NH Gov. Sununu speaker at 3rd annual VTGOP summer cookout

This announcement is by Paul Dame, chair of the Vermont GOP.

Since we announced our 3rd Annual VTGOP Summer Cookout we’ve seen a great response, and Republicans from around the state are excited to join us for another successful event this summer.

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New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu

We have already sold 1/3 of our early bird discounted tickets one just one email, and after today more than half of the early bird tickets could be gone. So make sure to save the date and get your tickets today to see our guest speakers Gov. Jim Douglas and Gov. Chris Sununu

If you miss out, tickets will still be available for $45 up until the day before the event. But if you already know you are going to join us you can get a discount on your tickets and lock in a price of just $35 each today before the sales of early bird tickets end.

Also by ordering your tickets early you help our volunteers organizing the event make sure that we plan for enough food as well as tables, chairs and other supplies. Thanks again to all those who have already registered, including many of our current and former state representatives!

This year we will be joined by New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu as our featured guest speaker. Gov Sununu won his first term in 2016 and now presides over the only Republican trifecta in New England.

Since our first Summer BBQ which started in the post-COVID wake of 2021 it has been our most popular annual event with Republicans attending from all over the state. So come and join us on Thursday, June 29th for a great time, great food, and great people!

Images courtesy of Gov. Chris Sununu Facebook and Public domain

11 thoughts on “NH Gov. Sununu speaker at 3rd annual VTGOP summer cookout

  1. As a strong Constitutional Conservative Republican myself, I understand the expressed frustration and negativity. However, I have to ask:
    What are we doing to strengthen our numbers and our GOP mission in this “leftist” state? Are we solid Republicans meeting, planning and working together to accomplish our
    goals ? Perhaps if we attend the upcoming GOP barbecue on June 29th, we can use that time to start working together to create a healthier path for the citizens and children of the State of Vermont .
    We all deserve better in this State that we love, but it will require us to
    Join efforts, county by county, to return Vermont to the Republican State that it once was. I hope to see you at the BBQ and to hear your thoughts. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

    • Re: Your thoughts for the BBQ.

      Question: “What are we doing to strengthen our numbers…”?

      Answer: Nothing.

      This is what happens when the fox guards the chicken-coop. As the chickens strengthen in number, the foxes consume them. And because they’re chickens, after all, they can’t figure out how to break the cycle.

      Do the chickens deserve better? No. They’re just chickens. And Vermont is the BBQ.

      • Well the franchise for the BBQ joint doesn’t want things to change. They are very happy with the management. There are some chickens that know wtf is going on, they generally don’t go to the bbq joint because, well they know they just be the foxes next meal.

        Now a chicken might go and help the other birds out. They might help some escape.

        Ultimately the baba joint needs new management and waitstaff that don’t let foxes in the big joint, othewise the chickens can’t grow, it’s an unsafe place to be.

        There are 107,000 chickens looking for a safe place to roost, to work, to spend their time and money. They can’t come together until their is peace and the place becomes a burger joint, which is what 107,000 chickens have been clucking about for 30’years.

        • If your baseball team is full of football players do you have a baseball team? Or do you have a football team? You can call it a base ball team, you can play the game, but will you ever make it?

          We need a do over.

          Successful business people will not put their career and money on the line for such low odds of building a team, for there is no plan, they are no lists, there is no organization. We need to conduct succesful interviews of VERMONTERS and why they are not involved and what they think can be done.

          It’s not terrible to lose, it’s not so great to not change course, for the twentiehmyear in a row. The game and playing field has drastically changed.

    • Here’s an idea. Perhaps if the GOP would address the corruption, follow and enforce criminal laws as written, the party may get more support and participation. Instead, I see a lot of pandering and gaslighting that criminal conduct is not happening within the highest levels to the lowest levels. You see how Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is being treated by the DNC? Isn’t interesting that the Left is being led to “never Kennedy” in the same fashion as the Right’s “never Trumpers?” Gee, I wonder why? The problem is the populace is seeing the rot within both parties and non-participation in a criminal syndicate is the best choice under the circumstances for many. The game is coming to an end. Those with ethics and morals intact will be ready to mop up the mess of the upended tables of the money changers. Declared and decreed.

  2. I don’t need to pay $35 dollars to see RINOS. All I have to do is to turn on my TV.


  3. Why not Mitt Romney? If we’re gonna be rino, why not go all the way?

    Bet if you had Trump, you’d need a big place, that would hold $100,000 at at $45 a head, the VTGOP would have $4.500,000 in the coffers.

    Just sayin”

    • Mitt Romney, aka Pierre Delecto, is unusually quiet – the corporate raider extraordinaire tied into any of the shenangians pouring out from the Laptop from Hell or business ties inside of the Ukraine perhaps?

      The VTGOP BBQ will be held under a big, welcoming tent for anyone wishing to join the never-Trumpers and continue the selloff of America and Vermont to the highest bidder. Fill up the bellies and the bank accounts in the name of the democracy!

    • Hey Laura, can you comment? From what I gathered it was the ground work of citizens that lead to the “trifecta” i say this in quotes because one branch doesn’t seem to understand the constitution and what our country is all about. Can you ad some insight to this commentary, please?

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