Statement from Gov. Scott on ‘CHIPS Act being signed into law

Governor Phil Scott issued the following statement on the federal Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) and Science Act being signed into law by President Biden:

“The CHIPS and Science Act is good for our country and good for the state of Vermont. We have a growing technology hub in the state and as we look to grow our economy, we need to retain the companies we have, and recruit new ones to expand here.

“This Act will help encourage innovation and expansion of this sector, create greater semiconductor access, and reduce our dependence on foreign companies – ultimately lowering the cost of goods for Vermonters.

“Other parts of the Act will provide valuable workforce training for the future of working in the STEM field, which is critical as we work to grow our workforce for the jobs of tomorrow. This bipartisan bill shows that when both sides of the aisle come together and find compromise, it stands to improve our economy and people’s lives. I thank members of Vermont’s congressional delegation for their work on this important legislation.”

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Nixdorf

3 thoughts on “Statement from Gov. Scott on ‘CHIPS Act being signed into law

  1. Hey Phil, Vermont used to have one of the largest Chip manufacturers ” IBM ” in the
    country and the ” largest ” employer in the state, until Vermont wouldn’t bend on tax
    breaks and other incentives to remain viable, so they sold it all off, actually, they paid
    to unload it

    And Governor, this bill won’t amount to a hill of beans for Vermont, but it will fatten the
    wall street gang….I!!!!

    Wake up people we know where liberals stand, it’s the RINOs we need to worry about
    and Scott leads the pack !!

  2. Shut up Phlipper, I’ve heard more than enough from you. You have nothing of significance to offer. You lead from behind. I see what the dems like about you. The phrase useful idiot defines you.

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