National Rifle Association endorses Joe Benning for Lt. Governor

For Immediate Release
July 27, 2022

Joe Benning, Candidate
(802) 274-1346

Alex McCracken, Campaign Manager
(513) 646-4883

Lyndonville, VT – July 27th, 2022 – Sen. Joe Benning is honored to receive the full endorsement of the National Rifle Association in his campaign to be Vermont’s next Lt. Governor. The NRA’s Political Victory Fund, which issues candidate endorsements, has given Sen. Benning an “A” grade when it comes to defending the 2nd Amendment, and voting to protect gun rights.

With the NRA’s “A Rating,” and the organization’s endorsement, Sen. Benning sends a clear message that he takes the constitutional rights of gun owners seriously. He is the only candidate running statewide in Vermont with an endorsement from the National Rifle Association.

From Sen. Benning:

“This endorsement reflects the vocal defense of our constitution that has defined my career working for the people of Vermont. I will continue to work hard to ensure that your rights, as defined by our constitution, remain sacred and intact. In the past, I’ve disagreed with Governors on this. I believe that the constitution is clear in its protections for gun ownership.

If this is an issue you feel strongly about, then I urge you to cast your ballot for me on August 9th. I am building a coalition for victory in November, and I will be an advocate for 2nd Amendment issues in the Lt. Governor’s office.”

Sen. Benning’s primary opponent, Gregory Thayer, was given a “C” grade by the NRA.

Image courtesy of Joe Benning

13 thoughts on “National Rifle Association endorses Joe Benning for Lt. Governor

  1. Want to know what Vermont could do?

    Vermonters who know about our constitution, who understand why we have 2a and article 16 could do the following.

    Set up an account to do the following in Crime ridden Chicago:
    a) raise funds to support the purchase of firearms for private citizens in Chicago
    b) raise funds to support the education and proper use of firearms

    This would immediately change the crime scene in the entire town. This would pro 2A, we would be helping our brothers and sisters in Chicago. It would be epically fun and productive.

    Would Benning support this?
    Would Thayer support this?

    Inquiring minds would love, love to know.

    How about firearms training for every high school student in Vermont, that’s something I’d support for sure, great practical study of constitution.

    What say ye potential Lt. Governors?

    • Well Neil, since you asked, I’m not sure what to think about your suggestion for Chicago. Generally speaking I see it as a local issue, and I’m sure the last thing Chicagoans would want to see is a Vermont Lt. Governor weighing in on their problem.

      But as for your thought about firearms training for every high school student in Vermont, I think that’s too late. The vast majority of mass shooters are right out of high school. In my eyes high school has been the breeding ground for marginalizing individuals in such a way that they become angry and alienated, to the point where an unfortunate few are likely to create havoc. Perhaps if they learned respect for firearms, and the proper use thereof, long before the pressure of high school we might stand a better chance at slowing (reversing?) their march to madness. Yes, I’m suggesting middle school for doing that training. Good discussion, thanks for asking.

      • Funny, nobody in Vermont Government seems to care about wading into others problems, how about your opponent Thayer and the “insurrection”? That would be federal.

        The problem isn’t respect for firearms, the problem is respect for others and the coping skills for dealing with life’s inevitable issues. Our educational system gives no hope or guidance on this. Our religious systems are in utter chaos and infiltrated by subversives.

        Chicago has higher mortality than the last wars we fought. If we really cared about brown and black people, we’d throw them a bone. Or in this case throw them a loaded Glock so the drug dealers and criminals don’t take their lives.

        Black Lives really don’t matter to you do they?

  2. Well, as much as I might disagree with Benning

    Gun Owners of Vermont have him more Pro 2A than Thayer.

    I will ask this, how can you be pro 2a, and a globalist?
    How can you be pro 2a and call Jan 6th an insurrection?
    How can you post the lies about Thayer….and really be for America?
    How can you support Biden, Build Back Better and seriously be considered a constitutional supporter?

    Remember Bernie Sanders? This is how he got elected into office with a “pro 2A” argument. Where did that get us?

    Thayer in my opinion would be a stronger supporter, with my limited knowledge. He got up and stood on the overpass for the Canadians? Where were the others?

  3. “JERSEY” Joe Benning is a sell out to the Republican party…He supports everything we totally oppose.

    Of course, he votes for gun rights while endorsing candidates who are campaigning to take guns away from Vermonters. One vote for gun rights from Benning while he supports the many who oppose our gun rights. How many votes AGAINST GUN OWNERS does he endorse?

    “Jersey” Joe doesn’t have enough kind words for Becca Balint who is running for Congress.

    These are some of the destructive actions she has pushed against Vermonters. Becca led the caucus through a successful fight for the most progressive reproductive freedom legislation in the nation. She was also instrumental in passing the first gun safety legislation in Vermont history and she worked hard to pass the boldest climate justice bill to date in our State

    “JERSEY” Joe tries to hold on to the vote of Vermonters because of his claims to support our GUN RIGHTS while selling out to the people we absolutely detest that are destroying our beautiful state and our constitution.

    Allow me to expose the dirty deeds of “Jersey” Joe and how he deceives Vermonters into voting for him while he votes to destroy our morality and individual freedoms away.

    Every move he makes is well calculated.

    He is being endorsed by the Traitor Phil Scott. Why would Phil, who has gone so far left that he is calling for the federal government to impose strict GUN LAWS that include banning semi-automatic guns after inflicting gun laws on the hard working, law abiding, taxpayers and gun owners in the state of Vermont?

    Why would Benning praise an endorsement from someone hell bent on destroying Vermont?

    It is because they are both participating in the progressive movement sweeping the State of Vermont at the hands of Becca Balint.

    Benning supports EVERYTHING Becca Balint supports BUT he uses his GUN VOTE to keep uninformed Vermonters voting for him.

    We need to think hard about denouncing the NRA. After all this is the reaction “Jersey” Joe wants from us.

    He would like us to help him DESTROY one of the GUN RIGHTS GROUPS in America that fights for our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

    The NRA only rates “JERSEY” JOE on his voting record, not his participation with the progressives who want to destroy us with his help.

    Yes, part of his plan is to disarm Vermonters and Americans keeping in lock step with the socialist agenda.

    The last thing we want to participate in is the destruction of any entity that we are deceived into believing is bad by “JERSEY” JOE.

    The RED “A” rating from the NRA is only representative of his record of voting. That is all they have to base his rating on. They do not investigate his involvement with the left to destroy us.

    I believe the voters in our beautiful state need to understand the real RED A stands for the SLAUGHTER OF THE UNBORN which “JERSEY” has voted for twice and he has stated he will vote for ARTICLE 22 which will enshrine the slaughter of the unborn, the mutilation of our children, the destruction of parental rights and only God knows what other evils are buried in this article into the VERMONT CONSTITUTION.

    This is his participation in the destruction of Vermont and America using his deceit to encourage Vermonters to participate.

    Remember he supports turncoat Phil Scott and the Biden agenda to DESTROY AMERICA while endorsing the socialists in VERMONT who are hell bent on destroying us while stealing our gun rights and trying to get us to destroy the NRA.

    People better wake up Gun Owners of Vermont before they participate in supporting this destructive deceipt.

    Supporting “JERSEY” JOE BENNING is selling us all out to the liberal agenda and our eventual destruction.

    A vote for “JERSEY” Joe Benning is a vote against EVERYTHING we have to protect us.

    Wake up Vermonters.

  4. The NRA supports Benning, Governor Scott supports Benning, they made my mind up
    for me, looks like Thayer’s the man for the job.

    The real kicker for me is that both Scott and Benning supported the killing fields in Vermont,
    with their support of the abortion bill, neither is a leader just followers to try to stay relevant !!!

  5. All the more reason to vote Greg Thayer. we need to take the big money out of the picture. Why hasn’t the NRA stopped the legislation that has already happened? Benning is in tight with all the corruption. Vote Greg Thayer!

  6. The NRA looks at one issue, does the candidate support and defend the 2nd amendment, that’s it. While that may be good, the rest of the record could be bad. I’m a member of the NRA and I’m not voting for Joe Benning based on his support for article 22 and his calling of Vermonters insurrectionists for attending an historical event that may have been staged by Pelosi and her gang of flying monkeys, the capitol police under her orders and the FBI agents in the crowd. The truth of that day will come out and it won’t be good for democrats, progressives and never-Trumpers like Phil and Joe. Presdent Trump authorized 20,000 national guard soldiers and they were turned down under orders from Nasty Nancy 82 year old dictator of congress.

    • I am a member of the NRA and I’m not voting for Joe Benning. His position on Art.22 supporting murder(abortion) of innocent lives up until the point of birth is incomprehensible.

  7. I am a life member,mistake on my part. Any candidate that Negotiating Rights Away since 1934,rates and recommends I have to seriously question,their track record of A,A+ and the candidates actual performance is simply awful and does not speak well of the organization or their recommendations.
    I will not vote for any candidate because so and so recommends a candidate and this candidate is a know quantity and it’s that of a RINO,not me,No Thanks

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