McClaughry: Bill McKibben’s advice to President Biden — use executive authority ‘boldly’

Middlebury College professor and climate activist Bill McKibben

By John McClaughry

Middlebury College climate activist Bill McKibben gave some advice to President Joe Biden last week after West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin put an end to Biden’s $2 trillion Christmas Tree spending bill.

McKibben says stop trying to placate Sen. Manchin:

That need to appease is gone now, and not just on the climate. If you’re the President, there’s no need to prove to Manchin that you’re going to be “tough on spending,” so why not call off your plan to start collecting student debts again? Why not use every power still at your disposal to do what you can for the country while you’ve got some power? Acting boldly carries risks. With the Senate split fifty-fifty, if you give Manchin reason to switch parties you lose your ability to appoint more judges, for instance; the power that comes with even a tenuous majority is very real. But using executive authority — and boldly — may be the only way that Biden will get anything done, as long as Manchin … blocks effective legislative action, alongside a solid phalanx of fifty Republicans. [Let’s give] points to Biden for trying, but, at some point, even in Washington, no really does mean no, and you need to move on as best you can.

McKibben is urging that Biden advance every liberal cause using executive authority to decree things that Congress won’t pass. This advice is from a liberal member of the party that’s always worrying about threats to democracy.

John McClaughry is vice president of the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

5 thoughts on “McClaughry: Bill McKibben’s advice to President Biden — use executive authority ‘boldly’

  1. Said like the true jet setting, Middlebury think tank, compromised globalist he is.
    Middlebury is a card carrying grooming station for cabal enablers, pay to players, and globalists.
    This man has been compromised for at least a decade back to when I first interviewed him after Irene.

    Looking up at the chemtrails overhead in the wake of the unnatural micro bursts that caused such havoc, I asked him why he wasn’t talking about geoengineering as causing climate change.
    He replied, glancing at the chemtrail, then back at me with derision in his voice, “I won’t discuss conspiracy theories.” While the chemtrail spread over our head and made the previously sunny and clear day, overcast and gray as we were all watching.

    This is a man, not unlike Greta, who is a SALESMAN.

    Climate change has a cosmological source we can do nothing about. Industrial corporations are complicating this, as are the geoengineers that have no oversight for their projects, exercised daily. No one is looking any of that, but its Occams Razor, in any case. This is the sixth great extinction, not the first, and the first five were caused by cyclical cosmological forces on a predictable pattern…such that ALL the ancient cosmologists have recorded the warning and the event, which man has survived each time…if chastened, stoopidified, and traumatized…to a reset from unstoppable forces.

    By Sisyphus is a convenient model for distracting people with meaningless exercises, as we are being encouraged to do by this globablist sycophant and captured scientist, and McKibben is a great cheerleader for these pointless tasks. And he’s not willing to consider any other narrative.

    I wonder how much money he’s making these days. Once you’re a made man, your deal with the devil is activated, and as long as you are willing to play, you get the bennies.

  2. Executive orders have not been friendly to the diclesstater biden as their mostly
    being struck down by courts which refuse to uphold his tyrannical policies. So
    your sucking wind mckibben be fibbin… if you truly want to do something about
    the gorebull warmongering take a trip to China and convince them to cut down
    on their coal fired plants… maybe you’ll have better luck then kerry since you seem
    to be an even bigger commie then him…

  3. In an apparent fit of frustration over failure, Mr. McKibben advises Joe Biden “to move on as best you can.”

    Well, Joe Biden is already doing the best he can and the American people have recognized this and have graded him with a 42% approval rating……..That’s a failing grade by any standard………There is no place for Biden to go except deeper into the abyss of incompetency by issuing more executive orders that has already proven to be a losing strategy.

  4. All across the country liberals are in lock step and lock voice crying that democracy is under attack by Republicans. Meanwhile the liberals are doing everything in their power to undermine true democracy and people like Sanders and McKibben are leading the charge. If the rules don’t work in their favor, then change them! If that doesn’t work, just ignore the duly elected representatives of the people and use executive orders just like the third world dictators they so long to be. Disgusting!!!

  5. John,

    McKibben is still around, still up to his own demagoguery tricks?
    He is soooo stale/passé

    He was FOR burning trees, because it was supposed to be SOMEWHAT “renewable”, until he was told by California-enviro folks to be against it!

    In the meantime, Middlebury College will be saddled with a tree-burning plant for the Campus, for about 40 years!!

    Middlebury College folks listening to such an “demagogue engineering systems analyst” have only themselves to blame.

    Now, he giving advice to “in-the-basement” Biden about EOs.

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