes, but:

      1.5 million fraudulent votes were identified
      330,000 from unexplained electron spikes from counting machines
      205,000 more votes were counted than registered voters
      682,000 votes were counted with no effective oversight


      The final Biden/Trump gap was about 12,000 votes, but:

      66,248 votes from under-age people
      10,315 votes from dead people
      2,560 votes from convicted felons
      200,000 votes from fraudulent insertions, such as double counting.
      4,502 votes from unregistered voters


      The final Biden/Trump gap was about 10000 votes, but:

      10,456 votes from
      36,400 votes from non-citizens
      50,000 votes from unexplained electron spikes from counting machines


      The final Biden/Trump gap was about 33,000 votes, but:

      42,000 votes from more than once
      1,500 votes from dead people
      19,000 votes from non-residents (not including students and military)
      8,000 votes from non-existing addresses
      15,000 votes from commercial and vacant addresses

  12. As you likely know, Mr. Edmunds, I early on challenged Mr. Benning on two counts of his commentary.

    First, that the DC protesters, at least those who egregiously broke the law by entering the Capitol grounds, weren’t all Trump supporters, but instigators, or as those who know these tactics well have characterized them, as Antifa ‘Agent Provocateurs’.

    Second, I challenged Mr. Benning to justify the Pennsylvania election process changes that weren’t approved by the PA Legislature, as the U.S. Constitution requires.

    Indeed, many of the protestors who entered the Capitol were Trump supporters, and they should be held accountable. But they were a tiny minority of the half million who showed up that day. And so too should the election process be held accountable; the issue Mr. Benning refuses to address.

    I previously published this interview with a professional combat correspondent who attended the DC protests and described the tactics video-taped at the Capitol building. It’s worth publishing again.

    This is about more than presumptive moral superiority. It truly is about sedition and insurrection. And the seriousness of the danger to our Republic can’t be overstated. That people like you are being criticized by people like Mr. Benning, who knows nothing about you, is a travesty.

    • Mr Eschelman, right on,on this topic.

      I saw that” link” earlier, an amazing report from a man who has studied, observed, false flag riots for decades. He describes the worldwide tactics the evil use to harm others, stay invisible, and move the blame to the innocent parties.

      I watched live on tv for about 5 hours, the peaceful part, then the first fist fight.

      The Republicans were dressed in bright colors, couples milling about and talking to others, maybe a flag or a sign. TV clearly shows the dark clothing of all the leaders who did gather just enough peaceful fun loving? people to join in with smiles and laughter.

      TV Coverage cannot stand peace, and they craved only, exclusively the wild behavior. Never once went back to the well dressed Republicans, by the “half millions” behaving, and recoiling to get away from the Antifa violence.

      TV leads us to think 1000 rioters fully represent the whole half a million Republicans protesting only by their presence, their small flags and hand held signs.

      Trashing 50 Vermonters is just such a tactic as described in your video link
      Totally False accusations, False Flag again

      Do watch the link above!!

      • The only concern I have about the video is the characterization of the DC perpetrators as ‘Antifa’.

        I decided to read the so-called Antifa Handbook, written by a Syracuse and Dartmouth history teacher named Mark Bray. While it is a poorly written, overly verbose account of a weakly defined mutual admiration society, its overbearing theme is a resistance to Fascism, be it totalitarian Communism, Hitleresque Nazis, or just about every other form of authoritarian oligarchy imaginable. Like I said, it was overly verbose, to say the least. But if there is any common ground among us, it’s that we all despise totalitarianism. Even Anarchist dogma supports ‘Liberty and Justice for All’.

        But it is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) influence in all of this that concerns me. I suspect the bad actors at the site of these protests, be they in the recent DC fiasco or in this summer’s anti-police, BLM protests, are actually well trained and paid mercenaries. Whatever the positions expressed by any side of our political debate, these mercenaries accentuate the differences to bring dysfunctional chaos to our otherwise free society. You can see the CCP specifically doing this in Hong Kong, with the Uighurs in Northwest China, and in Tibet, as we speak. The CCP is the epitome of totalitarianism and it has infiltrated our government and educational institutions.

        Watch this documentary. If you don’t have an hour and a half to invest, go directly to the ‘Part 5’ The Subversion of America remarks of Di Dongsheng, the Associate Dean of Renmin University in China, at the 55 minute mark of the documentary. Some of this was reported by FOX News’ Tucker Carlson. Just watch it for five minutes.

  13. So to those whom have supported the VTGOP….

    Joe Benning was the leader of the minority in the Senate.

    This was what the 3rd highest office in our state and he says this???????? About those in the party? Those Americans who peacefully protest and defend the constitution?

    We have to come to reality in our state. The Democratic party was infiltrated and taken over by NWO pimps…they pay homage to the United Nations and George Soros, but still can’t find our constitution. Make no mistake there are probably American Loving representatives on the the DNC side, but they are completely overwhelmed by the party.

    So true with the VT GOP….at least 80% of them and certainly top leadership. We don’t have a Republican party in Vermont, we have NWO pimps hiding undercover under what was once a great organization.

    There is only 1 defender of the constitution in the senate (it ain’t Joe Benning)
    There are only 16 in the house.

    There are 112,704 in our state. This folks is bigger than Chittenden county. This is a major block. There is much power with this group of people. If the rest of the party went on the Democratic ticket would anyone notice? Seriously. One needs to judge by their actions, in this case voting.

    If the 17 and 112,704 decided to run things it could build quickly. People would support them. Think, if they sent $1 each the VTGOP would have some money!

    We can’t possibly make any progress when we have traitors to our country and to the Republican party writing such propaganda, hate and discord.

    To show some respect for those in the party. Senator Joe Benning should be asked to leave the party. If he doesn’t he should be expelled, in no way shape or form should he be allowed to represent the party. Sure he can hold office, but why as a Republican.

    If the VTGOP is at all serious about getting their act together, they need to have this “gentleman” out of the party. Otherwise who do we represent, George Soros? The WHO? Agenda 21?

    He needs to go, immediately.

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