Six Vermonters await decision on lockdown lawsuit against governor, attorney general and health commissioner

Six Vermonters are awaiting a judge’s decision on their lawsuit against Gov. Phil Scott, Attorney General TJ Donovan and Health Commissioner Mark Levine for what they say is an egregious abuse of power to control people’s lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

The plaintiffs, who are representing themselves, filed a second amended complaint March 13 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Vermont. Plaintiffs are listed as Jim Hogue, Emily Peyton, Karen Eddings, Morningstar Porta, Kathleen Tarrant and Deborah Dailey.

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District Judge William K. Sessions

U.S. District Court Judge William Sessions is expected to make a decision this month to allow or dismiss the case. The original complaint was filed Dec. 23. Plaintiffs seek a jury trial.

The lawsuit alleges that the coronavirus remains relatively harmless for non-elderly and generally healthy individuals in Vermont. According to Vermont Health Department data, as of Sunday the state has seen only 15 COVID-19 deaths under age 60 over the past year. It also states PCR tests are unreliable, masks are harmful and ineffective, and coerced vaccinations without proper animal testing is a violation of the Nuremberg Code for permissible medical experiments.

Plaintiffs allege the threat of the virus was originally miscalculated, and the actual threat does not provide legal justification for the state of emergency declared by the governor over the past year.

“It was only indicated for the first weeks of the pandemic until it was clear that a 3.4% death rate was a false number which would have resulted in 21,215 dead Vermonters,” the lawsuit states. “Other States have ended all mandates, one never implemented any, instead respecting the rights and wisdom of the people to choose for themselves.”

Violations of Vermonters’ rights alleged by plaintiffs include the rights to peaceably assemble, to exercise religious freedom, to travel, to pursue happiness, to have due process, to exercise freedom of speech and to be free of search and seizure.

For relief, the plaintiffs are urging the court to halt mask mandates, quarantines for asymptomatic people, and vaccination mandates. They also request public hearings on COVID-19 with health officials who are independent of the WHO, CDC and NIH.

In addition, plaintiffs seek the reopening of the Statehouse, full disclosure of side-effects related to COVID vaccines, and a $100 million bond established from defendants’ own means “to repair the economic harms stemming from physical harm of the experimental injections to the public by order of these Defendants.” To cover their court costs, plaintiffs seek damages of $100,000 thousand each, “including costs of equivalent to local attorneys while acting pro se.”

Legal challenges to COVID-19 restrictions are seeing success in other states. Last week the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled against any new mask mandates without the legislature’s approval, essentially undermining pro-mask Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat.

In an email to True North, Peyton wrote that the plaintiffs are especially concerned about coerced vaccinations.

“The Governor stated in a presser that the Government cannot force a EU vaccine on people,” Peyton wrote. “The Government should not ever force any person to do anything with their body they do not agree to. That makes the Government owners of our bodies, and this is a violation of the abolition of slavery clause.”

The complaint says COVID-19 vaccines are “experimental injections that have not been determined safe through animal testing,” and that the state’s vaccination plan is about “dictatorial governmental control of individuals’ body and health and profits to be had by means of that control of the individual.”

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

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39 thoughts on “Six Vermonters await decision on lockdown lawsuit against governor, attorney general and health commissioner

  1. stardust
    April 10, 2021 at 12:31 pm
    More great reasons to *not* take the MRNA gene editor. Just when one thinks plandemic cannot get worse – laundry list of seven new dirty secrets:
    Ex-Pfizer vice president: Covid vaccines could cause “mass depopulation” event within two years

    Ex-Pfizer Vice-President, Dr. Michael Yeadon, recently spoke with LifeSiteNews where he took on the COVID-19 injection agency, calling it “demonstrably false” and fraught with sinister corruption that could lead to unimaginable “totalitarianism” and mass death events within 2 years.

    Remind me – where did this depopulation bioweapon originate from…

  2. This is about the best current to post this video. This woman is amazing. It’s what a real governor should be. Perhaps some have seen it, if so do accordingly, reviewing is also important. It should be the basis for the Conservatives in VT. Enjoy.

    Kristi Noem rips Joe Biden in CPAC 2021 speech Feb 27, 2021 10:30 (26:57)
    South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem speaks at CPAC.
    *** This lady is one of the best politicians there is right now and all she does is use common sense and let Americans be Americans
    *** What an absolutely remarkable woman and governor. Elegant, intelligent, and most importantly, a person who understands her role as a public servant. She’s served her constituents well. We’d all benefit from such leadership.

      • She has outlined precisely why she didn’t sign the bill. Other videos explains her doings and she’s not done pursuing the transgender matter. She’s a fighter and will not have transgender men participating in women’s events. I highly respect her. She’s 1 million better than Scott and is independent and not holding to others. She did not have lock downs or face mask requirements. I have friends in SD that keep me posted. And they are very happy she’s the governor.

      • My previous post was for crankyoldgeezer, somehow misplaced.

        In addition, the reason SD governor didn’t go for the bill was that the NCAA was threatening her with a lawsuit. The NCAA wants the transgender to participate in women events. Her lawyers said she’d probably loose. She’s aligning many states to join in and various influential people to fight the NCAA.

        Give her time, she’ll win. This is unlike any politician. She’s doing her best.

  3. Pamela Popper wrote a book titled Covid Connection. It is filled with research showing how much false information has driven this government abuse of power. She has started a movement and has lawsuits filed in a number of states and the CDC proving abuse of power based on fraudulent data. Her website is Her team of attorneys have built a strong case. She’s responsive to emails if the plaintiffs in this suit need any further guidance. Check out her website and her book.

  4. Pamela Popper wrote a book called Covid Operation. Lots of research went into it to support the false data and information used by our government and agencies to give them unjustified control. Her team of attorneys have developed a strong case and would happily share information to assist lawsuits in other states.
    She has huge support and her group has lawsuits of this kind going in a number of states and against the CDC. Her website is Check it out. The information there may be helpful in this VT lawsuit. She is responsive to emails as well.

  5. We all know the plandemic here in VT has been handled poorly. Way over the top, and I hope these brave people win their suit. None of the people in control have lost a dime during this; had they been faced with that, like business owners, it would have been handled more sensibly. It’s not even our #1 health care crisis here in VT….Dr. Levine declared that top spot belongs to “racism”.

  6. Jim Hogue, Emily Peyton, Karen Eddings, Morningstar Porta, Kathleen Tarrant and Deborah Dailey, how can we help you? What do you need from us? I applaud your courage and tenacity. Is there a fund for contributions? Are there any public marches or gatherings planned? I’m forwarding this article to my circle of friends, but want to know if you need anything else.

    May God bless you and Mary keep you in your efforts to right these egregious wrongs.

    • Thank you Steven! We have a response to get in this week and then if the judge allows the suit to move forward into discovery we will need financing for experts. Jim Hogue is handling incoming funds. 492 Tucker rd Plainfield VT. We have yet to get the donation button linked to the bank account. is our site. We do need help of all kinds once we get past the motion to dismiss. We have a google list serve that you can join called federalsuitgroup .

      • Is there a way to join this suit? I am currently being blacklisted by doctors and medical associations because I oppose their narrative with facts and I am currently trying to acquire a new GP, having been rejected by 3 different ones so far in Addison County.

    • Thank you so very much for your love and support! There is a website you can share your story etc
      We are marching April 16th and every weekend after!!! Spread the word to everyone!!

      • I am scared. So many people I know are getting the vaccine because they want to travel. We know the truth about what is happening globally, but as I understand it, private company’s including the airlines, stores, movie theaters, and any other public entity can restrict us from use if we don’t have proof of a covid19 vaccine, even if it is experimental and dangerous. How will the unvaccinated be able to live in this totalitarian society??? How will we survive?

        • They can’t mandate vaccine passports with a non-FDA approved vaccine. It’s medical discrimination.

    • Steven; Thank-you for asking. is the most comprehensive website for those interested in more info re: gatherings, events, etc.

  7. The greatest lie ever told, we’re from the government and we’re here to help!

    We should be talking impeachment at the very least!

    What part of protecting Liberty and Justice for all don’t they comprehend?

    Too cozy with big Pharma and the WHO!

    • So true, and if one ever questions the power of propaganda and the power of the propagandists dream come true the “smart phone” one Ned only survey the Vermont populace against the comments and article on this page to fully understand how deceptive and evil propaganda truly is. The best propaganda lies with the truth, of which this just out right lies.

  8. Politicians are not reliable scientists and have no credible position to dictate control on people. Scott is in goose step with Cuomo. The idiots demanding such control need to be held accountable and removed from any such position. Interesting that vaccinations are way up, people wearing masks and respect distancing. AND the virus cases are escalating. Now perhaps a fourth “wave”. The Waves will be never ending.. Money people are behind it, Gates, Soros etc Learned that the companies that are administrating the vaccine CVS, Publix, hospitals and many others are being reimbursed $40 a shot. How many vaccines have been injected???? It has been noted that the hospitals get $38K for every death, be it Crona or not, easy to lump it all together. Fake death statistics. The media has been caught red handed with fake virus news. And Fauci is a farce.

    Quoting from this link:
    The Great Barrington Declaration, signed by over 7,000 scientists, virologists, and infectious disease experts believes that lockdowns are destroying “at least seven times as much life” as the disease itself and that in the United States and the United Kingdom, there is “irreparable damage” being done.

    • The plain fact is that we could nip this virus in the bud in very short order. We have vaccines, and we have ivermectin, but the WHO is recommending against this drug. That tells you everything you need to know, as if it were really about getting people well, ivermectin– a cheap, safe, effective, readily-available drug– would be promoted widely. Instead, a jackboot is being put on it.

      “Stay safe,” indeed. The real agenda is to stay fearful, and wait for the next wave.

    • Excellent, but how long before the medical cartel will discredit and medically revoke this fine Doctor? The list is long.

    • Agree, excellent video! It’s time to realize that the CDC and NIH and WHO aren’t on our side. Dr. Levine, trying to do the best he can, isn’t on our side, either, simply because he refuses to be open-minded on the science regarding Covid-19 treatment– and afraid as heck to buck to system and do the right thing. We’re in an era of abuse and censorship of science, a new Lysenkoism. It’s insanity, yet the authorities are walking around patting each other on the back for following pseudoscience. We use pseudoscience to enforce a medical police state, and if Fauci has his way it’ll never end.

    • This video was great! Censored only on the you know who sites and of course not reported by the other you know who! What does censorship mean? They are over the target so search and you will find.

      I’m all in to help you brave souls and will be watching for that link to support!! Kick some you know what!!

    • This is an excellent video that explains people of color risk, prevention and early treatment success, and a well done coverage of the vaccine truth.

    • Bossche was excellent (quite technical) having worked for GAVI – insider. He knew the science and reviewed it – dug deeper. Interesting that his analysis ran in line with Dr. Tenpenny (stating 40k hours of research) and Vernon Coleman, each defining the warnings differently, but same end game for those who took the shot. Opinions on these so called PCR tests are an eye opener as well!!

    • I am sensing some censoring going on where I least expected it here in VT – sad to say! I believe Gateway Pundit would grab this and run with it – OAN and maybe Newsmax – OH and don’t forget GraniteGrok in NH…

  9. Congratulations to those who came forward to challenge the tyranny of the COVID lockdowns and the continuation of snatching our freedoms and rights from the individual. You 6 are great patriots and we ALL need to question the purpose behind the (for the most part) scam being perpetrated throughout the world.

    • The purpose is simple –CONTROL. This is what happened in Germany. It’s how Hitler controlled everyone. Taking away their guns, their religion, their freedom of speech, their right/way of life a little at a time then he took total control. Just like what the democrats are doing today.

      For centuries our forefathers fought for us, our grandfathers, fathers, brothers uncles, and son’s fought for our freedom, they fought communisms. and many lost their lives for us.
      I think it was Abe Lincoln that said” “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.”
      This isn’t the accurate quote but it is not totally fabricated either.”

  10. Emily Peyton, hats off to you for speaking the truth and challenging the non-sense. From day one they were giving out false data. Then they changed how cause of death was changed from the normal procedure.

    To Vermont’s credit we stayed with science on cause of death, not much else though.

    Kudo’s to you Emily. Kudo’s to all the others too. Will be interesting to see what the courts think.

    • With hundreds of people supposedly representing the people, who’s sworn duty it is to uphold and defend the constitution, whom declare they follow science….

      isn”tit interesting you have to go to court for something like this? So what are they doing in office?????

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