Statement from Gov. Scott in response to guilty verdicts in State vs. Gurung

Governor Phil Scott today issued the following statement in response to the guilty verdicts delivered in State vs. Gurung. This case was originally dismissed by the Chittenden County State’s Attorney in 2019. Governor Scott then requested the Attorney General’s Office reconsider in order to ensure that justice was served, and public safety protected (see Governor Scott’s 2019 letter by clicking here).

“First of all, I want to once again express my sympathy to the friends and family of the victims of these heinous acts. Although legal justice has been served today, this verdict will never heal the irreparable pain this murderer has inflicted.

“I want to extend my sincere appreciation to the Attorney General’s Office — both under former Attorney General T.J. Donovan and current Attorney General Susanne Young — for stepping in and diligently prosecuting this case. The criminal division in the Attorney General’s Office worked incredibly hard to deliver justice and deserve our appreciation for their good work.”

“The primary responsibility of any government is public safety. And that means we cannot allow violent criminals to potentially walk free. This case — and the victims — deserved their day in court. Justice was served.”

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2 thoughts on “Statement from Gov. Scott in response to guilty verdicts in State vs. Gurung

  1. Police ordered “Drop the hammer!” Paul obeyed the police order which enabled the attacking felon, who ignore it, to send Paul to the hospital with a cracked skull. Likewise, their Progressive gun laws which take the guns away from those who obey the laws. Which, predicably, the felons will not. That shifts the balance of force in their favor. I know what the Progressives claim to be the logic behind their attempted laws – but I doubt them since there is a serious disconnect between what they claim and any rational analysis of the situation. It’s the criminals, very definitely and especially those they let out, who are the problem – not private ownership of hammers.

  2. Does it surprise ANYONE that Progressive Ms. George, dismissed his charges? But now they got him? It is NATIONWIDE, what Progressive Prosecutors do (let them free)…and the proof is …27 of 30 cities with highest murder rates – are run by…..DEMOCRATS !

    “A new report from The Heritage Foundation finds that Democrats control 27 of the top 30 cities with the highest homicide rates in the country in 2022, due mostly to Democrat policies and soft-on-crime prosecutors.

    “Starting in 2016, with the election of the first [George] Soros rogue prosecutor, Kim Foxx, in Chicago, cities with rogue prosecutors have imposed policies that all — each and every one of them — inure to the benefit of criminals, as we have detailed in our scholarship for the past two years,” the report said.

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