Gregory Thayer: I support your 2A and A16 rights 100%

This letter is by Gregory Thayer of Rutland. He is a candidate for lieutenant governor.

First, I truly hope everyone is having a nice summer. It’s great to see so much energy and so many people getting out in their communities across our beautiful State. Be happy friends!

I want to be clear, I SUPPORT YOUR 2ND AMENDMENT & ARTICLE 16 CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! Our Federal and Vermont Constitutions are paramount to me, and your rights embodied in these two scared documents are too. I will fight hard to protect and preserve them! That is why your endorsement to me as “WE THE PEOPLE” is what is driving me, my campaign for Vermont’s Lieutenant Governor, and so many other great conservative principles that I’m fighting for our rights.

I am Pro Firearm ownership, Pro-2A & Article 16, and Pro Carry, Period!

My entire life I have supported the 2A and Article 16, including my public service time as a City Aldermen in Rutland. I have written about my Pro Gun ownership in public articles, talked about it a lot on the campaign trail, I have supported it many of my speeches around the State, and my support is on my campaign literature.

I have visited 15 plus Gun Shops across Vermont and I have attended 4/5 gun shows. I adamantly proclaim my 100% support for your rights to own and carry a firearm.

In my research, I believe that some gun laws should be repealed that are currently on the books. Also, I believe that Middle and High School aged students should have the opportunity to take classes in school to learn about the ownership, use, responsibility, and the maintenance of a firearm in the curricula.

During one debate in June, they asked if I would support a law for gun owners to lock up their guns in their homes? I answered, absolutely NO. People have a constitutional right to have guns. With over 5,100 Facebook members, The “Vermont Gun Owners” group is supporting my candidacy.

My fellow Vermonters, I am Gregory Thayer, candidate for Vermont Lieutenant Governor, a Constitutional Conservative Republican, and I support your Firearm ownership, your right to own and carry a gun 24/7! Please share this truth with your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers and every gun owner you know.

Thank you, God bless you and Vermont!

Gregory M. Thayer
Candidate for Vermont Lieutenant Governor
Rutland, Vermont 05702

Image courtesy of Gregory Thayer

5 thoughts on “Gregory Thayer: I support your 2A and A16 rights 100%

  1. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Thayer 7/27/22 in Addison County when he spoke to Republicans. He came across as a sincere Christian family man who apparently feels it is his calling to run in Vermont. He was plain spoken and well informed. I liked that he knew many attendees by first name, yet never came across as anything but humble.
    And what I heard from him was a realistic concern for Vermont and it’s citizens. He informed the attendees of his work resume and religious affiliation. He brought to the table a strong unapologetic belief in and support for the 2nd Amendment. He also brought up many Vermont specific subjects that I did not hear from anyone else. Unlike others running as Conservatives, this man CLEARLY is NOT a product of The Swamp. That truth was blatantly lacking in one, if not two of the other men who are running for the Senate.
    It was also clear that he is not financially well endowed as compared with the others. The man has a rough path to travel, yet complains not. I intend to see him again, which was not like me to do with any previous candidates.
    Thank you Mr. Thayer for reviving my hope that we just may be able to bring sanity back to the voting booth.

  2. I met him just yesterday. When confronted with a viable question. Unlike others at the same event he answered the question without hyperbole. He also has no connection to the CIA. Look into other candidates… They have a questionable history. As far as I can see and I have looked he is a clean guy who admitted he is a clean bodied person . Not even a beer drinker. Good show.

  3. We don’t need another yes man in Phil’s circle. We need someone who has a backbone and supports our constitution as it is and should not be revised with a word salad amendment that will have numerous court cases brought because of it. It is probably already unconstitutional. Vote for Mr. Thayer to keep Phil on his toes and out of our lives.

  4. I support Greg not just for his support of gun rights but more importantly he will be a strong conservative voice, something that has been missing since Dick Snelling died. That pretty much coincide when the left started to dominate VT and become far left.

  5. Mr.Thayer has my support, yes I’m a single issue voter and how the candidate supports that particular issue is a outlier on every other issue. Think I’m off base, look at the current governor, liar and spineless RINO,utterly worthless.
    There are good leaders out there and one would think that the supposed conservative party would support them instead of more worthless RINO’s.

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