Agency of Natural Resources advances rules from the Climate Action Plan

For Immediate Release
November 4, 2022

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Montpelier, Vt. — The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) has reached the next step in filing a suite of new rules and amendments to existing rules related to low emission and electric vehicles. These rules support meeting Vermont’s emission reduction requirements, as required by the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA).

These proposed amendments set standards for auto manufacturers that will reduce greenhouse gas and criteria air pollutant emissions from passenger cars, light-duty trucks, and medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, along with engines that are delivered for sale or placed in service in Vermont. The final proposal will also require auto manufacturers to deliver lower emitting and more electric vehicles to Vermont.

Vermont’s Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (LCAR) will review these rules at a meeting in November. Pending LCAR’s consideration of the rules, ANR plans to adopt them by December 1 and therefore be in compliance with the timelines set forth in the GWSA .

“Vermonters are facing the impacts of climate change now, and emissions from vehicles make up most of the harmful greenhouse gas and other air pollutant emissions in Vermont. These rules are the most impactful recommendation for reducing climate pollution from the transportation sector put forward in Vermont’s Initial Climate Action Plan”, said ANR Secretary Julie Moore.

“Furthermore, they send a clear market signal to auto manufacturers that supports the transition to cleaner electric vehicles.”

Even though these requirements are being imposed on auto manufacturers, there will be indirect impacts on Vermonters. ANR held events across the state this fall to discuss the benefits and impacts of the rules, provided the public with information about existing programs and resources that support the transition to electric vehicles, and listened to Vermonters about what more is needed so that everyone can benefit from this transition.

The feedback that ANR heard at all these events was incorporated into the rulemaking package. Comments and all the supporting documentation are available online. The feedback will be used to guide state government in implementing these rules in the coming years to meet the needs of Vermonters.

Adopting these rules will be a significant step towards cutting Vermont’s climate pollution roughly in half by 2030 as required by the GWSA. While the timeline set in place by the GWSA is aggressive, the rules will not go into effect until 2026. ANR will continue to reach out to Vermonters to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place to support this transition.

Learn more about Climate Change in Vermont and the Vermont Climate Action Plan.

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10 thoughts on “Agency of Natural Resources advances rules from the Climate Action Plan

  1. The problem with the CO2 catastrophe crowd is that there’s no evidence that CO2 is doing anything.

    1. CO2 back-radiation doesn’t warm the surface. We don’t add up W/m2 to get higher heat: heat transfer is from warm to cold. A colder atmosphere can’t warm a warmer surface. There’s no one in Vermont who puts ice blocks in their home to warm it: according to CO2 theory, this ice would (and does) radiate infrared (IR) and we’d measure the W/m2 of IR and add that to the IR from our walls and thus get a higher temperature. It doesn’t work like that, does it?

    2.There’s no evidence at all that CO2 is heating the atmosphere. If there were we’d see it reflected in balloon data, but we see no such thing. There’s no localized heating of any part of the atmosphere, as the Connolly’s have shown through extensive analysis of balloon data. Balloon data shows us there’s no distortion of the lapse rate.

    3. Supposedly the most sophisticated explanation for CO2 warming is that CO2 will raise the emissions height and then we count down from that new emissions height– at the same temperature– using the lapse rate to get a warmer surface. But balloon data, comparing data from when CO2 was below 350 ppm, shows no such predicted shifting of lapse rate profiles toward warmer arcs.

    At some point I hope to present a detailed essay that describes all this with balloon data in skew-T diagrams to show it.

    Nothing is happening. CO2 warming is nowhere to be seen in real-world atmospheric data. Balloon data, presented in graphic form in “skew-T” diagrams, is a little-utilized resource to test CO2 climate assertions against real atmospheric data. Perhaps climate alarmists know that balloon data refutes everything they say, and thus avoid it? Otherwise they could trot it out and say, “look here!”

    Jim 1

    • Spot on Jim. It’s Biggest fraud in human history. Enviro’s hide actual satellite and balloon temp data because they encompass ALL areas. Fraud Enviros? They use only “surface” data…and GUESS WHAT THEY DID? Going back years ago, the temp data was collected all over USA….and much of it was rural areas. But the creeps at the NOAA are 100% political.They claimed that to save money that they reduce the number temp stations. And guess what? THEY REDUCED the rural temp stations!, and movrd & kept the temp stations in URBAN and even CITY areas! WHO has the best temp data, most sophisticated systems, and 24/7 access? AIRPORTS! Much of the data the NOAA uses is from CITIES, URBAN AREAS and <<<>>. All those areas are absolute HEAT SINKS…especially airports with massive blacktop runways and structures. But the NOAA won’t disclose that, easily. But high altitude and balloon data, would absolve “man” (and Exxon), as the major force in any warming….it is mother nature in 40-50-70 year cylcles, as seen thru millennia,. And idiot Libs will spend TRILLIONS $ now, and in the future – to stop mother nature?

  2. All these global ” safe the world ” crusaders, that have been pushing the sky
    is falling due to the so-called global warming making the oceans rise. so why
    did the chosen one, Barack Obama spend $14M in the vineyard if it’s going to
    be underwater in a few years, so what’s he know,…………… that’s strange.

    If anyone has followed this nonsense from the lead perpetrator of this Hoax,
    Al Gore is nothing more than a modern-day ” Snake Oil ” salesman !!

    The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR), the Global Warming Solutions
    Act (GWSA) both need to be disbanded ……just follow the money………….

  3. A little bit off the subject, but pertinent. Assuming Vermont reaches its goal for reducing GHG emissions by no less than 26% below 2005 GHG emission levels by 1/1/25; by no less than 40% below 1990 GHG mission levels by 1/1/30; and no less than 80% below 1990 GHG emission levels 1/1/50 and since most of this will be achieved by moving from burning fossil fuel to electric energy, I have the following questions.

    1. How much additional electrical energy will Vermont require?
    2. Where will we get this additional electrical energy (sources)?
    3. Is our electrical infrastructure sufficient to handle this additional load?
    4. If we purchase out of state electrical energy and it is generated by burning fossil fuel, are we counting these GHG emission?

    I can’t seem to find much information on these questions.

  4. Considering factual data shows the electric grid cannot handle what any of these proposals suggest, any rules of engagement put forth by the NWO merry band of nihilists is null and void.

  5. Give us control of all your money and all your actions and we’ll save the world for you.

    Of course this is written by lobbyists, who infiltrated the government to support their jobs. These bills have nothing to do with good stewardship of our planet and resources and everything to do with filling the pockets of politicians, lobbyists and crony capitalists, so these are all names, socially acceptable names for those grifting on the tax payer.

    Otherwise known as socialists- Marxists…..trouble makers and general leaches to society.

  6. ““Vermonters are facing the impacts of climate change now, ”

    Exactly WHAT are the impacts on Vermonters? Record Maple Syrup production?
    Lower heating cost? Longer growing season? More rain to fill the wells? I personally don’t see anything we need to be saved from and following the UN, which has admitted it’s about destroying capitalism, like sheep is very unbecoming of a Independent Vermonters.

  7. Recently noted this comment from a concerned parent –

    We should confront these people with some questions:
 •  What should we do if none of their alarmist predictions materialize in ten years?  
    •  If, because of abandoning fossil fuels, 60 million have died of starvation (ten Holocausts), should people be held accountable?
    •  Should a Nuremberg style trial be held of those who have forced their ideology on nations?
 •  Should the leaders and enforcers receive the severe punishments like those handed out at Nuremberg?
    •  Should there be massive compensation paid by those who were bystanders encouraging these policies?

  8. Poor Vt residents. What if all this Global Warming is a fraud..and the dopey lemmings in charge in VT have been conned. A handful of years ago the head of the UN IPPC came out, on tape…and stated that climate change is not the real issue…environmentally…but to USE climate change rhetoric to “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM SOCIETIES… wealth from western oil consuming & producing countries, to poor ones. Pure Marxist agenda.

    Indoctrinated “poster child” girl (now a late teen) Greta Thunberg, slipped – this WEEK….that all she really does….is to use climate change scare tactics as the agent for….basically a marxist transformation – of all the Imperialists, Colonists & opppressive capitalism:

    “The 19-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has announced that she has now thrown her weight behind defeating the West’s “oppressive” capitalist system.

    She said: “We are never going back to normal again because ‘normal’ was already a crisis. What we refer to as normal is an extreme system built on the exploitation of people and the planet.
    “It is a system defined by colonialism, imperialism, oppression, and genocide by the so-called global North to accumulate wealth that still shapes our current world order.”

    I recommend getting out of VT ASAP….Climate Change is overwhelmingly caused by Mother Nature, human causes are minimal…and no matter HOW MANY TRILLIONS $ is spend to lower warming by maybe one half of one degree…it will DO NOTHING in the end (besides, coal use is skyrocketing in china and India because LIBERALS TRY TO SHUT OUT oil and gas…..DUHHH!). The climate has changed – in wide swings….for millennia, naturally. but Climate Change is the agent to gain “power-by-fear” for liberals & Dems…and it is the biggest fraud in human history.

  9. Huh.
    Released on a Friday, two business days before national elections- a set of rules neither you nor I had any say whatsoever in, in response to legislation ( passed and veto overridden in the Covid rules of 2020) bought and paid for by your favorite environmental group. I wonder if VPIRG instructed ANR exactly when to release this pearl of bureaucratic wisdom?
    Let’s hope the LCAR has enough smarts to reject the CARB rules that LCAR must vote on Dec. 1.

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