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Vermont House overrides two vetoes

The Democratic majority House on Tuesday voted to override Republican Gov. Phil Scott’s vetoes on House Bill 494, the state budget, and House Bill 217, a piece of legislation that would impose a payroll tax to draw funding that would be used to provide childcare.

Legislature considers indefinite homeless hotel funding

With the special session to override the budget veto set to begin June 20, legislative leaders are working behind the scenes to develop an alternate funding plan to house recipients indefinitely until they and state workers can “identify an alternate stable setting,” Senate President Phil Baruth is quoted saying.

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Paul Dame: Avoiding a progressive shutdown

Democrats may find that the defining moment of their supermajority may be the first government shutdown Vermont has seen in generations. Despite passing the largest budget in the history of the state, the Progressive wing of Vermont’s Democratic Party are suddenly asking for even more.


State budget veto showdown nears

Now that the governor has vetoed the state budget, Democrat lawmakers are sounding the alarm — including a call for a state of emergency — that more money must be added to the budget to address homelessness.