GOP senatorial candidate J.T. Dodge addresses opponent’s support of ‘clean heat standard’

J.T. Dodge is running against Democrat state Sen. Jane Kitchel to represent the state Senate Caledonia district. The Republican from Newbury says Kitchel’s views on energy and the economy are simply bad for Vermonters.

In an interview with True North, Dodge said he’s focused on economic issues to help get the state back on track.

“Well, on the economy, people are struggling financially,” he said. “When people walk out of a store with three bags of groceries and have spent hundreds of dollars, I think a lot of people who weren’t stressed about food in the past are now surprised that … it’s tougher to keep [their refrigerators] full because of the prices.”

JT Dodge

GOP state senatorial candidate J.T. Dodge

In recent years Dodge has made a name for himself as an outspoken opponent of the carbon tax — an added cost on carbon-producing energy that is applied to transportation, heating, and electricity production. Dodge has repeatedly discussed the economic impacts of a carbon tax on working-class families, and has criticized his opponent for supporting such policies.

“So there’s the clean heat standard bill that showed up, and it really has more to do with them limiting carbon dioxide. And what they [state lawmakers] are trying to do is like a sugar-sweetened beverage approach,” Dodge said. “They believe that if they raise the price of fuel to the point where Vermonters are not willing to pay for fuel anymore, they could choose other options, and those options could be chosen through Efficiency Vermont.”

Such options would likely include clean heat pumps, electric cars, solar panels and more — either subsidized or mandated by state policies.

Dodge argues that his opponent, Jane Kitchel, has endorsed such energy policies during her time in office.

The Clean Heat Standard sought to raise the price of carbon-based heating while incentivizing new technologies, such as electric heat pumps, which have a mixed record in colder climates such as in Vermont.

According to Vermont Conservation Voters, Kitchel received an 86% score for her voting record on pro-green energy legislation in Vermont. She voted yes for six pieces of legislation they endorsed.

On the issue of taxes, Dodge wrote on his campaign page that “families, low-wage workers, and elderly are struggling to afford their expenses. Meanwhile, the state embraces financial mandates and fees that the legislators state are there to help.”

Critical of overzealous COVID-19 policies

Also on his campaign website, Dodge writes that he opposed many of the attacks on individual liberty that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I and many others have observed a substantial shift in Vermont government operations regarding how citizen speech has been dealt with since the implementation of COVID-19 measures in 2020,” he wrote. “This shift affected Vermont’s open platform of free expression and speech.”

He added, “Before the COVID-19 regulations and guidance, those of us who were involved routinely spoke in support of, and against, Vermont House and Senate legislative bills.”

On inflation

Rising inflation is an issue that is driving voter decisions nationwide. Dodge said he sees inflation as linked to energy policy and money printing.

“And really the fuel keeps going up, and that’s going to force the price. And of course, if we wanted to look at it, they just printed a bunch of money at the Federal Reserve, so there’s that problem by diluting the currency,” he told TNR.

“The bottom line is they want to raise the price of residential heating fuel for the climate, not for the environment here or the rivers and streams. … So there’s like less than 700,000 of us [Vermont residents]. We can’t affect the climate, and they admit that,” he said.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

Image courtesy of JT Dodge
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7 thoughts on “GOP senatorial candidate J.T. Dodge addresses opponent’s support of ‘clean heat standard’

  1. It’s so obvious to see that this is all about control, about setting people backwards (about robbing them to do this).
    This is about politics, a shift in power/control (from oil and gas produced in the ME over to solar and wind made in COMMUNIST China!).

    This is not about “””The Climate”””.
    The Climate is but the shiny object that they attempt over and over to hold up to your nose.

    The weather has always changed and it’s not making the planet die.
    Humans have adapted to changing weather conditions since the beginning of time and we will continue to do so.. when areas flood over, then the people move to higher ground!

    When we watch this Covid scam and how that is playing out, it’s the same exact ‘method’ they’ve used with “Climate Change”.

    This is all nothing but carrots on sticks meant to entice..
    In fact, once you can see this method, you see it everywhere!
    It’s truly getting so predictable.. like fill in the blanks almost.
    There is fake science now that produces fake data to support all this BS.

    When are the masses going to wake up to what is really nothing more than putting fear into the people to build economies and move the herd where they want us moved towards.

    I mean think about it:
    There are now people that are 90 years old that have gone to places (like to a certain beach at the ocean) and they are telling us that not one thing is different there in almost 100 years!

    Why are all these Elites like Obama and John Kerry plunking down gazillions on ocean front property and living the complete opposite lifestyle than they warn us of?
    DUH, wake up to these scams and say NO!! and VOTE NO!!

  2. Vermonters should demand their State representatives produce an honest cost-benefit analysis before spending a dime and before asking the legislature to approve draconian anti-“carbon” laws and regulations. Today’s latest Univ. of Alabama Huntsville temperature report is out and continues to show no new warming –

    8 years 1 month – for which there is ZERO trend up for global temperature anomaly.
    …the trend from 1978 to 2022 is 0.59 C°, equivalent to 1.34 C°/century…
    If warming continues at 0.134 C°/decade to the turn of the next century, there would be just 1 C° more global warming this century.
    Is that a crisis, emergency, catastrophe, cataclysm or apocalypse? No.
    From ‘78 to ‘22 atmospheric CO2 levels are up 24%, therefore CO2 CAN NOT BE THE DRIVER for Earth’s warming?! But it is responsible for a 25% GREENER planet.

  3. Efficiency Vermont should be required to hire intelligent engineering and cost control people. And get rid of the zealots who think they know the answers that only cost money, and accomplish nothing.

    • The Sadducees and Pharasees of the environmental movement need to be called out for what they are; contrived do-gooders.

      • Who fill their own pockets with righteousness.

        If people read that book they would know what you speak.

        But for the pride they are filled and could not possibly see how they might be off course. But then when you become a god in your own mind self reflection and questioning one’s thoughts become difficult.


  4. An interesting sidebar. I received an unsolicited letter from Efficiency Vermont. Smack in the middle of it is this statement:

    “Heat pumps are three times more efficient than an oil or propane system,….”

    Ah,,, sure, whatever you say.

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