Lawsuit against governor, attorney general and health commissioner to get hearing May 10

Judge William K. Sessions III has called the first hearing in the lawsuit that six plaintiffs have brought against VT Governor Philip B. Scott, T.J. Donovan (VT Attorney General) and Mark Levine (VT Health Commissioner). The hearing will take place May 10th at 1:30 at the federal court on 11 Elmwood Avenue in Burlington.

The plaintiffs allege that the defendants are guilty of constitutional overreach and of misrepresenting the medical facts about the corona virus (Covid 19). The purpose of the hearing is to provide testimony as to whether or not the case against the defendants shall go forward or be dismissed.

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This is a public hearing. All are encouraged to attend. The Plaintiffs will be happy to take questions prior to and after the hearing outside the court house.

A video discussing the lawsuit may be viewed on YouTube.

Image courtesy of state of Vermont

8 thoughts on “Lawsuit against governor, attorney general and health commissioner to get hearing May 10

  1. My sister, who works as a visiting nurse, stopped by this week for a visit. She recently returned from working this past year in Portland Oregon on a Covid ward. She said there were times she came home exhausted from doing mandatory CPR on patients who had coded during her shift. She said she wishes those who deny the dangers of Covid or refuse to get vaccinated could spend time seeing how awful it is to die from Covid.

    We can watch what happens in real time in India and Brazil what happens where leaders have denied the dangers of Covid. Perhaps we should be grateful that some temporary measures had been put in place to slow the spread and that President Trump embarked on a speedy program to develop a vaccine which is now widely available. It looks like a corner has been turned, at least in our country, and the worst of the pandemic is over and we are beginning to get back to normal.

    • Please extend a thank you to your sister for her hard work.

      The problem we have encountered during this pandemic is the fact we are dealing with corrupt and totally power grabbing lying politicians who have used this as an
      opportunity to control and fleece the taxpayer.

      We can’t longer trust people who use lies and race to promote their agenda.

      The largest part of this nightmare is the participation of the some teachers and the teachers union in the destruction of our republic.

      The indoctrination of our children in the public school system and the adults through the proven lies of a corrupt media are exposed on a daily basis.

      Untill we know factually the reasons certain people had problems with covid and the underlying factors we can not trust any of the reporting.

      We are being told that people of color suffer more because of this pandemic..WHY?

      What are the underlying factors contributing to this..

      We need so many facts abiut healthchoices and lifestyles of all that became sick or died before claiming to know the answers.

      Look at Cuomo and the atrocity he committed in new York.

      Under the Biden administration we are slowly being corraled as slaves not only to this virus but to the implementation of socialism in America.

      We have a so called republican governor and a bunch of Rinos hell bent on the destruction of Vermont selling every taxpayer out to the dirty “government” money from the Biden administration.

      The taxpayers are on the HOOK for every penny supposedly provided by the government.

      The projections are that every household will be responsible for 750 thousand dollars of debt when the government is done giving out all of the freebies!

      I’m amazed at the ignorance of some in the public that praise Vermont politicians like Peter Welch, Bernie Sanders and Pat Leahy…. They praise these three frauds who rape us through corruption and claim to be giving us a gift…a gift of OUR hard earned tax dollars.

      Just remember Trump created the best economy ever through less taxation and regulation.

      Has anyone bothered to research what is taking place in America under current Biden socialist agenda?

      America is being stolen from the taxpayers to subsidize illegal immigrants and a racist agenda of reverse racism.

      We are loosing America because of free handouts and ignorance.

      Nothing is free… especially our freedoms…

      We need to respect our Military and our Veterans who fight to keep us free.

      We need to respect the police officers who respect the oath to uphold our constitution in spite of what a corrupt politician tells them to do.

      It’s time for Vermonters and Americans to wake up.

    • Ever the selfrighteos finger-wagger and resident male counterpart to now-infamous “Karen”. I for one do not need your lilylivered lectures. No one is denying the danger Mr Freitag – however for an illness with a 99% recovery rate and mild symptoms for vast majority and at least five effective remedies result of which many doctors achieve a 100% recovery this has been overkill to the enth as evidenced by states who did not choose to keep citizens under house arrest and allowed ppl and businesses to make own decisions who fared far better.

      Those with severe symptoms are very elderly *plus* have an average of 2.5 underlying illnesses. Not treating the ill with proven treatments is the largest factor in recovery rates or lack thereof. So sorry you do not have widely available information but choose to cling to each tiny scrap of info to shame others. Pls find a better hobby or comment on FB to VPR and Vtdigger where your friends are.

  2. Im not optimistic about any judge in this state appointed by liberals over the last few decades. It will all be tossed out due to the fake planned demic as an emergency act for the safety of all Vermonters.

  3. Let’s pray justice finds these lying politicians guilty and then take some real action against them.

    They enforce an agenda that is not favorable to the Vermont taxpayers.

    They are attempting to destroy Vermont with the help of the rinos in the republican party.

    We need to rid our statehouse from each and every one of them.

    Vermonters it is time to fight to save our state.

    We are on a death spiral.

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