John Klar: Progressives take over Vermont — Part 1

Working as a criminal defense and family law attorney taught me that one can always tell who the abuser is in a relationship — it is the one who does the attacking and abusing.

John Klar

I am reminded by this when I see the seething onslaught of unjustified hatred against Vermonters by so-called social justice warriors, a colonizing band of carpetbagging race-baiters here to seize Vermonters’ land and property for themselves.

A 1972 Playboy article famously advocated for far-left radicals to create a new socialist society in Vermont, based on the ideas of two ‘firebrand’ law students: “What we advocate is the migration of large numbers of people to a single state for the express purpose of effecting the peaceful political take-over of that state through the elective process.”

At the time, Vermonters’ complaints of colonization by urban flatlanders who didn’t know how to plant a bean were roundly dismissed as abject nativism:

In the face of mounting concern around the state, Republican Governor Deane Davis, a local insurance executive, urged Vermont residents (then only 440,000 in number) to remain calm. In an official press release, Davis noted that “the bulk of young transients” involved in this “so-called ‘Hippie influx’ go about their business in a self-sufficient, peaceful manner, although their habits and appearance may not be to our taste.” … Few observers — even those adopting such a “live-and-let-live” stance — anticipated that these “transients” might have a lasting political impact.

It is evident that these far-left forces, joined by native-born Vermonters now swayed to hate their birthplace, have succeeded in colonizing and stealing Vermont, exactly as they stated they would, and much like colonial white settlers who allegedly seized lands from native Abenaki:

Vermont has, since the 1960s, evolved from the home of rock-ribbed Yankee conservatism to the home of Ben & Jerry’s, self-described socialist U.S. Congressman Bernie Sanders, and Howard Dean. This transformation has even inspired a Take Back Vermont counterrevolutionary back-lash. The hippies and the crunchies and the liberals targeted Vermont.

The truth is that the Abenaki Indians were themselves settlers (immigrants) in Vermont, and persecuted largely by the French — long before most of its white settlers cleared trees for farms to create the state of Vermont, which immediately banned slavery. According to scholars:

Knowing specifically what happened in Vermont during the 1600s and first half of the 1700s is impossible — the Indians who lived here had no written language and Europeans, who might have chronicled events, were rarely on the scene. Plagues brought by Europeans struck northeastern North America as early as 1535. Before that time, researchers estimate that the native population of New England numbered more than 90,000. Among those 90,000 Native Americans were roughly 10,000 Abenaki living in what is today Vermont and New Hampshire. Those Abenaki included an estimated 4,200 living in the Champlain Valley, and another 3,800 living in the upper Connecticut River Valley, according to the estimates of Dean Snow, an archaeologist at Penn State University.

Since there is no real history, Vermont’s modern colonizers have cast their own version on the state to denigrate and subjugate poor white Vermont farmers. The vast majority of Vermont’s settlers arrived after 1800, 265 years after experts suggest there may have been as many as 4,200 Abenaki in the Champlain Valley and 3,800 in the upper Connecticut River Valley.

As historian James E. McWilliams notes:

New England settlers hunted game when the beef and pork supplies ran low.They kept a few chickens, churned their own butter, pressed their own cheese. And they did it all with family labor. Rather than rely on slaves or indentured servants, sons helped fathers out at sea and in the field while daughters assisted mothers in the garden and around the hearth. These arrangements and pursuits did not generate tremendous wealth, but rarely (if ever) did New Englanders have to look beyond their own borders for food…. Rather than purchasing the expensive labor to grow a staple crop, New England achieved the remarkable accomplishment of feeding itself by itself. (A Revolution in Eating: How the Quest for Food Shaped America, pp. 10-11).

Most Vermonters know this history of self-sufficiency as their only cultural and economic past. But the modern carpetbagger Progressives seek to completely re-write these historical facts: one statute states that Vermont employed Jim Crow and sharecropper laws to exclude blacks from farms — that never happened. Another says Vermont passed an anti-prostitution law due to racial prejudice — a fictitious concoction written into a statute by so-called lawmakers using laws to re-write history. And efforts to defend Vermont’s abolitionist past are stifled as “denying white supremacy.”

Now Vermonters are told (by people somehow “privileged” to invoke Abenaki suffering as their modern-day sword) that they don’t own their own land, that it is “unceded” by Abenakis gone for 550 years. In its public condemnation of eugenics, the Vermont Legislature displays grotesque irony — Vermonters are condemned for killing Abenakis whom their ancestors likely never knew; and for spreading diseases (unintentionally) that also wiped out up to 90% of white settlers. But the only real thing to apologize for in modernity is the eugenics movement, and that was brought to Vermont by the exact same elitist, progressive, “academic” scoundrels who are now inflicting critical race theory upon Vermonters and labeling all Vermonters as white supremacists. The eugenicists condemn their own ideological past, using it to inflict a new eugenics racism on today’s Vermonters!

Yes, this really is that vile, and more and more Vermonters who understand history and hateful elitist ideologies see it plainly. Martin Luther King is no longer welcome in Vermont. New racists have arrived with their cultish carpet bags, to condemn and indoctrinate all (non-liberal?) white people — not for the sins of the left-wing eugenics movement of 1920, but for those of French settlers in 1520. How is that working out?

The ongoing corrupt colonization of Vermont by elitist racists who lie about Vermont’s history to subjugate innocent citizens must be challenged with facts. It is time Vermonters stood up to this minority of hateful liars inflicting a new generation of wrongs on in the name of long-past grievances to which these people hold no claim.

One can always tell who the abuser is in any relationship — they are the one who acts disparagingly, controllingly, and abusively towards their victim. This is exactly what the carpetbagging ideological colonizers of Vermont have exhibited for years now — Vermonters are racist, stupid, hateful, backwards, and worst of all white. There are no groups of Vermonters publicly attacking people of color, only groups of zealots attacking whites with prideful impunity. Vermont has never been “systemically” racist — until now.

These race-baiting abusers must be held to account for their lies.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

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24 thoughts on “John Klar: Progressives take over Vermont — Part 1

  1. Excellent article! Well written comments with solid points rather than fearmongering & name calling is very refreshing and helps continue meaningful discussion. Glad this was shared with me, I shall share with many others too.

  2. Considering how the globalists read from the same script – verbatim – including the compensated media propagandists, it is time to stop pointing out the obvious and take out the trash. Pervmont will not change until people face and accept the reckoning of what is afoot here. The corrupt cesspool must be exposed by name and dealt with per the Constitution. We are in a war. We didn’t start it. It is high noon and Vermonters (if there are any faithful to the Republic) must take action or get out of the way.

  3. I remember reading an historical book about the area around lake Champlain. The time was when Samuel De Champlain had just discovered the like and the inhabitants living in the area. There were Indian tribes and mentions of Iroquois, Mohawk Algonquin, tribes but no mention of Abnaki. I believe the Abnaki were in western NY at the time or maybe not there at all. According to other sources, the Abnaki had traveled north into Canada and west into NY by the 18th century. I no longer have the book. I guess my point would be, in the crowd of all these carpetbaggers and Social Justice Warriors is, have they created their own Vermont history? They have created new genders and have rewritten the history of slavery in Vermont but only recently apologized for their part in eugenics and leave their Saint Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood and eugenics fame not often mentioned. I would surmise that truth does not matter to these people on the road to their utopia. Thank you, John for calling them out. The lies and liers need to be exposed and our citizens need to be educated in the truth.

  4. Lord Jeffery “Smallpox Blankets” Amherst approves this article.

    The reputation for Vermonters’ self-sufficiency is overblown. It served poorly enough before WWII, when the draft rejected one-third of males as being physically unfit– they were quite simply starving, the same condition Perry Merrill had noted when he was setting up Vermont’s CCC program eight years earlier and taking in young men from all over the state to build dams and parks.

    It was the influx of hippies, their fantasies and (quite often) their money (back then an acquaintance bought 320 acres of land for $1,700; “In seven years it wasn’t going to rust out like my car did,” he told me) that brought a new vitality. Those fantasies have kept Vermont physically green, by the way.

    Unfortunately, the influx also brought some non-whites to a state which had held the biggest KKK rally in New England (tens of thousands) in the 1920’s, had eugenics as a staple of academic thought and was still hosting the annual collegial “Kake Walk” in the mid-1960’s.

    The Kake Walks were ended when the state sent the message that they were racist and unacceptable. The other forms of racist expression will continue until such time as the rest of Vermont holds people accountable and offers them alternatives for change.

    • cgregory now the military rejects that many because of being too short and too overweight.
      So how far have we come? and we know why the are too short too.

      • My yawn was for cgregory above. I would also remind him that the KKK was the enforcement arm of the southern democrats that raided
        black farmers after the civil war. Democrats also disarmed blacks with Jim Crow laws making it easier for the KKK to raid the farms without fear of being shot. Once again, eugenics started by Margaret Sanger and the saint of Planned Parenthood. More democrat history swept under the rug. UVM Kake Walk, most universities are run by, you guessed it, democrats.

    • Pathological liar much Chuckle lol My dad grew up on a farm during WWII and they lacked and wanted for *nothing* while feeding friends, neighbors and family members.

      With all your unending lies &. phony anecdotals have forgotten there are real ppl who now know how out of touch with reality your comments are bc they lived the life you claim is exaggerated – most ppl in VT lived that way and VT was known as having more cows than ppl.

      • Exactly, my father worked as a young man in a CCC camp here in Vermont and helped build Wrightsville Dam after the 1927 flood. This guy must believe that none of us have history any here. This guy has his own history just like the carpetbaggers that are mentioned in John’s article. Maybe CG above was a hippie, they did lots of drugs, kind of dulls the mind.

    • And your DemocratMarxist Party is the party that started racism and still is the party of racism – it’s in the blood

  5. Excellent article, John!
    Wonderfully written using important historical references rarely entering the discussion, but without which all perspective is lost. Without historical facts giving perspective Progressives successfully create a false reality rarely successfully corrected. John’s work, herein, rebirths Vermont’s proud and righteous history.

    The task is to translate John’s educational guidance and leadership into reformed legislation and cultural rectification. Where the happy words of the carpetbaggers apply in actuality to all Vermonters and the dismantling of occult systems Progressives have established which have quietly discriminated against a growing list of their undesirables is accomplished.

    Examples of such duplicity abound. Take the words of The Vermont Network for a Violence-Free Vermont’s policy statement: “Our purpose is to create a world free of oppression where actions, beliefs & systems support all people to thrive”, where the code is that only SOME Vermonters are deserving, only SOME people are to be protected from oppression, but certainly not ALL people. This theme is evident throughout Progressive systems including but not limited to: the purported climate crisis, CRT, equity initiatives, social justice, unending and progressive tax increases compounded by progressively expanding transference of money for social justice excuses, as they infiltrate into and through Vermont culture, educational systems, the statehouse, local and State government offices and programs creating government dependency with blatant Socialism (Communism/Marxism) not far behind.

    As John eloquently encapsulated:

    “One can always tell who the abuser is in any relationship — they are the one who acts disparagingly, controllingly, and abusively towards their victim. This is exactly what the carpetbagging ideological colonizers of Vermont have exhibited for years now — Vermonters are racist, stupid, hateful, backwards, and worst of all white. There are no groups of Vermonters publicly attacking people of color, only groups of zealots attacking whites with prideful impunity. Vermont has never been “systemically” racist — until now.

    These race-baiting abusers must be held to account for their lies.”

    • Take into consideration that “Progressive” and “Fascist” differ not at all in actual meaning. The goal is centralization of control of every aspect of government, of society, industry, energy, transportation, education, health care, communication, the economy… and whatever else you can think of. Fascism, indeed, from the late nineteenth century until the nineteen thirties was considered to be the wave of the future. It is a fanatic religion in which Dogma is Truth and there is no other truth but Dogma. Biden said it: “We accept truth over facts.” And if you don’t, they’ll demonize you and persecute you relentlessly.

  6. Why do they now play 2 anthems at football and basketball games, The National Anthem and The Black National Anthem? Does this mean we have a policy of Apartheid?

  7. Right on the money John. The problem in Vermont has never been systematic racism, it is systematic ignorance, gullibility and stupidity!

  8. Thank you for digging into the history, demographics, and shedding truth so progressive twists are exposed. Many liberals want to spin stories into new truths. That’s not the way truth works.

    Truth is X and Y chromosomes create XX and XY patterns in every person’s bodies – a few deviations, but not often. Truth is XX determines a female and XY a male.

    Truth is many progressive agendas want to add new twists to other truths, too. Just because a lie is told often doesn’t make the lie the truth.

    John has dug to reveal historical truths on race relations in Vermont. Let’s help him surface other twisted lies that are being repeated often and reveal them to be what they are, distortions of truth.
    Let’s help TRUTH be Marching On!

    • Y chromosome determines male. May have one of multiple X chromosomes.
      X (however many) without Y determines female. May even be a single X (Turner’s Syndrome).

      • Just this morning, as reading the newly arrived NRA magazine, I saw an advert, “Best Life Insurance Quotes…Guaranteed Monthly Premiums” with an age table headed “Male… Female.” I wonder how the insurance company deals with… Whatever you’d choose to call it.

        • Genetic influence is not susceptible to PC influence. They are truly mutually exclusive. Once one’s DNA is programmed at conception the script is written and the play unfolds. Those betting with financial interests at stake are likely to keep true to type (not hype).

        • Easy. If the person has a penis they are a male. Test their DNA. That will tell you all you need to know. That does not change. “Gender” and “transitioning” is a social agenda and construct, not biology or science. Follow the science. The Bible says, “God created them male and female.” Two sexes. Period. The word “gender” is not in the Bible — and certainly not 52 of them!

  9. An excellent article. Vermont came into the Union as a free state, and many of its sons died on Civil War battlefields. Vermont elected the first black to a state legislature in the early 1800s. Leftists who moved in from New York and Massachusetts have ruined this beautiful state.

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