Associate NH AG caught on camera with the ‘secured’ Windham ballots at 11:15 p.m. Wed night, then cameras go out

Editor’s note: The town of Windham, New Hampshire, is presently conducting an audit of its Nov. 3, 2020 election, in which a hand recount one week later revealed that four Republican candidates each gained about 300 votes not counted on Election Night. Vermont uses the same AccuVote-OS vote tabulators owned by Dominion and managed by LHS Associates, of Salem, N.H. The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

By Steve MacDonald

Before the security camera footage went out for about an hour, we see an image of a member of the NH Associate AG Anne Edwards walking toward a table covered with “secured” ballots — from the November election in Windham.

My contact in Windham tells me that, before the cameras go out, the state trooper (also pictured) can be heard saying something to the effect that there’s nobody else in the room.

Of course not. It’s a secured room shortly before midnight.

We are interested in why the trooper would say that. Or why the live stream microphones were on before the cameras went black for an hour and 15 minutes. But why was Ann Edwards from the NH AG’s office even there at that hour?

At 11:15 pm on Wednesday. And then the cameras go black for over an hour.

According to my source, on Thursday morning, there were four more boxes of ballots than the original number signed off by Nicole from the Town of Windham. The Windham clerk signed off 23 boxes but the auditors have 27?

Why didn’t anyone notice that on Wednesday?

Wait. There’s more.

Why is the NH AG’s office, which refused to investigate the election discrepancies for months now, and has no statutory authority, “taking over the audit” and directing the auditors (who for some unknown reason are listening to them)?

Why is the LHS Associates guy, Jeff Silvestro, whose business stands to lose large if these ballot-counting machines prove to be the source of the problem (we use them all over the state), there every day all day chatting up the NH AG’s office reps on site, Ann Edwards and Nick Chong Yen?

The chain of custody records are not correct. They are missing documents (more on that later). We potentially have boxes of ballots appearing overnight that were not originally included. The NH AG has taken over, and they are warm and fuzzy with the guy who has the most to lose if the audit reveals that the discrepancies are a result of his equipment.

How did the cameras go out for over an hour if no one else was there?

The Vegas odds are that they will do anything to make the machines look good and scapegoat someone else. Probably Bill Gardner, the Secretary of state, oversaw the original recount that uncovered a potential counting error no one wanted to investigate until forced to do so.

The manual recount resulted in a significant shift in results from the machine tape. It did not flip any races, but several candidates saw swings of up to 300 votes. That’s huge in a small town. That us why we’re where we are. To find out why.

If the fix is in and they intend to show the machines are not guilty, how do you blame the recount held in a room full of observers from both sides?

Don’t hold your breath. This is New Hampshire. Regardless of party, the ruling class has been finding ways to hide or dismiss voting fraud for decades. It would be crazy to think this will be any different.

Image courtesy of New Hampshire Department of Justice

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    • Unbelievable scandal of epic proportion only the tip of the iceberg imo – machines programmed to keep communists in power – it’s happening everywhere but Texas where Dominion systems were rejected.

      • Again many thanks to our friends across the river in Live Free or Die as well as TNR for republishing these monumental scandals. 😀

  1. VERMONT; An Urgent Job for the Vermont Legislature

    Why is Vermont not introducing ELECTION SAFEGUARDS?
    Why wait to the last minute?

    Update documentation for each legal REGISTERED voter
    PURGE voter lists of dead people and those who moved out of state.

    That is easy to do.
    Just access Social Security records, tax records, US Census records, etc., and compare with voter lists
    Where there is a will, there is a way

    Methods of Voting

    There are 3 methods of voting:

    1) Appear in person
    2) Send absentee mail-in ballots to Town Clerks
    3) Drop mail-in ballots in drop boxes located throughout various states. Typically, those boxes are unsupervised/unmonitored, which means the “chain of custody” is broken, i.e., in violation of election law.

    Town Clerks, etc., receive those ballots, and are required, by law, to verify, USING DOCUMENTS ON FILE FOR EACH REGISTERED VOTER:

    1) Voter has full signature; not just a scribble
    2) Voter has up-to-date voter IDs; not something 20 years old.
    3) Voter met residency requirements; utility bills, local and state tax bills, driver’s license, car registration, tax returns, social security record.
    4) Address must be physical domicile, i.e., not a parking lot, warehouse, business, PO box, etc.
    5) Residency should be at least 6 months.
    6) Voter is dead or alive,
    7) Voter met age requirements,
    8) Voter is a citizen, i.e., born in the US (copy of birth certificate, preferably notarized) or naturalized (copy of citizen papers)

    After checking all those criteria, Town Clerks, etc., mark the voters as having voted, on registered voter lists.
    The total of such markings is called the turnout, which is reported by Town clerks to State election officials.

    Ban out-of-state students to vote in their school state. They should vote in their own state, via an absentee ballot.

    Ban “no-excuse absent” voting. To qualify to vote Absentee: Voters would have to be:

    1) 75 years old or older,
    2) Absent from their precinct,
    3) Observing a religious holiday,
    4) Physical disabled,
    5) Providing constant care for someone with a physical disability, or
    6) Working “for the protection of the health, life, or safety of the public during the entire time the polls are open”

    Ban automatic voter registration, such a “motor-voter”, which would enable un-documented and non-citizens to vote

    Ban ballot drop boxes, which would minimize “ballot box stuffing”

    Ban universal mailing of absentee ballots: Voters should be required to provide identification when they request an absentee ballot application.

    Election officials and official campaign organizations would be allowed to distribute, but various outside groups and nonprofit organizations would be banned from sending absentee ballot applications to voters.

    Increase poll watcher access: No processing of ballots and subsequent counting of ballots, at any time, without adequate poll watcher observation.

    Ban “brand-new” residents from voting in runoff elections.

    Mandate monthly updates to election officials of voters who have died or moved out of state

    Repeal “permanent-early-voting”, which allows a voter to automatically receive a ballot by mail for every election.

    NOTE: Town clerks have stated they cannot check these criteria, because their records lack sufficient documentation.

    NOTE: Mail-in voting takes fraud opportunities to a whole new level, as was proven during the past election.

    Nine election reforms states can implement to prevent mistakes and voter fraud

  2. NEW HAMPSHIRE; An Urgent Job for the New Hampshire Legislature

    Ensuring fraud-free elections should be a prime concern of all voters, and Attorney General Donovan, and Condos.

    Voter ID, with photo, should be an absolute minimum to ensure the person showing up to vote is indeed that person.

    Voter signatures should be on file with Town Clerks for each registered voter

    Voter ID, with photo, should be required for ALL mail-in ballots, plus each mail-in ballot ENVELOPE must be signed, and dated, by the absentee voter.

    Airlines require photo IDs to get on a plane, plus a passport with photo, for international flights.
    It would be dereliction of duty for Vermont not to require proper IDs.


    However, the COUNTING of the votes is even more important.
    If that counting takes place in Dem/Prog controlled counting centers, staffed by pre-selected Dem/Prog counters/operatives, all sorts of “election results” can be fabricated, as was shown in New Hampshire in 2020.

    NEW HAMPSHIRE; An Urgent Job for the New Hampshire Legislature

    NH has a perfect opportunity to immediately revise NH voting laws.
    Strictly regulate the circumstances and methods of COUNTING the votes.
    None of the counting machines should be programmable by insiders and outsiders
    None should be connectable to the internet and other computers by means of LANs.
    None should have an insertable, programmable electronic card
    Abolish almost all absentee voting, except for special cases.
    Do not allow out-of-state students to register and vote. They would not be “deprived”, because they can, and should, vote in their own state.

    NOTE: The Legislature of New Hampshire became Republican, because the “activist student vote” was absent. They likely also voted in their own states. After all, every vote counts!

  3. Example of MAJOR COUNTING AND BALLOT BOX STUFFING Fraud in New Hampshire

    NOTE: If such COUNTING AND BALLOT BOX STUFFING frauds go on in New Hampshire, they would not happen in Vermont?

    The hand recount of the Windham (Rockingham District 7) New Hampshire House 2020 race revealed Dominion election counting machines under-counted all four Republicans by about 300 votes. Gee, how is this possible?

    This was no a trivial matter. The difference was 1,363 votes out of 10,006 vote cast, 13.63%

    A forensic audit will determine the huge discrepancy between the election day results and subsequent recount of Windham’s November 3, 2020, State Rep. race where a difference of 1,363 total votes from just 10,006 ballots was uncovered.

    The Reveal of the COUNTING Fraud

    This fraud was revealed, because St. Laurent, Democrat, who lost by 24 votes, challenged the count, and got a recount.
    Soti, Republican, recovered the 297 votes falsely taken from him by sneaky Dem/Prog vote COUNTERS
    St. Laurent, had to give back 99 votes falsely attributed to him by sneaky Dem/Prog vote COUNTERS
    As a result, instead of losing by 24 votes, St. Laurent ended up losing by 420 votes!!! Yikes!!

    St. Laurent must not be glad he asked for a recount, because the recount of the votes of the other 3 Republicans showed each of them had been screwed out of about 300 votes as well, thanks to sneaky Dem/Prog COUNTING shenanigans.

    The thinking of the Dem/Progs must have been: “Heh, this is a close race. Maybe we can flip it”.

    Dem/Progs vote COUNTERS were:

    1) Holding back votes so they would not be counted in a timely manner, and/or
    2) Rigged the vote counting machines. See URL

    FRAUD No. 1
    Soti, Republican, before recount 4480 votes, after recount 4777 votes, gain 297 votes
    St. Laurent, before recount 4456, after recount 4357, a LOSS of 99 votes
    Margin, before recount 24, after recount 420.

    FRAUD No. 2
    Griffin, Republican, before recount 5292, after recount 5591 votes, gain 299 votes
    Azibert, Democrat, before recount 2787 votes, after recount 2808 votes, gain 28 votes
    Margin, before recount 2505 votes, after recount 2783 votes

    FRAUD NO. 3
    Lyon, Republican, before recount 4786 votes, after recount 5039 votes, gain 303 votes
    Roman, Democrat, before recount 3415 votes, after recount 3443 votes, gain 28 votes
    Margin, before recount 1371 votes, after recount 1646 votes

    FRAUD No. 4
    McMahon, Republican, before recount 5256 votes, after recount 5554 votes, gain 298 votes
    Singueau, Democrat, before recount 2764 votes, after recount 2782 votes, gain 18 votes
    Margin, before recount 2492 votes, after recount 2772 votes

    New Hampshire Election Results are even more Incredible

    – Republicans flipped the New Hampshire Senate from 14 D and 10 R to 10 D and 14 R, in 2020; a Republican gain of 4 seats
    – Republicans flipped the New Hampshire House from 230 D and 156 R to 187 D and 199 R, in 2020; a huge Republican gain of 43 seats!!
    – Yet, Joe Biden, who was 4th in Democrat primary, and Kamala Harris, who did not make it to the Democrat primary, won the state 52.7 to 45.4 to Trump.

    Dominion Counting machines are used in 85% of New Hampshire towns.
    Dominion Voting Systems owns the intellectual property of the AccuVote machines used in New Hampshire.

  4. Thank you so much for reporting this, they are vigilant in NH. You see people lie to the public all the time. They don’t automatically believe what they are told in Nh.

    In Vermont they print articles in VT digger. Seven days and VPR and everybody thinks they are informed, educated and being told the truth.

    We can only imagine what is going on in Vermont.

    • We believe NOTHING that we are told.
      And as you know Neil, our guys at Granitegrok show us every single day why..

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