Video: Dems, corporate giants launch massive political attack on American conservatives

Democrats and corporate giants have begun purging conservatives and Republicans from the digital public square. The following videos offer a look at the new left-wing agenda for America, which includes denying Americans and small businesses access to social media, internet communications, banking, payment processing and employment.

Amazon, Apple, Google take down Parler all at once

Tucker Carlson interviews Parler CEO on left-wing attack on Parler

Twitter shuts down President Trump’s Twitter account with 89 million followers

The Five slams Forbes, others for ‘blacklisting’ Trump admin officials from future employment

Lou Dobbs, Tom Fitton, Sara Carter discuss left-wing attacks on First Amendment rights, civil rights

Rep Nunes calls for racketeering probe into Big Tech for violation of antitrust, civil rights, RICO statute

Steve Hilton: The only answer to Big Tech censorship is aggressive breakup

Sen. Marco Rubio: The left has decided that this is the opportunity to ‘destroy’ the right

Other headlines:

Forbes op-ed warns companies about hiring ‘fabulists’ from Trump administration

Deutsche Bank to Pull Back From Business With Trump and His Company

Wall Street banks freeze political donations, threaten pro-Trump politicians with blacklisting

Payment processing company Stripe blacklists Trump campaign, prevents credit card transactions

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Jason Carswell

10 thoughts on “Video: Dems, corporate giants launch massive political attack on American conservatives

  1. Pelosi is using the DC riots as an excuse to stir the pot to impeach, and to encourage Twitter and Facebook to politically suppress the free speech of CONSERVATIVES.

    Pelosi used COVID as an excuse to have mail-in ballots, so election fraud could be carried out on a grand scale.

    Dem/Progs in swing states used all sorts of FRAUDULENT/UNCONSTITUTIONAL means to deprive Trump of a second term.

    Pelosi and Schumer “took a knee” to support BLM for political reasons.

    However, BLM/INFATA riots in Portland, Oregon, and other places, carried out looting, burning, cop-killing.
    Is that OK?
    Double standard?

    Read these four articles. They contain much valuable information, including PROVEN FRAUDULENT EVENTS, that were sufficient to switch outcomes. They have lots of URLs for back-up.





  2. Google–YouTube has censored video #5 must have been a sparkler Libs don’t want to disburse. Item:
    Lou Dobbs, Tom Fitton, Sara Carter discuss left-wing attacks on First Amendment rights, civil rights

    Video #7 is what hopefully will happen. Rubio has also called for their breakup. Or tax the hell out of them, a heavy fine for any item censorship. They understand money losses.

  3. It appears that this country hasn’t seen the end of uplifted protesting. These outfits have awakened a sleeping giant. For freedom and not dictatorship and control, people don’t want to loose our freedoms. They say 2020 was bad, I believe seeing info from many sources, hold onto you seats in 2021.

    The left will encourage ANTIFA and George Soros is a happy guy. Proven that in the DC riot ANTIFA was responsible for most of the destruction and confrontations, and the Conservatives were blamed by the corrupt media and 10 Rep Congressmen swallowed that line. Wherever Conservatives protested, it was peaceful and cleaned up after themselves. Not with the Liberal demonstrators. Libs never get blamed.

    Notice all the heavy gun sale around the country. Fed background checks are up 40% over any previous high. .

    • Typo error, from Proven that in the DC riot ANTIFA to: Proven that in DC ANTIFA was responsible
      Sorry didn’t mean to test your readings..

  4. Obviously Antitrust behavior, riff with intimidation, specifically directed and coordinated as a message of intimidation to all platforms, venders and the conterminous ideological individual’s defiant of Marxist ideology. BIG Tech’ shows how small big tech really is , as it performs by producing pay offs to The corrupt party “D” absolutely. Yes, we do know who’s pulling the strings. And the recipients of these suppression’s are committing treason at the behest of one world intimidation. “order”.

    • Comrade Elise,

      I bestow upon you plus 30 social credit for recognition of reality.

      “Something was happening here but you didn’t know what it was did you Mr. Jones.”

  5. remember this is not much different from “news” organizations not accepting comments on their biased articles to name just 2 – as seen in “VTdigger” and the “Commons”…

    It you take diatribe from commies and not accept comments form Americans then I can not support them.

    Stay safe and healthy TNR

  6. Xi wiz,

    Americans so funny! Like take candy from baby. Social Media Companies are privately owned but government controlled. Just not by the government most would assume.

    “Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is do you Mr. Jones?”

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