The Windham Incident audit is complete and has been delivered to New Hampshire officials

Editor’s note: The town of Windham, New Hampshire, has completed an audit of its Nov. 3, 2020 election, in which a hand recount one week after Election Day revealed that four Republican candidates each gained about 300 votes not counted on Election Night. Vermont uses the same AccuVote-OS vote tabulators owned by Dominion and managed by LHS Associates, of Salem, N.H. The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

By Steve MacDonald

The now infamous Windham Audit has concluded. It was a long process searching for why a hand recount produced 300 more votes for four Republican candidates and about 100 fewer votes for a Democrat.

We’ve had extensive coverage because one of the residents requesting the audit, Ken Eyring, writes for us. He and another Grok supporter, Tom Murray, have been at the center of the process — from demanding an audit to working with State Sen. Guida to get a law (SB43) passed to allow for the audit, to define its requirements, and wrangling legislators, all the way to finding audit monitors and Fold-Gate.

You can read it about all over the planet, but they got their information here, including reports no one else shared. And now the audit is complete and has been submitted.

Harri Hursti, Mark Lindeman, and Philip Stark have submitted their findings to “New Hampshire Officials.”

Those officials, including Secretary of State Bill Gardner, the member of the Ballot Law Commissions, and the AG, will review the report from Hursti, Lindman, and Stark and determine what and how to report them within 45 days. That’s late August, but we’re not waiting. We already have people trying to pry details about the report out into the light. We’ll keep you posted on developments if and when they become available.

The full 121-page forensic audit report has been released as a PDF. (You may review it here.) I haven’t looked at it yet but we will dig in and take it in the coming days.

4 thoughts on “The Windham Incident audit is complete and has been delivered to New Hampshire officials

  1. The VT Media, with the exception of TNR, has been reporting this story in such a contorted fashion, that ordinary folks end up malformed and more confused. Here are the official numbers of the miscounts in Windham County, NH

    COUNTING ERROR in New Hampshire

    The hand recount of the Windham (Rockingham District 7) New Hampshire House 2020 race revealed Dominion election counting machines under-counted all four Republicans by about 300 votes. Gee, how is this possible?

    This was no a trivial matter. The difference was 1,363 votes out of 10,006 vote cast, 13.63%

    A forensic audit, mandated by the NH Legislature, had determined the reason for the huge discrepancy between the election day results and subsequent recount of Windham’s November 3, 2020, State Rep. race where a difference of 1,363 total votes from just 10,006 ballots was uncovered.

    This miscount was revealed, because St. Laurent, Democrat, who lost by 24 votes, challenged the count, and got a recount.

    Soti, Republican was credited with an additional 297 votes
    St. Laurent lost 99 votes
    As a result, instead of losing by 24 votes, St. Laurent ended up losing by 420 votes!!! Yikes!!

    St. Laurent must not be glad she asked for a recount, because the recount of the votes of the other 3 Republicans showed each of them had been shorted about 300 votes as well.

    Here are the results before and after the recount:

    Soti, Republican, before recount 4480 votes, after recount 4777 votes, gain 297 votes
    St. Laurent, before recount 4456, after recount 4357, a LOSS of 99 votes
    Margin, before recount 24, after recount 420.

    Griffin, Republican, before recount 5292, after recount 5591 votes, gain 299 votes
    Azibert, Democrat, before recount 2787 votes, after recount 2808 votes, gain 28 votes
    Margin, before recount 2505 votes, after recount 2783 votes

    Lyon, Republican, before recount 4786 votes, after recount 5039 votes, gain 303 votes
    Roman, Democrat, before recount 3415 votes, after recount 3443 votes, gain 28 votes
    Margin, before recount 1371 votes, after recount 1646 votes

    McMahon, Republican, before recount 5256 votes, after recount 5554 votes, gain 298 votes
    Singueau, Democrat, before recount 2764 votes, after recount 2782 votes, gain 18 votes
    Margin, before recount 2492 votes, after recount 2772 votes

    Windham had used a ballot folding machine that caused a fold to be in the same place as a bubble. As a result, the counting machine rejected votes. Other Towns likely did not use a folding machine.

    NOTE: Late night visit by NH election official, as watched over by NH state police, at 11:15 pm on Wednesday, May 12, to add 4 more boxes with ballots. The Windham Town clerk had signed off on 23 boxes, but now the auditors have 27?

    Why was an associate NH Attorney General, caught on camera, in the building in which were stored the “secured” Windham Ballots, at 11:15 PM, Wednesday night.
    Right after that time, the surveillance cameras GO BLANK for about one hour!!!
    What in hell was she doing?

  2. Great article, there were many other towns that also experienced this. It was not isolated.

  3. Meanwhile, Secretary of State, Jim Condos, says there is “zero evidence of widespread fraud or election rigging,..”.

    • Because Jim Condos is a Soros stooge. What ever else would you expect him to say? Condos knows all about voter fraud as he is a fraud himself.

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