Bernie Sanders calls budget deal ‘most consequential legislation since the Great Depression’

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WASHINGTON – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Thursday issued the following statement after Democrats announced a sweeping $3.5 trillion budget deal:

At a time of massive wealth and income inequality and when half our people are living paycheck to paycheck, what this reconciliation bill will finally do is address the needs of our working families by asking the wealthy and large corporations to pay their fair share of taxes.

In many ways, it is the most consequential piece of legislation for working families since the Great Depression.

This legislation will aggressively reduce childhood poverty by extending the Child Tax Credit to deliver direct monthly payments of up to $300 per child to working families.

It will guarantee that no family pays over 7 percent of their income for child care. It will, finally, provide paid family and medical leave for working people.

It will make higher education affordable by allowing everyone to attend community college tuition-free.

It will take on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry and the reality that our people pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs by having Medicare negotiate prescription drug prices with drug companies.

It will ensure our seniors can live in dignity by expanding Medicare to cover eyeglasses, hearing aids, and dental care.It will take on the existential threat of climate change by creating millions of good-paying jobs transforming our energy systems away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy.

Finally, it is my hope that this legislation will restore the American people’s faith in their government by proving that it works for them, not just the wealthy and powerful and their lobbyists.

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11 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders calls budget deal ‘most consequential legislation since the Great Depression’

  1. Interesting Freudian slip-up mentioning legislation to the Great Depression he hopes will usher in the thug-life endgame he and fellow terrorist wing of DemocratMarxist Party and merry fellow gangstas of world dicatators have been planning since the 1917 fall of Russia.

    One hundred years of failure means nothing – right Comrade Bernard? Or, the 100 million – and counting – dead with nearly 1/2 dying in or result of murderous Maoist Cultural Revolution. So…when Beijing Biden slips on the banana peel and Comala is installed – do you get veep…and when she steps down does Sandy Cortez become veep lol

    Pls stop saying it’ll be just like Sweden – it comes only one way via the barrels of guns.

  2. Ahh, Bernard- You have been over-promising and hyping your entire life. The effect of your rhetoric is to thrill some with promises of “free stuff” and bore the rest of us with your shtick.
    A direct result of your ideas and “governance” can be seen right now in your hometown. The current
    state of affairs in Burlington directly flows from your failed policies and ideas. Congratulations for your contribution to make Burlington what it is today.

  3. The laws of economic function can not be fooled, with or without this reconciliation bill America is headed into a period of severe inflation that will make the poor poorer and the rich richer.
    Never forget, it was WWII that brought us out of the Great Depression not government

  4. Burnee must have taken his economics class from his wife….

    Further bankrupting the country will not help anyone especially the kiddies that will
    be stuck paying the bill..
    Addressing run away inflation, run away spending and letting the economy grow will help all Americans… Maybe you and all your crooked political hack friends can contribute their ill gotten gains to the working families instead….

  5. There is a real issue that Sanders does not want you to know.

    Hey Bernie,





    Sanders, from Brooklyn, is a carpet-bagging, Communistic Socialist, who celebrated his honeymoon in the USSR, before the iron curtain came down.

    By definition, he knows next to nothing about economics and displays his lack of knowledge every day, especially when he is ranting, and raving, and waving his arms, and making faces.

    Do not ever listen to him, if you want to stay sane.

    • Sanders is looking to make his socialistic mark on the US to cap his lifetime ambitions

      He wants $3.5 TRILLION of ADDITIONAL federal government spending, mostly to implement social programs, while:

      1) About 1.5 million, illiterate, unskilled, low-life illegals PER YEAR enter the US just by walking across an unguarded border, and are immediately added to various government programs “to help them get settled”. This idiocy will further harm US competitiveness in the world.
      2) Inflation is at about 6%/y; gasoline is up 50%, housing and food prices are soaring
      3) GWSA folks want to put a carbon tax on top of those increasing prices to finance new centralized-government “INITIATIVES”.
      4) The federal government deficit is about $3 TRILLION in fiscal 2021
      5) The US trade deficit is about $1 TRILLION per year.
      6) The US is being divided, on purpose and with help of the Media, by BLM, and CRT, and Sex classification issues.
      7) The US national debt will reach 30 TRILLION at end 2021, much larger than US GDP, and similar to Greece and Italy, two of the most dysfunctional/destitute countries in the EU
      8) China is exerting increasing pressures on the US

  6. Of course, Vermont’s Barking buffoon Sanders thinks this partisan boondoggle of a bill is the
    most ” consequential piece of legislation ” for working families since the Great Depression,
    it is if you’re supporting a communist/socialist agenda and we all know where Socialist Sanders
    stands with that he loves spending your money ………… Pretty Pathetic !!

    Vermonter’s should hang their heads in shame having Sanders represent the state, and don’t
    forget to tell your kids that they and their kids, will be paying all this” free ” money back !!

    Can all these people crying poverty, sign up using their apple iPhone 12 ????

  7. Aside from the groupies who drool over his marxism, who cares what this old blow-hard has to say. He simply is not constructive; he’s dangerous. He and Patrick Leahy need to retire. Why doesn’t he move to Cuba and put in his two cents there?

  8. The bankruptcy of the country grows larger. It’s sad we can’t elect responsible, competent people in Vermont.

    • When more than half the population of this State relies on any combination of 42 government giveaway programs, who do you think they’re going to vote for?

      The goals for a majority of your neighbors are to work as little as possible to maintain their eligibility for as much as possible.

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