Attack on UVM student, one other involving gun shocks Burlington

Burlington Police Department

MONDAY MORNING SHOOTING: Two people are dead and one is critically injured after a former University of Vermont student pulled a gun on the victims before shooting himself, according to Burlington police.

The Burlington Police on Monday responded to an incident in which a former University of Vermont student shot and killed a current UVM student and seriously wounded another victim before turning the gun on himself.

“As you know there was a horrible crime in Burlington this morning,” acting Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad said at a press conference Monday afternoon. “Two people are dead and a third … is currently alive in stable but critical condition.”

According to the Burlington chief, 27-year-old Mikal Dixon of New Hampshire, formerly a student at UVM, broke into an apartment and critically shot 22-year-old Kayla Noonan. Noonan, originally from New Jersey, was a student at the university. The woman who survived, also age 22, was not immediately identified.

Based on statements from the survivor, Dixon broke a window to get into the apartment, then shot at the two female victims with a short barrel rifle, before killing himself.

“Police currently believe that all involved persons are accounted for, and there is no additional danger to the public. But this is preliminary information from an investigation that is in its earliest stages,” a Burlington Police Department press release states.

The attack began at 2:20 a.m., and police began answering multiple calls about gunshots coming from an apartment at North Winooski Avenue in the Old North End.

Officers responded rapidly enough to the scene to speak with the surviving victim, who was still on the phone with police dispatch. After officers cleared the scene, members of the police and the Burlington Fire Department were able to save one victim’s life.

“CR is alive today because of work that was done by these cops and the way we trained with our rescue partners for critical incidents like this, and I am very, very proud of the work that they did,” Murad said.

He added: “I offer my and this department’s deep sympathies to two families in their bereavement and to their friends and loved ones, and I offer fervent hopes for the recovery and the wellbeing of the living victim and strength to her family and friends in the days ahead.”

Mayor Miro Weinberger also issued a statement about the shooting.

“This morning’s murder and attempted murder of two young women was a terrible act of violence, one of the very worst that the city’s seen in the last decade,” he said. “Our thoughts right now are very much with the surviving victim as she battles to recover at the University of Vermont Medical Center.”

Weinberger added it was “further heartbreaking to learn that the suspect was a Burlington High School student a decade ago.”

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Image courtesy of Burlington Police Department

9 thoughts on “Attack on UVM student, one other involving gun shocks Burlington

  1. What is happening in Burlington is no different than other cities and towns controlled by the enemy of the People. The evidence is when City and State leaders step to the podium to reiteriate political talking points. They are paid to allow this carnage to happen. They are paid to look the other way and pretend lives are not being destroyed. They have their marching orders and like good little soldiers, they are doing as they are told by their Masters. What is happening in Burlington is part and parcel of the colossal crimes commited by those in power. The day of judgement is coming and they know it. Until then, they will continue unleashing and manifesting more carnage and destruction.

  2. As to the inexcusable uptick in shootings in the Burlington area there seems to be some reoccurring themes that I will have to leave to the readers own discovery. I have read a few articles about this shooting and most describe a short barreled AR-15 rifle. If that is the official statement from Burlington PD they should know better. I’ll bet money that the weapon was an AR-15 pistol, not a rifle. Short barreled rifles fall under the gun control act of 1934 and are illegal to own without a permit (license) from the BATF. Using the term short barreled AR type rifle is disingenuous and borders on fear porn. These shootings are inexcusable no matter what kind of firearm is used. They are the result of the morale decay that is sweeping our country due to leftist ideology.

    • Its not a rifle. Its a pistol due to stock configuration. They are legal. Infact, you can carry one loaded in your vehicle with a drum mag if you desire.

  3. Let me start by saying this is a tragedy that should have never happened, especially in
    Burlington, the only good news is that this deranged perpetrator that took his own life, so
    apparently, he had a plan !!

    So you have a person that had a restraining order placed on him and no one followed up on
    it, the courts, the police, or the social services, so who dropped the ball ??, the liberal society
    in the queen city thinks a restraining order, red flag laws will fix everything and then throw in ” defunding ” the police to this scenario ” thanks ” to Burlington’s City council… fools in charge.

    So it sounds like Burlington is becoming just like every other city run by liberal policies and
    with no common sense, you can’t fix crazy or deranged with a piece of paper, what’s needed
    are stiff penalties, more jail time ………..

    Hey Mayor, let’s stop ” it’s because of the gun ” BS, it’s because the perpetrator was crazy, just
    like all the other tragedies in the country, everyone involved in these horrific deeds has a trail
    that could and should have been followed up on, they never are, why not ??

    Put your head in the sand, this is what we get, crazies and criminals never follow or care about
    laws, or especially paper orders…………. pretty pathetic !!

    • As we all know, murder is already illegal, except for the unborn. Aside from that, what we are experiencing is a breakdown in the criminal justice system. Like you stated, a law or a piece of paper will not stop a deranged person bent on killing. If there were no guns at all would there be no murders? No. We have monsters in society that are a result of the way things are. Has anyone seen the Vermont Statutes Annotated? The collection is huge and getting bigger because the current laws are not enforced, there isn’t enough money allocated to detention of criminals and there’s hardly any mental health holding facilities. Watch Gunsense Vermont go nuts over this when there is no sense in their mission until criminals and the mentally ill are detained from committing their crimes. The progressive approach to all of this have failed miserabily!!! Vote for incompetent people, get incompetent results.

      • Dano the state creates monsters.. the Mayor admitted as much when he noted the murderer was a former student of Burlington high school.

        There is no value on human life in this Godless society we now endure- says the abortion for the entire 9 months- which is seen as a reason to celebrate in Vermont.. and they wonder how we got here? (it’s sickening)

        The schools are a disaster (literally creating a murderer).. there are drugs flooding into our states like rivers, there is too much drinking.
        The struggle just to live and try and get somewhere in life is harder than what dumbed down and soft people can endure, with no family or support systems.
        Our language is being eroded away.
        Our cultural norms are being destroyed.
        Our history is being erased, we don’t even agree on what a Woman is anymore.
        The value of the dollar is plummeting.
        I mean how long of a list should I write?
        And people are shocked there was a murder? Get ready to see a whole lot more of them.

        We are looking at a break down of society, the successful civilization that we made is being destroyed..
        It’s not going to be pretty or easy.
        But apparently 81 million people voted for this because Donald Trump’s Tweets hurt their feelings.

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