SOS office launches ‘myth v. fact’ page to dispel ‘baseless conspiracy theories’ about elections

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January 11, 2022

Eric Covey, 802-828-2148

Montpelier, VT — Today Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos and Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters launched an Elections ‘Myth v. Fact’ page on the Secretary of State’s website in an effort to inoculate voters from election related disinformation stemming from baseless conspiracy theories surrounding elections.

This resource is being released in conjunction with the launch of the #TrustedInfo2022 campaign by the National Association of Secretaries of State. #TrustedInfo2022 is a bipartisan effort to combat election disinformation by promoting trusted, official sources like the Vermont Secretary of State’s office.

“Despite the inability of the former President and his allies to provide any evidence of widespread election fraud or wrong-doing in the 2020 election, they continue to spread disinformation and outright lies about the elections process, which has been highly scrutinized, and has proven to be fair and secure, producing accurate results with integrity,” said Condos. “As Vermont’s Chief Election Official, I consider it my duty to provide Vermont voters with accurate, transparent elections information, based on real law and practice, that they can rely on when they see dubious information posted on social media.”

The ‘Myth v. Fact’ page on the Secretary of State’s website is divided by category, based on some of the more common baseless claims made about U.S. and Vermont elections. The page will be updated as a resource to Vermonters as we enter the 2022 election season, and beyond.

“While most of the nation has moved on, the antidemocratic efforts to overturn the 2020 election have left scars in the people’s trust of our public institutions,” said Deputy Winters. “If you have the information to understand how elections actually work, common sense will tell you most of the theories you read online are far-fetched and impossible. Only by being transparent and giving voters the answers they need using facts instead of fabrications and unsupported opinions, can we begin to rebuild this trust. When Vermonters go to the ballot box during 2022, or any year after, they deserve to be informed and confident that their vote will be counted accurately and that the results of our elections match the will of the people.”

The Secretary of State’s Office encourages all Vermonters to reach out to their local election officials or to the Secretary of State’s Office with questions about how elections are administered in Vermont and to, please, think before you link!

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4 thoughts on “SOS office launches ‘myth v. fact’ page to dispel ‘baseless conspiracy theories’ about elections

  1. Who owns the Dominion tabulating machines used in at least three of the most populous Vermont counties? And why this hard sell on ‘nothing to see here folks’? I’m pretty sure when there is nothing to see, there is nothing to defend or even talk about.
    That this gaslights concerns about integrity as if integrity is not a human moral code, but just a political maneuver says a LOT about this globalist enabler and his sycophants.
    I was gaslighted for even asking about the Dominion voting machines early in 2020 by the ASOS in his email reply to me, and the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was thrown in to make sure I knew his disdain for my concern that prompted the asking.
    This is NOT a representation of The People, but an end run for the Globalists.
    I just don’t get how anyone in Vermont thinks Vermont is a globalist player?
    Its laughable.

  2. That’s right. We have video of ballots being run through numerous times. We have the Arizona audit demonstrating a large number of ballots unable to be verified.

    But, there’s nothing to see.

    It’s just like early treatment for Covid-19 using safe and effective drugs: there’s nothing to see.

    Maybe the new motto of the federal and Vermont administrations should be not, “Build Back Better” (following on the WEF slogan) but, “There’s Nothing to See. Ever.”

    Or how about this: “We’re Lying to You But We Really Don’t Care.” Then we’d at least have a motto telling the truth.

  3. PRECISELY how much money came into Vermont FROM FACEBOOK/ZUCKERBERG… “help”
    Vermont cope with extra 2020 election costs due to covid restrictions, etc?

    Who got that money? What was it used for?


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