VTGOP calls on VT Democrats to condemn Sanders’ Cuba remarks

Press release – Feb. 27, 2020

Berlin, VT — Vermont Republican Party Chair Deb Billado issued the following statement calling on the Vermont Democratic Party to join with their counterparts in Florida and the VT GOP in condemning presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) remarks praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro:

“Fidel Castro was a notorious authoritarian politician, infamous for his human rights violations, repression of basic freedoms, and the unimaginable economic hardship he caused Cubans,” said Billado. “The effects of his disastrous policies have continued even after his death, leaving Cubans impoverished and repressed by an authoritarian regime.

“Despite this catastrophic record, Candidate Sanders recently offered praise to Castro’s Cuban regime, perhaps as an attempt to polish yet another failed attempt to implement socialism. Nevertheless, these comments by candidate Sanders are inappropriate and insulting to Cuban American refugees and their descendants, which is why the Vermont Republican Party completely condemns them.

“Thankfully, Florida Democrats did the right thing by denouncing these remarks as well, with Florida Democratic members of Congress and the Florida Legislature pointing out the inherent offensiveness of these comments.

“We call on the Vermont Democratic Party to join their Florida counterparts and the Vermont Republican Party in condemning candidate Sanders’ misguided and uncalled for praise of the Cuban dictatorship.”


Image courtesy of Vermont Republican Party

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  1. Vermont is where Democrats come to evolve into Progressives. So much poison in such a small population.

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