Letter: Joe Benning is the wrong choice for lieutenant governor

This letter is by Ellie Martin, Underhill Republican town chair.

Joe Benning is the wrong choice for lieutenant governor. He is endorsed by every RINO that is leading the VT Republican Party to destroy Vermont and its conservative Republican voice where our God given freedom reigns.

Putting government leaders in control of our lives leads to ushering in communist/Marxist control over our lives, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. All you have seen what simply having an R after a name leads to.

Say no to Joe and vote for a true Vermont voice that we can trust to do everything in his power to preserve our freedom from government takeover.

I also favor Deploy Mellow as our choice for U.S. Senate.  He Is a man of great stature, who is a true conservative who can be trusted to vote with Republican leaders on issues such as Justice for the Supreme Court and gun control issues. His opponent, Christina Nolan, has made it clear that she is willing to cross party lines when she so chooses. She looks up to Maine Senator Susan Collins, who often crosses party lines and votes with Democrats — like voting for Jackson, who doesn’t know how to describe a woman and supports CRT in our schools. Ugh.

Ellie Martin
Underhill Republican town chair

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12 thoughts on “Letter: Joe Benning is the wrong choice for lieutenant governor

  1. Party chairs — town, county, state, national — should be neutral in primary elections. Remember Reagan’s 11th commandment.

    • I was the Addison County chair during at least one primary and I agree on neutrality by party chairs during primary time!

  2. Elections often involve heated rhetoric in the desire to support a particular candidate. That is understandable.

    However this letter is way over the top. Joe Benning, a longserving Vermont Senator from Caledonia County who has long fought the good fight for smaller government and individual responsibility, is supported by the likes of John McClaughry and Mary Daly who know his character and worth.

    You certainly can choose to vote for another Republican candidate more in line with your own views. But claiming other Republican are out to “destroy Vermont” is not helpful in advancing our shared desire to provide a viable alternative to the current inpractical Democratic/Progressive led legislature in Montpelier.

    • Must be you support Prop 5 / Article 22 as well, ‘eh John ?
      Must be you don’t want protections for Health Care workers. Must be you don’t want Tax Exemptions for Retired VT Military Members. Because those are two of the items Benning fought against in the Platform Committee meetings. ( I was the Chittenden County Platform Delegate. I resigned because the VTGOP doesn’t represent me either )
      Must be you think 116,000 Vermonters that voted for President Trump are
      ” White Supremacists and Racists. ” Because the day after Scott said that, Benning went on WCAX to say exactly the same words.
      Must be you approve of the States ” Rights ” over the Parents Rights to protect their children from sexual predators.
      Because supporting Benning is the destruction of the Republican Party in Vermont.
      Your desire to elect Benning is choosing to support the current Democrat/Progressive legislature.
      Ask Benning why he endorses Balint while you’re at it.

  3. Just like Sanders who claims to be an Independent which in reality he is nothing but a democrat. I have met some true Republicans who run for office here in Vt and have met some RINOs too. If you really listen to them talk you can spot them. Phil Scott is the biggest RINO in office and Sanders is also the biggest fake in office in Vt., he’s been living off the government since he moved to Vt. He’s never had a REAL job in his life. How can so many people be so blind? Scott keeps getting voted in not because of Republicans but by democrats, cause they know they can control him. Fact: if he says no to a bill, the democrats laugh at him and override him and pass it. He’s not a true Republican no matter what Behe calls himself
    Before I give my vote I do a lot of background checks and I don’t mean by Google either

  4. Anyone that looks up to the Queen Of The RINOs Susan Collins -should be avoided like a leper- and certainly not voted into power and control. Good Grief.. this is how we get saddled with these nightmarish people that seem to linger for entire lifetimes.

    When someone tells you who they are, believe them!
    We need to get rid of Susan Collins herself- not elect people that admire her!

  5. You left out the third candidate, another conservative in Myers Mermel who is rated an A by the NRA, has a very successfuk background, and most importantly is the absolute best choice to actually beat Welch. Watch the republican senate debate, it convinced me and I do have some experience. Or watch the debate coming up next week and you will see someone who is very knowledgeable and extremely articulate.
    As for lt. governor it’s Greg Thayer hands down. We need a strong leader, not someone who will concede to the dems since he is a RINO.

    • Keith Stern, I disagree. Gerald Malloy’s experience is broad: international military experience; experience working with local, state, and federal agencies, and business management make him far more suitable than Mermel’s real estate finance experience. Please check out both of their websites. Mermel also stepped into the ring late, serving to undermine Malloy’s strong candidacy and possibly assist RINO Nolan by splitting the vote – a move that is either selfish or intentional.

      • “strong candidacy” is a generous statement. The man has little to no equity with over 70 percent of vermonters for his views. Mermel has assisted in relocating over 300,000 jobs. I think that is more practical business experience than anything Malloy Has. a vote for malloy is to throw away any chances of getting a conservative into office.

  6. Please check your spelling before you send in something. The candidate you are referring to is Gerald Malloy. And yes, he gets my vote!

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