Vermont legislators flagrantly violate both constitutions

Constitutions are sometimes just symbolic: North Korea has one. But to be a Constitutional Republic in which the Constitution is the highest law of the land, We the People must be vigilant against the types of government abuses of power our state and federal constitutions were created to prevent. Now is the time to stand up in Vermont, as some legislators are acting much more like Kim Jong Un than elected representatives. King among them is Sen. Dick McCormack, aka “King Dick.”

state of Vermont

Sen. Dick McCormack, D-Windsor

A number of anti-hunting bills are being slammed through Vermont’s legislative process in blatant violation of basic constitutional guarantees. Sen. McCormack disgraces his Vermont Law School degree by consistently displaying an unethical disregard for basic constitutional protections. Fortunately for citizens, Vermont is not (yet) a monarchy.

One of the bills at issue (S.281) concerns banning the use of hounds in coyote hunting. I have never shot a coyote, though I’ve suffered when they have taken my sheep. Yes, I understand they are not acting with malice and just need to eat, but that is not the case with Dick McCormack and his pack of Vermonter-hating coyote weaponizers.

Coyote populations, like bears, fisher cats, deer, rabbits, and other wildlife, fluctuate in numbers, sometimes widely, causing myriad harms. This is why Vermont has scientific experts called “wildlife biologists” who spend decades at public expense understanding complex ecosystems and advising legislators and agencies what practices to employ.

The Constitution requires that all laws enacted serve a legitimate government interest that at a minimum must be “rationally related” to any new restriction. If a law violates a “fundamental right,” it must pass a “strict scrutiny” test which few statutes can survive. S.281 survives neither standard. It is being pushed through without regard to facts, law, or procedural safeguards.

In a message to a constituent, here is what King Dick wrote about this committee vote:

The Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee has taken testimony from the full range of opinions on coyote hunting. In all issues, after hearing the testimony, I may agree or disagree with what I hear. But my oath of office requires my own best judgment without fear or favor of anyone. If I disagree with the public I stand in their judgment. In this case, the substantial majority of citizens from whom I’ve heard have urged us to outlaw coyote hunting. I don’t think there’s disagreement on the facts and the science on the question. Rather it is a question of ethics and values, cruelty, fair hunt, and property rights.

But this is not how a constitutional government functions, as any decently-trained attorney knows. Dicktator McCormack is aided and abetted by co-sponors to sneakily impose a personal “ethical” value set upon others while bypassing science and law. These sponsors bear the constitutional burden of justifying the governmental purpose and powers under which they seek to curtail existing liberties in Vermont. S.281 states: “Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to prohibit the pursuit of coyote with the aid of dogs, either for the training of dogs or for the taking of coyote.”

There is no constitutional basis offered. Is it public health and safety? Universal privacy rights of coyotes? Is it cruelty to animals? The “bill” merely states its partisan, predetermined, Dicktatorial goal. This is an abuse of process on numerous levels.

By comparison, imagine if a statute were introduced proposing to ban the consumption of honey because a spirited minority of Dick McCormick’s constituents embraced the “ethics” of PETA regarding the treatment of bees:

It’s not unusual for larger honey producers to cut off the queen bee’s wings so that she can’t leave the colony or to have her artificially inseminated on a bee-sized version of the factory farm “rape rack.” When the keeper wants to move a queen to a new colony, she is carried with “bodyguard” bees, all of whom—if they survive transport—will be killed by bees in the new colony. Bees may be killed or have their wings and legs torn off by haphazard handling.

Sen. McCormack claims this concerns “property rights,” alluding to the fallacy that hunting dogs infringe on the property rights of private landowners. But there are clear, longstanding laws about this — will Dick et al. ban public parks and people walking in the woods because a minority of hikers trespass or litter? One of the “property rights” at issue is hunting on state-owned lands, specifically recognized in Vermont’s Constitution. Per its website, “The Fish & Wildlife Department currently owns 100 Wildlife Management Areas totaling close to 130,000 acres throughout Vermont.” How much of that acreage was donated or transferred under specific easements protecting traditional hunting privileges? Senator McCormack must explain.

This senator’s oath of office requires him not “to follow my own best judgment” but to respect the constitutional process and laws he is openly subverting. He is also whisking away the property rights of Vermonters who hunt, ignoring the taking clause while claiming he is shielding non-existent property rights — what value are hunting dogs with which one cannot hunt? What property owner has suffered litigable damage from these traditions, and how are existing laws deficient to protect those rights? Dick can’t answer these questions; instead, he just avoids them.

I don’t care if Vermont bans coyote hunting with dogs so long as the constitution is obeyed and our wildlife professionals are involved. But the process witnessed here is being applied to bills to prohibit existing foothold-trapping, and to reorder the oversight of hunting so that wildlife professionals and public opinion are both merely “advisory” — Dick and his crew are taking over all hunting regulation, and this unconstitutional process will be leveled at bear, coon, and beagle hunting in due unconstitutional course.

If McCormack and clan may impose these restrictions without presenting a legitimate purpose, while bypassing facts in favor of their “own best judgment,” then honey may be banned if Dick decides honey bees are being raped. (It is to be noted that humanity depends on bees; that bees are dying off; that commercial honey replaces lost wild colonies; that honey producers fund the vast majority of research into sudden colony die-off syndrome; and make their money selling honey.) Vermont is blessed with specialized wildlife experts who can best determine — under the constitutional powers to regulate wildlife management already properly provided to them — what is the best management of coyotes and other hunting practices. Will McCormack similarly avoid the Department of Health on vaccines, or the Department of Motor Vehicles on registrations, by passing officials and unilaterally imposing his pre-set plan?

Isaac Asimov warned us about people like Dick McCormack:

There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

Sen. McCormack reminds us that people with law degrees can be extremely ignorant, or worse, abuse their privilege to achieve personal goals. Dick’s moronic, uninformed opinion about hunting is equal in its ugly stupidity to his opinions about law — he has just said his job is to go with mob rule, not obey constitutional law. Dick’s “opinion” on his job duties reflects that cult of ignorance to which Asimov referred. Dick thinks his opinion has greater value than both wildlife experts and the constitution itself. He is publicly boasting about violating his oath of office!  He speaks against 60,000 Vermont hunters based on a minuscule slice of moralizing zealots (he admitted that too). This is why we have constitutions — to evade despots. So grotesquely have King Dick and the new tyrants removed constitutional safeguards we might as well skip committee hearings or even law-passing in future — just have King Dick issue his next royal decree over his inferior subjects, based entirely on his personal ethics.

I am an attorney who has written about the gross unconstitutionality of these hunting bills. I was scheduled to testify before Dick’s committee but I was canceled and told specifically that I would be afforded an opportunity to testify at later hearings. Then S.281 was fast-tracked, and King Dick claimed on Feb. 25 that he is going to ram all of these bills through committee asap because he has already decided what he and his cohorts deem “their own best judgment.” This is preposterous. No wonder the Legislature is also moving quickly to pass a law criminalizing citizen complaints against school boards and legislators. I may end up in Dick’s dungeon for this piece once that unconstitutional folly is enacted.

Vermonters have a clear opportunity in Dick McCormack to hold one of its more off-the-constitutional-reservation carpetbaggers accountable to the foundational documents of this state and nation. King Dick must be told that he is no monarch, and must lay down his Putinesque scepter. The hunter-haters must participate in the legal process equally with other citizens, present their evidence, and let a fair process employing constitutional precepts rule the day. If they can’t do that in kingly committees, they will be bound to it in a court of law, where facts and law still apply, and due process is still guaranteed.

Coyotes shredded my young sheep more than once, but they can’t be faulted because they lack the capacity of criminal intent. This rapacious attack by McCormack and the rabid crew of so-called wildlife protectors makes coyotes look quite civilized, and enrages me far more than losing lambs for food to wildlife. There is nothing in the universe more evil than the human, which is why mobs of hate-humans get restrained by reason, facts and law — these hellhounds must be locked in constitutional crates, to protect the public from further vicious attacks.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2022. All rights reserved.

Image courtesy of state of Vermont

39 thoughts on “Vermont legislators flagrantly violate both constitutions

  1. Mutual of Omaha, wild kingdom, was one of the few programs on channel 3. The only channel for many of us.

    Some people would be horrified at what goes on in the animal kingdom, they put warning signs on them when videos are posted on line. Too funny, shielding us from nature.

    There are some interesting things in nature, predators and prey, herbivores and carnivores and omnivores!

    Science and the study of nature, would be nice to have back in our schools, instead we are stuck with yet more make believe of things that don’t exist in the natural world and are being told is truth.

  2. Thank you John!
    To all who wish they could take a glimpse through a future scope.
    It already exists.
    Unrestrained, these Progressive Marxists who’ve infiltrated and taken over Vermont’s political reins, are bring here no less than we see in Ukraine today.
    Innocent civilians literally running for their lives, trying to reach the border, to escape lethal tyranny.

    Less extreme but no less urgent is the tyrannical control these same deceivers have taken in Montpelier and Washington DC of our energy systems, supplies, and related economies. Today, we learn from the West coast, gasoline no longer costs $3.65/gallon, but over $5.00 and is heading towards $6.00 and spreading east! Consequences will be devastating to most. The elite celebrate!

  3. @Dano.

    Unfortunately I have extended family trapped in VT. So I admit I check back on occasion. I also check in on NH, ME and MA all places where I still have family. I certainly give credit to folks that have stuck it out in VT, just wasn’t worth the gamble to me and from what I see, it was a good decision. I can spend time keeping the state that I’m in now red instead of trying to bring back what once was… everyone has to decide how best to expel their recourses.

  4. I am a “flatlander” and also a Conservative Republican. I see a lot of the “flatlander” in Vermonters. I moved from an area where the neighbors bragged about living in an upscale area with the beauty of wildlife until their professional landscaping was consumed by the deer and rabbits. Vermonters don’t want to admit it but they are quite the same as those nasty flatlanders. They want to kill any animal they don’t want on their property. Example is my neighbor that kills every porcupine because they kill all the trees and the barn swallows if they dare try to build a nest in his 3 sided garage.

    I totally support S.281 and this is the one and probably only issue that I agree with a Democratic and very happy he is trying to put restrictions on hounding. I have had many problems with these “domestic” dogs that aren’t controlled by their owners. They’ve attacked humans and pets. I know of some that are living in terrible conditions.

    I hear and sometimes see coyotes on my property quite often. They have never attacked my animals. Maybe I have secured my property better than others, who knows. The main problem I have experienced since living here are the disrespectful hunters that continue to rip my posted signs off the trees and road hunt. My late husband was a hunter. I own more animal mounts than I can count, all of animals that were used for food, not just the pleasure of killing.

    I’m not a Liberal that follows blindly the leaders of their party but I can not show my support for all of the Republican beliefs either. Some traditions should be updated because times have changed and a majority of people find peace in watching the wildlife. I find it disturbing that people are so heartless to find pleasure in maiming an exhausted animal so their dogs can finish it off. I also am aware that for every hunter that respects the laws there is one that breaks it.
    Mr. Klar, I see that you have posted your disdain for this issue many times. I not only voted for you but encouraged others in my community to give you their vote. I will not make that mistake again.

    • You are definitely not a conservative republican. I don’t believe that hunting dogs have impacted your life in any way, much less that you have had, “many problems” with them. And I’m also not believing that you know of, “some living in terrible conditions”. These are the types of grand statements that Libs make to bolster their position in the argument. You have no idea who tears your posted signs down but you’ve deemed “hunters” to blame. By the way, road hunting is a common, legal way to spot and potentially harvest animals. I’m quite certain that you don’t know the rules. “Vermonters want to kill every animal they don’t want on their property? That’s a pretty, all-encompassing statement that is ridiculous and false. The vast majority, like damn near all, eat what they kill. Not just your clearly expert hunter husband and his conservative republican sidekick. To suggest otherwise is irresponsible. I’d also suggest googling coyote takes down deer, fawn, rabbit, etc. You won’t find it “peace” in watching the coyote do its thing. Now that your husband is gone, perhaps you should move back to your home. Vermont doesn’t need flatlanders like you. I’m certain your husband would be embarrassed by your comment and your pledge to vote Democrat from here on out, like every other lib flatlander that has stolen our state.

      • Carson, I knew a few of you would go all “liberal” on me because I have ONE opinion that you don’t agree with. You don’t know me, so don’t insinuate that I am not a Republican or that I’m a lier. Nothing I wrote is a lie.

        Where is road hunting legal? Maybe you should tell the game warden that is looking to catch the a-hole that loves shooting every fox he sees going down my road. I had a mother and 5 of her young shot.

        As for the coyote bringing down deer, isn’t that what
        they are supposed to do? Let me explain….coyotes need to eat and feed their young. What an ignorant statement, yet not surprising.

        My husband didn’t have a caveman mentality. He respected the things I was passionate about. It was people like you that he had a problem with. As he got older, he enjoyed watching the wildlife, even the mean old coyotes.

        Now let me say that this state needs every Republican it can get to move to this state to win elections so I wouldn’t be so quick to tell me to move. But I will tell you what I said to the last hillylander that told me to leave “Why would I leave when it pisses you off so much if I stay!” Oh, and that hillylander was a hunter on my property.

        Oh, and by the way, no one “stole” your state. It wasn’t yours to begin with. Stop using outsiders as an excuse for your failures in life.

        • Don’t have the time to educate you completely but your reaction is so clearly lib; just accept who you are, you’ll be happier that way. Your game warden/fox story is also clearly made up. You shame another commenter on how well-read you are but apparently, your spelling hasn’t benefited from all of those books (lier?). You should pick up the wildlife regs and read those. Road hunting is slow-rolling a road, looking for animals in season, usually deer. If a legal deer is spotted, the vehicle is parked and the hunter attempts to move into a legal shooting position, or stalk the animal in attempts of a legal harvest. Consider yourself educated but I must note that the wife of an accomplished hunter would know this. More lies. I must admit, I don’t know what a hillylander is but reading your drivel, it’s probably more made-up stuff. You are right about one thing, no one did steal the state. The more accurate word is ruined.

          • Carson dear, you should proofread your own posts before you ridicule others.
            I know you feel laws don’t apply to you, but getting out of your pu and shooting an animal on posted private property is not legal.
            Your posts are clearly written by a Liberal mind. You have no patience for anyone that doesn’t share your views so you bully them.
            So I’m a “lier” and you’re a Closet Liberal, trying to pass himself off as a Redneck.
            In a more serious note, I just think you should consider that there are “Flatlanders” that moved up here because the area they came from wasn’t the same as it was years ago. I didn’t come here and “ruin” anything. The Progressives and education system is destroying this State. Tucker Carlson said on his show that Scott is one of the top corrupt Governor’s in the country. He begged Trump to allow three times the amount of refugees than in past years. Other then this one topic, I’m sure I have the same beliefs as you do. Unfortunately, Republicans have been screwed over because the only Republican we can vote in is a RHINO. The only Democrat I would vote for as Governor is McCormack because he has the same views that are most important to me.
            So we can go back and forth, but it isn’t going to get us anywhere. Let’s just agree to not agree. FYI, a “hillylander” is the opposite of a “flatlander”.

      • coyotes choose animals that are compromised in some way….
        more damage is done to deer population by domestic dogs and in a horrible fashion (gut first……thus deer alive while being eaten, yes i’ve seen it)
        so all those who think their pet is out running around doing no harm are wrong….
        more people without hunting knowledge, wild animal knowledge and more domestic dogs…….

    • You have conflated the issue of hounding with the issue of the constitution. I have always supported all people’s constitutional rights, in this case all Vermonters — this process is flawed, even corrupt. If you support that, and then boast about your support here, you are indeed a Flatlander. Capital F. 🙂 I’m a flatlander too — (by birth — but a small “f”: I support the Constitution. Read the piece: I specifically state I don’t care whether or not coyote hounding is banned, so long as the process is respected. It is dismaying people like you skip the law — next time it may be you, and I will support YOUR rights then. And why attack me personally, rather than address the constitutional issue you have ducked? — not a word you write has anything to do with the law. You think the law blows in the wind depending on whether you vote for me or not? Or that I do? The law here is clearly being violated: you SHOULD care.

      • Mr. Klar, I am a proud Flatlander. I live in VT, but am not a Vermonter. If the support to update the constitution because I don’t want animals treated inhumanely is criminal, so be it. I didn’t know that if I chose to be a Republican in Vermont, I had to totally think their way or the highway.

        Is there a reason that the same week I responded to an older article you wrote about this, you brought it up again?

        I have been a Republican my entire life, worked very hard to get them reelected when I was younger. In Vermont, every Republican vote is important, especially now. If being a Republican in Vermont means I must give up my freedom to think for myself, then how is that any different than being a Liberal?

        • “…update the constitution…” is not typically something a Republican would consider.

          I overheard a young man at the gym today; spoke about how he almost lost a family member to coyotes.

          I think you need to rethink…

    • When it comes to coyotes: They destroy; they kill. What I also KNOW when laws are passed to the detriment of our community for the benefit of the destructive animal, the animals destroy private property and eventually take over the area. THEN the government starts going after THE PEOPLE for desperately trying to maintain their properties and homes.

      This country is for WE-THE-PEOPLE, not THEM-THE-DICTATORS.

      I am of the mind that this is yet another step for the ELITE to own my state. Before you start calling ME crazy do some of your own research on politicians DECIDING without consulting WE-THE-PEOPLE.

      • Well, I don’t remember calling YOU crazy but I will tell you that your post certainly doesn’t make you sound sane.

        Richard, I have no doubt I read a lot more books than you do on politicians. I don’t just believe what the news tells me. I look at the Bills that are trying to be pushed through, Federal and State. I write to the PUC to file complaints about the rate hikes. I’m sure no one here does bc no one seems to care. Everyone complains on TNR about their utility bills but I can count on one hand how many people voice how they feel to the PUC. I email my Rep. and Secretary of Education about my disgust in the system. Do you look at the data reports? No, the “destructive coyote” is more important than even Vermont’s children.

        My last year at my gov’t job, the Feds arrested my boss and the Head of the Republican party in my County for corruption. Nothing compares to the corruption at the WH. I did not live in VT when Vermonters voted Bernie Sanders as Senator. That was the end of Vermont as you knew it. The Local Republicans I speak to have given up on this party.

  5. Hard to say what is a more harmful import to Vermont from New York City, the street gang members peddling addictive poison or the carpetbagger politicians like McCormack who peddle their rotten, urban ideology.

  6. This will only make hunters into law breakers. With resources and law enforcement numbers at an all time low, this wont be a priority. I will continue to thin the pack, no matter.

  7. Time to bring back another “old” tradition, TAR and FEATHERING, with a one way trip to the closest
    border….The Green Mountain Boys would fully approve.

  8. why dont you cover the fact Vermont is taxing internet purchased violating the constitution on import tax

    No State shall, without the Consent of the Congress, lay any Imposts or Duties on Imports or Exports, except what may be absolutely necessary for executing it’s inspection Laws: and the net Produce of all Duties and Imposts, laid by any State on Imports or Exports, shall be for the Use of the Treasury of the United

  9. Thank you Mr. Klar. Mr. McCormack is just the flag bearer for the Prog movement in Vermont who is propped up by an army hundreds of even more fervent actors. Your Asimov quote was the perfect depiction of the prog foundation on which they build the structure that houses every argument, policy and activity they dangerously engage in and promote. By what standards these folks grew up with, I do not know, but I do not it could not have been the community fundamentals I grew up in Lyndonville 60-70 years ago.
    I often do not agree with you when you proselytize and, in my view distort facts as you do, but as a conservative Republican, I do hope you find a way to honestly remain a viable voice for me and others that understand the Progs destructive agendas and hope to move morally to a more equitable party and government.

  10. It is most distressing that wild canines are encouraged to roam the Vermont lands and ravage whatever domesticated animals that are come upon, without impunity. So sad for me, being a member of two minority groups (a person of Colour and a Native American), that I am once again being put upon by Progressives (and probably NON_BIPOC) who have no sensitivities to the lives of my friends, my flock of domesticated Bantam Chickens. (nor of the lives of my domesticated ducks).

    I am a proponent of live and let live, however, this goes BOTH ways. My flock has a right to live and I have a responsibility to protect them. One might cavalierly say, well, keep them indoors or fenced. Coyotes have no regard for fences. And I feel the same way about raccoons and skunks These birds are MY pets, as well as contributing members of my household! They regularly gift me with eggs.. and I provide them with non medicated feed, organic greens, probiotics in their water, etc.

    Who is this the one who can tell me that I have no right to be proactive in their protection? Even the Veterinary Office has regard for our ‘exotic pets’ and regularly sends birthday greetings via email on the birthdate of one or another of our loved ones.

    This really upsets me, as I can see that once again the love and concern of some Progressive Liberal extends only as far as the veneer covering of their FAKE TOPIC of CURRENT CONCERN.

    As for me, I fully intend to defend my family members… all of them.. and I intend to pursue my right to protect those under my charge and within my grounds or even keep an eye on ‘park lands abutting my property’ to the fullest degree possible..

    By the way, I have experienced great loss and damage to my flock because of these protected predators. I sadly recall lifting 3 severely injured of my ‘children/hens’ to my chest and holding them close after such a predator attack in the middle of the night last summer took the lives of more than 20. Many were lost that night, but 3 held on and slowly passed away as a result of their injuries within 2 to 3 days. I recall having made a pallet on the floor and sleeping next to them in the house, in the night time, talking to them and trying to give sounds of comfort in hopes that they would somehow pull through. Such a MEAN man who would attempt to abridge my right to defend my loved ones!!! HEARTLESS!

    In closing, I regard those who would preemptively hunt these wild canines as friends to me, my family, as well as to other Vermonters (feathered and non-feathered alike). Would it take a young human child to be injured before the issue is viewed in its proper light?


  12. Yes, most of us have taken an oath to defend the Constitution, and will until the day
    we die, as we took our oath seriously !!

    It appears that Vermont’s so-called legislators take an oath, but do so only to get
    into politics, it’s just a formality, so if you can’t trust them to uphold an oath they had
    taken, how can you trust them on anything they do ??………… Pretty Pathetic.

    A man is only as good as his word, something lost in Montpelier, but they don’t care
    it’s all about ” their agenda “, we have a Constitution written for a reason to protect
    from fools like this !!

  13. Perhaps the issue of coyote hunting will jar some folks into action, but judging from the last two plus decades of socialist and elitist legislation forced upon Vermont, it is far too late and conservative thinkers too few here in the formerly Green Mountains. The override of Jim Douglas’ veto of the state budget in June 2009 cemented the political and economic fate of Vermont and it’s citizens.
    From the recession of 2008 to today, many friends, business associates and others have simply pulled up stakes and left Vermont for more favorable places. In their wake, more liberal folks have replaced them- coming from far more liberal places to escape the carnage of liberalism- only to demand the same liberal ideas be enacted here. Yes, a huge conundrum with all the wrong answers.
    Mr. Klar is an outcast from the “New Vermont”, along with thousands of us- born and raised here for generations. We no longer matter for anything more than the tax revenue we send to Montpelier, to be squandered on virtually everything the legislature touches. Perhaps the coyote is an apt comparison to our current legislature-Not indigenous to Vermont but migrated here in search of prey. Instinctively
    a social animal- using pack mentality to obtain their prey. Maybe soon in Vermont’s political future is the Democrat and Progressive parties becoming a hybrid animal, much like the Eastern Coyote these groups seek to protect? The new majority party in Vermont- The Coyote party. That’s a dangerous concept.

  14. What ever happened to charging these politicians with perjury under Section 56 of the Vermont Constitution, Oaths and Allegiance of Office: Every officer, whether judicial, executive, or military, in authority under this State, before entering upon the execution of office, shall take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation of allegiance to this State, (unless the officer shall produce evidence that the officer has before taken the same) and also the following oath or affirmation of office, except military officers, and such as shall be exempted by the Legislature.

    The Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance

    You do solemnly swear (or affirm) that you will be true and faithful to the State of Vermont and that you will not, directly or indirectly, do any act or thing injurious to the Constitution or Government thereof. (If an affirmation) Under the pains and penalties of perjury.

    The Oath or Affirmation of Office

    You do solemnly swear (or affirm) that you will faithfully execute the office of ____ for the ____ of ____ and will therein do equal right and justice to all persons, to the best of your judgment and ability, according to law. (If an oath) So help you God. (If an affirmation) Under the pains and penalties of perjury.[1]

    In March 2021 before all the Covid restrictions were implemented there was a man named James Sexton of Essex Junction who was trying to find a way to charge them when they passed the unconstitutional ten round ammo magazine limitations and background checks for private sales. There must be some way this can be done.

    • James, I can’t tell you how many times I brought this up on these pages. I asked the question, what good is the oath if it has no teeth? Who has been charged with perjury? Many of these sworn legislators have defied their oath because they are progressive and make their own way forward regardless of either constitution or oath of office. The end justifies the means. The voters in Vermont do not have a recall mechanism and no referendum. The only option is to vote them out and that’s not working because the Vermont media is part of the DEM/PROG movement here. Does anyone have the answer?

      • If it is perjury violating your oath there must be some way to file the charge. The crime of perjury is against the citizens of Vermont. There must be some conservative lawyer that can research this. Hey, John Klar you’re a lawyer.

    • Vermont State Senators are required to swear(or affirm) to two oaths. the first is required of all legislators, the second to senators only. Section 16 &17 of the Vermont Constitution:
      16:”You do solemnly swear (or affirm) that as a member of this Assembly, you will not propose, or assent to, any bill, vote or resolution, which shall appear to you injurious to the people, nor do nor consent to any act or thing whatever, that shall have a tendency to lessen or abridge their rights and privileges, as declared by the Constitution of this State; but will, in all things, conduct yourself as a faithful, honest Representative and guardian of the people, according to the best of your judgment and ability. (In case of an oath) So help you God. (Or in case of an affirmation) Under the pains and penalties of perjury.”
      17:”You do solemnly swear (or affirm) that you did not at the time of your election to this body, and that you do not now, hold any office of profit or trust under the authority of Congress. So help you God. (Or in the case of an affirmation) Under the pains and penalties of perjury.”
      I suspect many currently in the legislature to be ignorant of the oath or affirmation they took-
      and some to have no regard for same.
      The Vermont Constitution is a rule book for how we are to be governed, with specific requirements of both the legislature and the citizen. I would contend that both parties have not done their parts for decades. As to impeachment or charging of legislators, the Constitution provides the rules as well. Requiring a majority of legislators to agree to impeach.
      This current cabal of socialists and liberals aren’t going to do it.
      We, as citizens of Vermont need to remind those allegedly representing us that Section 6 has important information as to what is expected of these feckless elitists:
      “and they shall have all other powers necessary for the Legislature of a free and sovereign State; but they shall have no power to add to, alter, abolish, or infringe any part of this Constitution.”

  15. This is what technocracy looks like! Appointed “experts” in everything, who know better in all ways, who we need to rule us because democracy does not guarantee the “correct” outcome, according to their rules.
    This is just one example. It’s happening everywhere, all at once.
    I read a book a couple years ago, The Rise of Technocracy by Patrick Wood, and it reveals the roots of the movement or thought process.
    Government in which the “people” have any real say is obsolete to them. We are not wise enough.
    They went to the school, like the Mighty Oz, and have the technology too, but they are just little men behind that curtain.

  16. Very well stated John. All of itis so true. I am sick and tired of the “coyote lovers”, and have lost farm animals to coyotes. I had the misfortune of actually observing one incident.
    The other part of your discussion that really disturbs me is the manner in which some of the Legislature is moving this session. I hate that I have to say this, but I have decided not to even attempt to testify at any hearing, as it would be a waste of my time. That includes the fact that none of my Legislators will give me the time of day to learn what I wish to share, I attempted it about a very serious Proposal recently, and the response I received was out of left field (pardon the pun).

    • Agreed Gail, Ive also contacted my reps legislative as well as the 2 congress/1senate; contacted back by 2 who do not rep me (they are friends and i forwarded my questions to them as well…), NO contact back by Leahy, Sanders or Welsh (well, Sanders a robo call for phone town meeting yesterday at 5…like 5 works for working people right?)
      anyway 1 rep finally responded when i sent x2 email and tried to enter a 1x month zoom meeting and not let in….nuff said, they dont represent me; not one of them.

    • This is not about coyotes or coyote hunting. This is about removing traditions that have been around for years and years. It coincides with changing language, history, religion and the Judeo Christion way of life our country was founded on. It’s about them saying that our Constitution carries no force of law. It’s them telling us they can do anything they want and there is nothing we can do about it.

    • Diane…as long as we choose to migrate, we become refugees. When we stand and fight of the land and wildlife we inhabit, we acting like responsible human beings instead of scared kids.
      Stand and fight. Vermont in and of itself is not evil. The land is worth fighting for, and all LIFE in our hills and valleys is worth fighting for.
      Having traveled all but two states in the Union…HI and FL… I know that Vermont has treasures worth defending, and holding onto, and keeping from being destroyed by the globalists who know better than we do about living off the land…ha ha.
      In any case, I won’t be run off the land I have claimed as my home from infancy… I knew as a child that I would grow up to defend Vermont.
      I just didn’t know it would be from its government and NWO whorists who’ve infiltrated our govt’. Thanks to the globalists who, for some reason, think Vermont is important somehow in their grand scheme.
      One has to wonder what makes them think so… qui bono?
      Or…are we a model, and testing ground for the globalists in the US???
      Yeah…so I won’t be moving to another state.
      Land lasts.
      Politics pass.

      • Every time a conservative leaves Vermont a liberal arrives. I agree with you! Remember, “TAKE BACK VERMONT”? It is easier to give up and run. If we are to preserve our homeland, we must stay to win a few political battles and carry on our defense of a free Vermont.

        • I’ve been asking conservatives on social media to come to Vermont. We can reverse the socialist majority through migration. That’s how they did it, in the first place.

          • You’re dreaming the left carpet bagged VT long before social media. It can’t be reversed in one’s life time. I admire your drive though, cheers.

        • This conservative and entire family packed up and left Vermont 5 years ago. Hate to say it but it’s been one of the best moves financially I’ve ever made. Not to mention no longer am I targeted by the left as a piggy bank for their Petri dish experiments on economic Justice. Vermont continues to be run by the left and the Union bosses in the education department. I was done waiting (20 years) for it to turn around. Sometimes you have to cut your losses. Exactly what I HAD to do. From this side of the fence VT continues to sink.

          • But here you are reading about Vermont. Apparently, while you’re physically not here your heart is. You can watch from afar while the rest of us try to do what you say can’t be done. Imagine if Ethan Allen had left? I’m sure things were a bit more taxing on the soul then compared with now. He and the Green Mountain Boys didn’t run.

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