Video: Pensions and retirement savings getting hurt in Vermont

How has the economic downturn and inflation affected Vermonters’ prospects for retirement, including pensions, 401(k), IRA, and savings accounts? Badly.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Pensions and retirement savings getting hurt in Vermont

  1. I wish Bernie and Patrick would not require individuals to take their RDA from their IRA’s this year like two years ago! It would help some individuals a lot because they are down so much! Down around 20 to 25 percent and take a withdrawal is a killer! Please guys help us

  2. The other story is about the up to (or ove)r $5 billion total VT unfunded Union pension liabilities.. It’s a ponzi scheme. Vermont insists their projection that the pension assets will return 7% a year and with that they don’t have to contribute as much. I think the fiscal year for measuring was June 30? I will guess that the VT pension assets declined about 10% over all – when they told legislators they will make 7% a year….So far, they have gone from projected UP 7% – to down 10% (?)….a 17% negative swing…. what this means is that VT is forced to contribute MORE $ into the fund. The 7% annual assumption is wrong. I had a contact to management at an S&P 500 firm…over $22 billion in pension assets. About 7 years ago they dumped their pension assumed rate of return down to 4.9%.. These guys are the smartest. VT has the dumbest, low performance, and are ignorant to say they will get 7% a year overall.

  3. And if you voted for the rinos today you voted for the continuation of the demise of the state of Vermont

    When will vermonters wake up

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