Gov. Phil Scott issues executive order expressing solidarity with the Ukrainian people

Montpelier, Vt. — Governor Phil Scott today issued an executive order expressing support for the Ukrainian people and outlining steps the State is taking in response to the Russian invasion of peaceful Ukraine.

“In real time, we’ve watched in horror as Russian forces commit acts of terror on a peaceful nation – one that seeks nothing more than the right to choose its own future,” said Governor Scott. “But the bravery, courage and resolve of the Ukrainian people and its leaders have been incredibly inspiring. I know there is nothing our small state can do alone to change the outcome of what happens over 4,000 miles away, but I think it’s important we do something to show our support for the people of Ukraine in their time of need.”

In addition to removing Russian-made products from Vermont liquor stores, which was announced on Monday, the Governor’s executive order:

  • Directs the Secretary of the Agency of Administration and the Commissioner of the Department of Buildings and General Services to review all contracts for the purchase of goods and immediately cease purchases and terminate contracts for the purchase of Russian-sourced goods and goods produced by Russian entities.
  • Directs the Secretaries and Commissioners of the Executive Branch to review all contracts for the purchase of goods and immediately cease purchases and terminate contracts for the purchase of Russian-sourced goods and goods produced by Russian entities.
  • Requests that, upon their return to session, the General Assembly appropriate $643,077, one dollar for every Vermonter, for humanitarian efforts needed to support the people of Ukraine.
  • Rescinds Executive Order 100-91, which established a sister-state relationship between Vermont and Karelia, which is now a federal subject of the Russian Federation. The order also requests that the General Assembly rescind J.R.H. 129 adopted by the Legislature in 1990 (R -157. Joint Resolution Relating to Strengthening Ties with the Peoples of Karelia Within the Soviet Union).
  • Calls on any Vermont municipality that has entered into a sister-city/town agreement with a Russian municipality to suspend or terminate such arrangements, until such time as the Russian municipality opposes current Russian policy toward Ukraine and has a government freely and democratically elected by the people of the municipality.

Click here to view the full executive order.

27 thoughts on “Gov. Phil Scott issues executive order expressing solidarity with the Ukrainian people

  1. The U.S. has no national security interest in the Ukraine and Russia’s “near abroad”. Carlson admitted to being wrong about Russia invading Ukraine vs. stating that he was wrong in regard to Ukraine being a vasal state of the U.S. and NATO since the western supported coup in 2014. U.S. Department of State and it’s cut outs at the National Endowment for Democracy and OSI are largely to blame for creating the conditions that led to this war. The Zelinsky regime also bears responsibility for this travesty and is not a “shining light of democracy” as the media and various NGO’S would like you to believe. If Phil wants to make an impact, he should wave all fuel taxes in Vermont for both commercial and private buyers. Failed U.S. policy has led to unsustainable fuel costs which are only going to worsen. Everything else he’s done via this executive order is counterproductive and non sensical. Feels good, accomplishes nothing. You can’t negotiate with or influence an adversary via cutting them off from the “community of nations”. We should sanction Soros, Victoria Nuland, the Bidens, the Clintons, the Obamas and their various foundations as they are as much of a cause of this war as Russia. I feel for the average Ukrainian who is caught in the latest “great game” however nations don’t have friends. They only ever have shared interests, and we have no interests in what happens in Ukraine. Welcome to the great reset.

  2. An Executive Order expressing solidarity with Ukrain?? Well then, that should fix it, thanks PHIL!
    I am so tired of this virtue signaling jerk and his cronies under the dome.

  3. I do not approve of any wars anywhere, including in Korea, Vietnam, NATO bombing Serbia, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Libya and Ukraine

    Excerpt from:



    In 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin said “I would like to remind you that what was called Novorossiya [New Russia] back in the tsarist days – Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson, Nikolayev and Odessa – were not part of Ukraine back then. These territories were given to Ukraine in the 1920s by the Soviet government. Why? God knows… Russia lost these territories for various reasons, but the people remained”.

    Ukraine is a patchwork of pieces, similar to the former Yugoslavia.
    Ukraine belonged, until recently, to 1) different empires, such as the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Russian Empire, and 2) several nations, such as Russia, Poland and Romania.
    Ukraine’s major religions are Catholicism, and Greek and Russian Orthodoxy.
    Ukraine has millions of ethnic Russians and Russian speakers with hundreds of years of historical, cultural and economic links with Russia.

    Ukraine is a poor/unstable/divided country, with a corrupt, dysfunctional, kleptocracy economy
    Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in Europe.
    Ukraine ranks 117 out of 180 countries on the world-corruption scale in 2020
    Ukraine has experienced an annual average population decrease of 300,000 since 1990.

    The US spent $5 billion for the color revolution, from 1990 to 2014, per Nuland, US Under Secretary of State.

    Nuland paid Neo-Nazi groups, such as Right Sector, and Svoboda, to help overthrow a Democratically-elected Ukraine government in 2014, by, among other things, sniper-shooting both sides during protests, to agitate the fervor.

    The Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, recognized as part of the Ukrainian military, has been fighting Separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk region for eight years, resulting in 13,000 to 14,000 deaths, plus many more wounded.

    Ukraine is used as a puppet by the US/UK-led NATO to aggravate, contain, diminish, dismantle Russia
    Ukraine acts as an eager bad boy to: 1) advance US interests, 2) “deserve” NATO and EU membership
    Ukraine helps implement the foreign policy of the extremist, hate-Russia factions in the US government
    Ukraine hinders implementing the Minsk Agreements at the behest of the US.
    Ukraine gets free weapons and training from NATO countries to “defend itself and deter Russia”

    Ukraine’s actions are harming EU/Russian trade relations; the EU has nothing to gain from Ukraine.
    The EU and Russia want to have normal relations

  4. Tucker Carlson has now admitted he was wrong about Russia and Ukraine. This might be a good time, for people supporting Putin actions to take another look at where they are getting their information from about this brutal invasion.

      • Stardust: you should keep in mind that Mr. Freitag’s modus operandi, which mirrors the Biden administration, military-industrial neocons, and the mainstream media propaganda machine, is the use of the ‘false dichotomy’, or ‘logical fallacy’. It is, and has been, a patently dishonest maneuver.

        As usual, the false argument, in this case, is that if anyone criticizes the Biden administration’s handling of the Ukraine v. Russia issue, they must be supporting Putin.

        Yes, Carlson changed his mind. He was wrong to think Putin was unlikely to attack Ukraine. But Carlson’s assertions were based on his critique of the Biden administration’s handling of the issue in the build-up to the invasion. And, in that regard, Carlson may very well have been correct. Biden’s foreign policy is just as likely to have pushed Putin over the edge as was any other stimulus (including insanity) for Putin to do so.

        Again, at no time did Carlson (or Trump for that matter) ever express support for Putin’s policies. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to Carlson’s February 23rd commentary. When you do listen to or read it, it will explain why you, Stardust, are unlikely to receive any ‘proof’ from Mr. Freitag, other than Freitag’s typical diversionary nonsense.

        • It is amusing to see how much some people are bothered by and try to read into my comments.

          If we look at my comment above, it consisted of two sentences. The first was that Tucker Carlson has admitted he was wrong about Russia and Ukraine. This is true and can be easily verified.
          The second is that those who are in supportive of Putin’s brutal actions in Ukraine should take another look at their sources. Given the well documented Russian propaganda and disinformation efforts, this seems reasonable.

          Perhaps the reason some people have so much angst regarding my comments, is that there may be an element of truth in what I write that makes people, who find it difficult to consider another point of view, uncomfortable and unable to respond except by insult and weird conspiracy theories.

          • As predicted – more diversion by logical fallacy.

            It’s not ‘difficult’ to consider your point of view Mr. Freitag. It is what it always is – dishonest. You’re the one equating Carlson’s error with ‘a good time, for people supporting Putin actions to take another look at where they are getting their information’.

            Again, no one is ‘supporting Putin’. That’s your dishonest conspiracy theory.

  5. Well now, King Phillip is on the wrong side of the coin again. Let me express my surprise ______________. Russia wants nukes on their border as much as the USA wanted nukes in Cuba. Ukraine is full of deep state ties and issues too lengthy to enumerate here. However I suspect some of the ties are here. Interesting times ahead.

  6. Phil knows what the Azov Battalion is and what they have done to civilians in the Ukraine before and now. Putin is taking out the trash. Bioweapon labs are there and they are being taken out as they should be. In the USA, we are witnessing treason at unprecedented levels. Who are the real Nazis? Soros and Klaus (NWO) seeking to destroy the West. Truth is coming like a fire hose. God is revealing it all – really a shame many people can’t see it.

  7. More proof that Chairman Phil is power hungry. Scott, you only speak for yourself; you do NOT speak for me!

  8. Nothing says New World Order whore like this theatrical stunt pandering, pandering, pandering…he is so out of touch, and pure automaton for the Globalists now. He is a lost soul. Pray for him.

  9. Does Russia have missiles along our southern border? Does Russia have missiles along our Northern border?
    Russia has been telling us for years to back off with the missiles the US has along their orders.

    Pressure to get Ukraine to join NATO (and to move those missiles closer to Russia) was the last straw.

    Phil Scotts actions further reveal his inability as a leader. In fact, he is not a leader, Phil Scott is a follower. A brain washed stooge for the Biden\Globalist Cabal.

    Gee, where would the Dems in Washington launder all their money if Russia takes control of Ukraine? They would lose all their “kick-backs”from military aid and investment into shady companies.

    I could go on and on with this – I just get so sick of the blind stupidity of this man, Scott

  10. The MSM has been lying for over 2 years about the virus, why should we trust them on this event now?

  11. The Russian invasion of Ukraine never would have happened if Trump were still President, but Governor Scott, in all his wisdom, voted for Joe Biden and now he is virtue signaling by boycotting Russian products. The Governor should really be pleased that Ukrainian people will now fall under the control of an oppressive government.

  12. Ronald Reagan had it right. The Soviet Union was an evil empire. Valdimir Putin was a KGB agent in that empire and has been seeking to re-establish it. It is sad that some are taken in by Russian propaganda and cannot see that a freedom loving people are standing up against incredible odds against a brutal invasion.

    • @John Freitag, Do some serious research on President Zelensky and his practices as a leader.

    • Wrong again Freitag – it was under the gulag-laden Soviet system. Putin warned as far back as 2007 that Nato expansion east was a dealbreaker… during the fall Russia was promised that this would not happen.

      This is a fight for survival for the Russian ppl and entire nation. There is not a Russian patriot that does not see this as crossing a red line. Pretty sure conjoined twin “Jim” will arrive to correct you right on time lol

  13. What about the Russian sourced oil? Stopping that will hurt much more than stopping vodka. We were oil independent a year and a half ago.

    • Exactly Lynn, we are buying 10 million dollars worth of Russian oil a day which is helping
      Putin in his war effort. Platitudes like no Russian Vodka and Ukrainian flags on tweet
      icons is doing nothing to deter it. The hapless administration that killed our energy
      independence and gave Nord stream (the Russian pipeline) the go ahead is directly
      responsible for the current situation.
      While i have full sympathy for the Ukrainian people I feel the government is a corrupt tool
      of the NWO.. why else is Klaus Schwab, Soros, and leftist Dems and Rinos crying crocodile
      tears over this while crapping on the USA….


  15. Try 7000 Miles away . The GOV did not take Geography . as for the Ukraine . Everyone is Lapping up Lies like a Kitten at a Milk bowl . Get Real

  16. How many houses would that build for our homeless? How many Americans would it feed? We’ve brought in over 2 million
    Immigrants to this country. Let other countries help. How much more can the average American pay out before were homeless.
    How about getting seniors a tax break from our social security?
    You’ve turned Democratic. You took the bait. Gods in control.
    Revenge is mine sayth the Lord.

  17. Attention Ukrainian People: This guy can’t even keep the promises and support the people who helped to get him elected. He stabbed us in the back, he’ll stab you too. Maybe he’ll send you some maple syrup for the pancakes you won’t have.

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