Steve MacDonald: Burlington voters ‘legalize’ prostitution

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

At least two decades before Libertarains created the Free State Project and chose New Hampshire as their target state, dirty left-wing hippies were invading Vermont.

That worked. The Green Mountain State is so Blue many of its elected Republicans are Democrats. Not long after shooting and killing someone (it was the guns fault), Alec Baldwin spent $1.75 million on a Farm there. It’s blue and getting bluer. The place has gone to seed, an effect that has not gone unnoticed on this side of the Connecticut River.

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Sex work, which means sex trafficking because you can’t separate the two, would be legal, assuming the State Legislature has no objections. It must approve the charter change, which seems likely.

They’ve got increasing crime, a growing indifference to natural rights, and then there are the ideological immigrants poisoning the political water in Western New Hampshire.

And Burlington, one of the largest and earliest settlements, just jumped another liberal shark. “Burlington’s Question 5 proposal to bar city council from regulating sex workers passed with 63% of the vote.”

Sex work, which means sex trafficking because you can’t separate the two, would be legal, assuming the state legislature has no objections. It must approve the charter change, which seems likely. The state has legislation in the pipeline to legalize sex work statewide.

And there will be consequences. Crime will follow. Young women will lose control of their bodily autonomy to pimps and traffickers. The state will insist — as it already does — that their efforts to stop that will continue, and they will. Dems will pour millions into a bureaucratic machine whose sole purpose is to pay bureaucrats, but that will fail as miserably at regulating what it deregulated.

Human nature on both ends will ensure it.

If New Hampshire is to continue to repel the declining political influence of the descendants of the hippies who colonized Vermont 50 years ago, we’re going to need a lot more Free Staters. And Blue State refugees who are looking, not to undermine local liberty but to take up arms and defend it. Soapbox, ballot box … with at least one caveat.

More than a few of those Free Staters that would like to deregulate sex work in New Hampshire as well.

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7 thoughts on “Steve MacDonald: Burlington voters ‘legalize’ prostitution

  1. Burlington was Bernie Sanders’ springboard into the national spotlight of politics. Need any more be said?

  2. Having pedophiles and sex traffickers or purveyors in government precludes this. They vote for their own interests.
    The ONLY way one can pretzel logic prostititution into somehow a good thing, is if one is a participant or consumer on some level – then you want to protect yourself by making it legal.
    Its Occam’s Razor people: We’re run by sex traffickers and perverts. It starts with our most senior and retiring (too hot too hot) senator. (Source: TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA, Cathy O’Brien, pgs. 211-213). There are deep underground tunnels that run from out southern borders to our borders with Canada. What are those used for?
    Occam’s Razor.

  3. I’ve been watching this downfall of Vermont for my entire life now and how this has affected my own own state of NH- as Steve said, this has all not gone unnoticed by us over here on this side of the river.

    It is very, very easy to imagine the day where the there will be great battles between the states just as there are countries in other parts of the world..
    This right here is how that will happen.

    You don’t believe me?
    Let me give you my list of “Conspiracy Theories” that we are now watching go on.

  4. Burlington has a Gaggle of fools ” AKA ” it’s City Council, I can’t wait to see the
    “S” to hit the fan, and these clowns are held to task …………….

    When will the Cities homeowner stand up and take back their city, why would anyone
    even want to visit Burlington or even live in this liberal cesspool ??

    Homeless on one corner and now hookers on the other, along with a defunded and
    a unsupported police department, along with its mealy-mouth Mayor now that’s how
    you run a city

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